Underwire Bikinis: The Best Bikini for Your Boobs

If you’re looking to get a bikini, the shape of your bust is going to be one of the biggest things to put into consideration. As opposed to just getting one and regretting it later, you might want to look through below to get some information as regards what to do concerning bikini tops for your boobs.

And what do you do if you have large breasts? 

Generally, the best fit is the underwire sexy bikini.

Why? Well, because the extra support that you get when it comes to underwire bikinis make them by far the wisest pick for you, especially as they tend to turn drooping into a complete non-issue.

Just as how most women shop for their own bras, they should also be sized according to your cup size. Thanks to the actual underwire, you are kept safe. Also, the inner foam pad will help provide shape and form as well. So, you will have the full package allowing you to completely relax and don't think about anything. These products are especially great for beaches as you can rest assured that your breasts are always properly in place. 

You’ll get more support from certain straps than others.

As a woman with bigger breasts, it is recommended that you shop for straps that are crossed at the back. This is because they help keep the pressure off your neck and they provide for a little less coverage at the front (so basically, you are still able to flaunt your girls to a considerable degree).

Halter top bikinis are also great if you have a large chest, as they tend to lift you. Not only will you be able to pack properly, but you will have good support as well. Furthermore, the product will help you look much sexier and at ease. However, the common complaint with these is that after a little while, the ties around the neck region start to cause a little pain. Unfortunately, neck and back pain is something that women with big chest have to deal with regularly anyway. 

For ladies with small chests, generally, the best fit for you is the French bikini top

Ladies with small chests are actually quite fortunate as they tend to get a lot of choices when it comes to the tops. However, of all the choices available to you, a French bikini top might be the best since it makes for a quaint, clean line and provides an opening for the neckline as well.

Padded triangle tops are also not bad for small busts, just in case you prefer them. They provide the lesser fabric and this is essential if you’re looking to enhance your busts and curves.

Some helpful tips on how you can fake your size, but not your cleavage

Tops that are very padded (or even the push-up bikinis) can come off as a little bit too synthetic. Needless to say, this can look very bad especially given how impressive some swimwear materials are. If you will like to add a little more size to your bust line without having to go through the stress of pinning up the cleavage, all you have to do is get a top that has a little something extra about it.

Basically, be on the lookout for stuff with tiered fabrics, floral designs, ruffles, even cleavage. Just look for anything that is capable of adding some volume in a trendy, playful way without looking cheap. At least, that won’t make you come off as desperate or anything.

Other Breast-Related Conundrums

What if I have boobs that sit far apart?

Yes, we all know that there are certain women whose breasts tend to always stay far apart. If you fall into this category, relax; you’re not a freak or anything. There is still a solution. 

For you, it will be best to go with a halter top that provides some extra coverage on the side. The extra fabric that you get will be helpful as you will be able to push your breasts more to the center of your chest. Think of it as the classic neckline. The ties that are present will help you to pull your girls up and in. Underwire bikini will also work pretty well, as they tend to help provide support and bring your breasts together.

All I want to do at the beach is lie with a book all day. What style of the top will be most flattering for me while I stay horizontal?

For you, just look for anything that has pads on it. These pads are actually constructed to help provide you with that nice shape, and you can count on them to still get the job done while you’re lying down. Also, you can try an underwire skimpy micro bikini that has some removable stripes if you’re more concerned about tan lines. They’ll help keep your breasts to the front and the center and prevent them from falling to your armpits while you’re lying down.

What if I have different shaped breasts?

Just as we all know breasts, come in a wide array of sizes. The difference doesn’t lie in just shapes. This variation will- without a doubt affect the shape that will be the best for your beachwear. To wit, don’t be too shy to go to a specialty store and make a few inquiries. You can get the expertise and selection that can help you from large retailers and you can also get a wide array of beachwear options from bra and lingerie shops.

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