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How to Choose the Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

How to Choose the Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

When you navigate the aisles of sultry pieces of bikinis in your favorite swimwear shop, the designs, colors, and styles are truly amazing. Everything seems ravishing and sexy, but finding the perfect piece for your body shape is another story.

Although there is a vast selection of skimpy bikinis and luxury swimwear brands to choose from, these pieces aren’t tailored to fit and flatter all body shapes. But if you want to flaunt your beach-ready body the right way, you’ve got to determine first what body shape you have and what style best suits you.

How to choose the perfect bikini for your body shape

To help you out with the best bikini choices for your body, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guideline and singled out the essential factors you should consider first. There is no need to guess anymore what will fit you and what won't. Instead, rely on professional tips. Jot down these key points!

 Identify your body shape

“What is the best swimsuit for me?” is probably the resounding question that demands a certain answer. It is inevitably a tough call but identifying the body shape you have will make things much easier. Prior to picking out the bikini of your choice, you have to learn a little more about your physique; the angles and every bit of your body. To be able to find the bikini that best suits you, it is indeed important to know what category your body shape falls in.

Still, don’t know what body shape you have? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Take a look at these common body shapes and learn more about them.

Rectangle-shaped body

Not everyone’s blessed with curves, bigger chest, and sexy derriere. But it doesn’t mean you can’t flatter your body with all those stylish bikinis. Your flat stomach is your focal feature and the rest of your body will blend in when you sport it with the right style.

You can go with fun and preppy colors to divert the emphasis away from your chest and behind. A few shimmers and busy patterns will also do. If you want to highlight your flat tummy, go for a two-piece bikini and flaunt it away when you frolic on the sand or sunbathe by the pool. Avoid horizontal stripes. Play with ruffles and mini skirts. One-piece bikinis with side cutouts would also give your body a curvier shape.

One-piece can also complement smaller and slimmer body figures. Don’t go for dull or plain colors. The best thing about this body shape is you can play with vivid hues and striking prints and patterns. Go wild if need be! The best thing about this body shape is that it allows you to experiment with various designs while still looking hot. 

Apple-shaped figure

Apple-shaped bodies may have a bit of problem with their tummies. As much as they want to be beach-ready, it takes a few more tricks to conceal those bumpy tummies. Busy patterns and prints are the designs you need to brush off. Go for bikinis with minimal patterns and solid colors to minimize the attention on your tummy.

High-waist and high-cut bikinis are also the ideal choices to cover up your tummy troubles. Instead of worrying about a little bulge in your belly, these designs highlight your legs and make them look longer and sexier. You can also consider any kind of tankini to make the most out of your body shape without going out of style.

Pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped bodies look best with one-piece bikinis. You can go with micro bikini pieces that have sexy side cutouts to emphasize your figure, particularly your legs and behind. Whether it is one-piece or two-piece, you can flatter your body with a bit of accessorizing. Accessories in vertical orientation will also do.

Another way to flaunt your pear-shaped body is with lower neckline for a bustier look. Women with such body shape have sexy hips and to adorn their shape with a sultrier look, conventional bikini cuts would also be a great choice. As long as you get something to compliment your body shape, you can look extremely attractive. 

Plus-size figure

You won’t have to hide behind those loose shirts and shorts when you go for a swim by the pool or frolic on the sand by the beach. Remember, you don't have to avoid anything if you are plus size, go for it, girl! With your curvy body, you can grace tankinis or swimsuit dresses to compliment your shape. Whether it is a one-piece or two-piece item, the skirt or the ruffles will make your shape look more flattering. High-waist micro bikinis would also be a stunning choice.

When it comes to prints and patterns, go for one-piece bikinis with vertical lines or stripes. Such prints give the illusion to make you look slimmer or smaller if that’s what you’re after. But you can still feel sexy and comfortable with your body with one-piece bikinis with bright colors and playful patterns.

Bustier body

Bustier bodies can keep up with a feminine and more conservative look with halter necklines and conventional bikini styles. You’ve got to skip those skimpy tops if you want to flaunt your bustier body without getting too daring or revealing. You can also go for dark shades rather than bright hues if you want to divert the focus away from your chest. But if you want to flaunt your bustier body while keeping it more conservative, one-piece bikinis, halter bikinis are the ideal options. At the same time, given how problematic big breasts can be, make sure also to get something that will allow you to relax and "take a load off". 

Small chest

Women with smaller chests don’t actually have more problems when choosing tiny pieces. If you’re one of them, you actually can play and experiment with all sorts of products. With your petite body, ruffles and tankinis can truly be adorable. The skimpy sizes would actually work and can emphasize your body shape. Girls with tiny chest have the perfect Bandeau Bikini Body Type.

When it comes to the top, you can show off your body shape with patterns and busy prints. Two-piece bikinis can also highlight your tummy and legs rather than your chest.

Whapping it up

Whatever body shape you have, you can flaunt it away with the perfect sexy bikini. There’s no good wishing you had a better body to sport these micro swimwear in style. Every shape is unique and sexy and all it takes is a few tweaks to make the most of your body shape and grace that bikini with confidence.

If you’re still wondering what type of bikini you should wear, take note of these guidelines. Determine your body shape and work on it. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect product or hide behind those beach towels and blankets. Hit the waters and flaunt your sexy body!

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Women with smaller chests don’t actually have more problems when choosing bikinis. If you’re one of them, you actually can play and experiment with all sorts of bikinis. With your petite body, ruffles and tankinis can truly be adorable. The skimpy sizes would actually work and can emphasize your body shape.

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