Wrap Bikini Top: The Newest Fashion Fab

The most interesting thing about bikinis is they allow for more experimenting than the majority of other fashion items. There are no rules; as long as your intimate areas are covered, you can create products that vary in size, design, elements and so on. If we compare bikinis to let’s say, a regular t-shirt, you quickly realize how limited t-shirts are.

With that, we come to wrap bikini tops. These items are quite unique because of their top designs. While the bottom is the same as with all other bikinis, the top looks like 2 big intertwined ribbons.

wrap bikini top

What is so great about this item?

First and foremost, this is a fashion choice.

Wrap tops are really unique and every woman should have one of these in its collection. They are really modern, different and in a way, they resemble tops that are worn in sci-fi movies.

Almost every woman cares how she looks at the beach. In fact, we are ready to spend a lot of time preparing just so men notice us. But even if we neglect the men, we will still do it for ourselves. This is where an impressive product such as wrap top bikini comes into place.

Besides their cool appearance, they look expensive. That is another factor that needs to be considered during purchase.

If you want to go sunbathing, you can easily remove this item at your leisure and your back will be completely uncovered. It is easy to put on and remove so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that.

Lastly, although the item looks a bit odd and not necessarily sports-friendly, you can easily go swimming in it, playing beach volleyball and so on. In that sense, there is little difference between and your regular bikinis.

Some minor issues

The worst thing for us is the fact this item looks so great and fashionable that you won’t risk damaging it.

Keep in mind that wrap tops consist of more fabric than your regular bikinis. This can pose a problem in several ways. For example, they might feel a bit bulkier. While most women will simply disregard this fact, there are those who are used to small bikinis and this might be a nuisance.

A lot of it depends on the product itself, manufacturer and fabric. Like with all other bikinis, its life expectancy, quality, and your overall satisfaction will depend on the company that made it. So, if you’re interested in getting some premium bikinis, we suggest you look no further than our store!

Last thoughts

There are so much to learn about bikinis and as soon as you think you know it all, a new type pops out. Wrap bikini tops are definitely something new but worth your while. They are very stylish and intriguing and they look like a type of trend that will stick for a while.

If you need any more suggestions regarding your choice of a bikini, make sure to check our blog!

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