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Summer is the perfect time to show off your beautiful body. There is the beach, plenty of water, sand and no shortage of hot guys. What better way to make a great impression than to wear the perfect beachwear. Your bathing suit should be comfortable and not something that would weigh you down. You have to show off your hot body the right way. This is exactly what mini, micro, and extreme bikinis are for.

What are Micro Bikinis?

Women’s bodies are a work of art and they should be treated as such. What good is hiding your assets when you can be showing it off for the world to see? Micro bikinis are like your typical bathing costume for women; however, the most remarkable difference is that it is perfectly sized to hide the important parts while allowing you to flaunt the rest all you want. 

They are great confidence boosters and are usually designed to be minimalistic and at the same time convey as much sexiness as possible. They allow you to show your beautiful legs and make jaws drop everywhere you go. The first step is to take away every kind of anxiety you might have. There is nothing sexier a super confident lady.

There are different types of micro swimsuits; it all depends on the kind of coverage and cut you want. The two most popular variants are the thong and the G-string. Although they are very different from each other, they are both referred to as string bikinis because as the name implies, strings are majorly used to complete the entire look.


A thong is a type of micro bikini. From the front, it resembles your regular swimwear but behind, it is made up of a thin waistband and a thin strip of material designed to be worn between the buttocks. Thongs are designed to cover the private areas and they come in a variety of styles. You can decide to be bold and daring by deciding to go to the beach in either a see-through or sheer thong. This type of women swimming costumes are the new trends now. Even celebrities have lately been embracing thongs, they are the new rave and you should hop in on the wagon too.


G-strings, on the other hand, have much less coverage than thongs. They are garments that consist of a narrow strip of material which is attached to a waistband which only covers the private areas. Instead of a y-shaped back, like a thong, it has a thin string that goes down between your buttocks. It can also be referred to as the T-back as it basically shows off all of your humps. A G-string swimwear is the sexiest of the pair. Wearing them take a whole lot of courage but the looks and compliments you would get from it would totally be worth it in the end.

A lot of women avoid micros because they think that they have to be skinny to pull the look off. Others simply don’t want to switch styles and try new things out. However, micro bikinis are really flattering, the important thing is to find out which cut and style would flatter your body. It does not even matter if you have a big or small butt, they would still accentuate your body. The good thing about them is that they work both ways. Apart from saving you from having to deal with tan lines, they draw attention to your waist. 

There are different colors to choose from, you can decide to be bold and go for eye-popping and bright colors that would be sure to make you the center of attraction anywhere you go. When you want to go all out, you can decide to go for micro bikinis with extra structure. For a fierce look, you can try animal prints and for a cool and flirty look, floral prints can be tried too. Black micro swimsuits, for instance, make the legs look longer so if you are looking to make your legs more appealing, you can try it out.

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