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Find The Best Micro Bikini in 7 Simple Steps

Find The Best Micro Bikini in 7 Simple Steps

Micro bikinis are today’s latest swimwear trend. If you are a fan of the beach and pool parties, then you should definitely own a pair to step up your game! Think of them as something that will add spice to your usual swimwear. It is unique on its own and flaunting one will instantly make you a total head turner. However, just like usual swimsuits, these skimpy bikinis also come in a vast variety of types.

Choosing the bikini that suits you best might be a tad confusing, don’t you think? Considering all the different designs and cuts, it can truly be an overwhelming choice to make but in this article, we will thoroughly guide you out on finding the perfect micro bikini for you.

Choose a pair that fits your budget

As micro bikinis come in many different styles, it is also a given that it also comes in a variety of price points. Some may cost more than the other. This is where you should carefully keep your budget in mind. Of course, you would want to save as much as possible but limiting yourself to a very low price bracket may affect your choice.

It is true that the price does not determine the overall quality of the product, most specifically bikinis. But then, it is only reasonable to think that a product set at a higher price point considers the cost of the material and production. There might also be some other factors in play driving the price up. 

As a matter of fact, it is much better to invest in a more expensive beachwear that is of high quality because that way, you will be able to use it for a longer span of time. That in itself is a good way to save money. Unlike cheaper ones that won’t even last a week. So again, determine your budget and make sure you browse around to compare prices.

Pick a style that you are comfortable with

Generally, these items offer more revealing cuts and designs. Some may show some side boob while some may even bare your buttocks. While it is already a given that these items are more daring than usual, it does not mean that it shouldn’t be comfortable. Comfort should always come first especially when it comes to choosing the perfect micro bikini for you. It should allow you to move around since you will be wearing that pair for a long period of time.

Keep in mind that beach activities will require a lot of movements so the swimwear of your choice should allow you to do these activities without worries. Of course, confidence is the key! It is very important how you feel as you wouldn't like to feel bad when going to a beach. Comfort also stems from your personal confidence so as long as you are proud of your body, you will have no problems flaunting a micro bikini!  

Understand your own personal preference

What type of a beach-lover are you? Are you the kind of person who just loves relaxing under the sun or do you enjoy being more active with your choice of leisure? Well, this is why you should understand your personal preference.

Your choice of swimwear will greatly depend on what type of beach or pool activities you enjoy the most. For instance, if you like getting a full tan on the beach, then you may want the lesser fabric to minimize tan lines. In such a situation, you may go for a micro euro bikini or a monokini since these two types of micro bikinis offer less fabric. Still, that doesn't mean they are less trendy or cannot be used for swimming; they just have a big advantage when it comes to tanning. 

Go for swimwear that highlights your best features

The beauty of this beachwear is that it universally highlights all your best features. Since a micro bikini features less fabric and it quite skimpy on its own, it basically flaunts your body’s best assets. But then, it is still very important to consider which one suits your body type as you should't go with a product that doesn't fit you well. 

Each body type is uniquely different so with that in mind, the right item should perfectly highlight your body’s unique points. If you want to accentuate your curvy hips, then why not try a skimpy bikini that features very slim strings around the hips? This will make your curves more noticeable as the tiny bikini reveals that area more prominently.

Never ever settle for low-quality material

Micro bikinis usually come in very little fabric with only a few strings to hold the pieces together. You wouldn’t want your beachwear to break easily just right after a couple of movements! Quality is a very major factor when it comes to picking the perfect product because this will determine how long the piece will last and if it’s worth your money at all.

The term ‘high-quality’ not just applies to the fabric material but also to the color and fit. There are some types of bikinis that have prints that wear off just after a couple of washes – you wouldn’t want that! Buying a famous brand item is oftentimes much better than going for an unknown manufacturer. In most cases, big brands definetely provide a high quality of a product. 

Start with classic, easy-to-style designs

Of course, you have the freedom to choose the design you want when it comes to a specific piece. You can choose something extremely daring and glam or go for neon prints for your beach party nights! However, if you are thinking of a classic piece that you can wear on a number of occasions, then you may want to start with a design that’s easy to style and mix and match. You can never go wrong with a plain black micro bikini!

Know the right fit

At this point, you may be wondering where you should make your next purchase. Because of the growing popularity of these items, more and more stores sell them – both online and offline. So where should you get yours? It all boils down to the right fit. If you are not yet sure about your size and it’s your first time picking the product for yourself, then nothing beats offline stores because you can personally fit the pieces.

On the other hand, if you know your size and you do understand the kind of fit your body would want, online stores give you more choices. In fact, micro bikinis that you can purchase online come in more unique designs!

Over to you

We hope this guide helped you choose the perfect micro bikini for you. Just always remember, whatever design or style you choose, it will always be about being confident in your own body! If you're still not certain as what to get, why don't you check our online shop? You just might get inspiration by browsing our amazing products! 

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