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7 Most Popular Micro Bikini Swimsuits That Rock

7 Most Popular Micro Bikini Swimsuits That Rock

Swimwear can be used as a powerful statement. Whether you are looking into flaunting it for a summer getaway or a romantic night swim, the right choice of bikini swimwear can totally take you to places. However, you must be thinking about what kind of bikini suits your confident and adventurous character. Keep in mind that these items are much different compared to regular outfits: not only should they be stylish but you should also feel confident and free while wearing them. In the end, they will expose most of your body. 

Luckily, you have landed on the right page! We have lots of experience with various swimwear and we can help definitely help you make the right decision. Over time, bikinis have evolved into a countless number of style variations. From the classic Brazilian cut swimwear to daring micro bikinis that famous models wear on social media – it can all be really confusing!

Let’s put that bewilderment to an end and take a look at our guide to different kinds of micro bikinis.

Cheeky Brazilian Cut Bikini

Let’s begin with the most popular one first. The Brazilian cut bikini has been every beach babe’s summer go-to for the past couple of years. It’s also most commonly tagged as “cheeky” and that nickname is an explanation itself.

Basically, this swimwear features a deeper cut at the back, baring the lower part of the cheeks. It also has a lower cut in the front which perfectly highlights your curves in the most flattering way. As opposed to the full-coverage bikini, the Brazilian cut bikini creates the illusion of having a slimmer figure and narrower profile. It’s also perfect for those who love embracing their curves!

Micro Euro Bikini

This one is also a daring pair that shows a lot of skin. If you are wondering how this one is different compared to a micro bikini, the answer would be its top. If microkini offers a top that sits under your boobs, the micro Euro bikini only covers the nipples. You can’t really expect much support for this one so it’s ideal to consider your body shape in order to know whether this type of product would work for you.

For the bottoms, the back is pretty much like a micro bikini, while the front only covers a small portion just right above the pelvic bone. It’s a great pair if you’d like lesser tan lines and if you really want to show your curves. However, just like microkini, this is not very appropriate to wear in public beaches, especially in places where there are kids and families. It’s something you can definitely flaunt in nude beaches and private pools, though!

Thong Bikini

This makes a great choice for those who love the classic Brazilian cut bikini but would like to try something different for a change. Just like our basic understanding with thongs, this one features a small triangle fabric at the back, baring a larger portion of the cheeks. On the other hand, the front part doesn’t bare as much skin and it’s usually connected to the back with an elastic fabric or ties. It has around 50% less fabric compared to the Brazilian cut. It’s a gorgeous choice if you’d like to turn heads but still manage to keep it subtle. You can definitely wear thong on public beaches!

Micro Bikini

Here’s something a bit more daring but still, not too shocking. In many beaches in Europe and the US, micro bikinis are deemed as normal sight. It’s trendy, comfortable and sexy – perfect for a quick summer dip! As to what the term ‘micro’ in the name suggests, this pair offers minimal fabric. It shows more skin in a way that the coverage it offers on the breasts reveals cleavage and peak of side boob. It does not have pads for the cups too, so you also have to keep this in mind as this is significantly about one’s personal preference.

As for the bottom piece, it’s apparent that it will also provide less coverage because it typically covers about 1” to 1.5” just right above the female pelvic bone. It has lesser fabric than thongs so the back will generally bare your rear; with only thin straps grazing on it. Well, as adventurous as it is, you need to note that a micro bikini is more appropriate in private pools and beaches wherein not a lot of families go. On public beaches, you may experience people asking you to cover up so you need to be extra cautious as well.


Now let’s get into a one-piece bikini. We previously talked about two-piece micro bikinis that come in pairs but if you love the classic one-piece swimwear, then here’s its daredevil version for you. It features a skimpy cutout that channels a “Y” shape when worn. It’s a halter style beachwear that goes down the torso. As for the back, it varies depending on the style of the monokini. Some monokinis feature a Brazilian cut while others are in the form of thongs.

Teardrop G-String

The term ‘teardrop’ in its name refers to the shape of the cup covers. The overall style is pretty much like the Micro Euro Bikini, but the Teardrop G-String offers a vertical, teardrop-shaped cover over the nipples. As the straps go under the breast, this features slightly better support compared to the Micro Euro Bikini.

Slingshot Bikini

The slingshot bikini embraces a combination of the monokini and micro bikini in terms of cuts and style. The key point to this item is that it is its very stretchy ‘slingshot-like’ straps. These cord straps hold the small pieces of fabric that act as a cover to the nipples and the intimate area. It’s a very flexible piece so it usually only comes in a one-size-fits-all concept. Its stretchy material allows the slingshot to hug your body perfectly without worrying about loose ends.

Final thoughts

Now that wraps our list of micro bikinis up! These microkinis are special in their own ways so flaunting them is just a matter of preference and confidence. The beauty of them is that it is pretty versatile and suit all body types. If you feel that your body deserves a swimwear that can beautifully embrace it, give micro bikinis a try today.

There is always some sale or discount on our site so make sure to use this opportunity. Here you can find the perfect product for the next summer that will make you look sexy and confident! 

A perfect pair of bikinis can truly be a liberating statement. Whether you are looking into flaunting it for a summer getaway or a romantic night swim, the right choice of bikini swimwear can totally take you to places. However, you must be thinking about what kind of bikini suits your confident and adventurous character.

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