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8 Amazing Types of Lingerie

8 Amazing Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is a term that is sexy by itself. But the item is even sexier. It can spark your love life and it can also be very fun.

Lots of women don’t know what the word means. Even if they do, they are not sure what are all the items that can be considered lingerie. Are they the same thing as regular underwear and where is the line between?

All of this might be confusing so we will start the article slowly by first examining what is lingerie.

lingerie types

History of lingerie

It doesn’t take much to figure out that lingerie is a French word. It is a bit strange but it also rolls down the tongue. It was invented during the 19th century and it was an important part of the sexual revolution. Sexy outfits were always common and especially popular among women. Lingerie is no different in that regard; it came during the time when bed games were becoming more “mainstream”.

Lingerie is both undergarments and an outfit. Still, you won’t wear it on the street. It is a type of underwear that is mainly used as a nightgown and in the evening when you relax and get out of your daily clothes. They are made from various things such as lace, chiffon, rayon, ruffles, feathers and they feel really nice on your skin. It is a special type of outfit that can be worn even if you don’t have a partner as it is really comfortable and silky.

Main types of lingerie

  1. Matching set

Let’s start from a matching set as it is the simplest one to explain. As the name implies, a matching set is a two-piece that consists of a bra and panties. You can easily confuse it for your standard underwear. However, lingerie is meant to be much more provocative relying heavily on lace and other ornaments.

  1. Corset

When we mention traditional lingerie, most women will have a corset in mind. These products were used differently throughout the history; they were meant to squeeze the mid-section giving you an hourglass shape. As a result, the corset is great for placing emphasis on breasts and booty. Nowadays, corsets are much more restrictive and are more focused on style than anything else. They are especially good for creating shape and hiding tummy.

  1. Bustier

The bustier is a variation of a corset with the biggest emphasis on breasts. It pushes them upwards so it creates a different impression. Needless to say, it is ideal for women with bigger breasts but even those who have smaller ones can use it to their advantage. It also needs to be said that the feeling when you wear it is a bit different.

  1. Nightgown

Perhaps you didn’t know this but nightgowns are regarded as lingerie. Now, I don’t even have to tell you why these products are so awesome. They are silky and smooth, usually made from satin. They provide a great feeling all over the body and they are especially awesome during warm days. At the same time, men love them which adds another benefit to this already amazing item.

  1. Garter belt

This is probably the most complex item on the list. It involves two parts: bustier (or corset) as well as stocking. Stockings will be connected to bustier with straps. While most complex, it is also least ideal for wearing. There are lots of things you need to be aware of and for some women, it can even be cumbersome wearing this product. It also needs more time to put on. But at the same time, it is much more provocative and better for bed pleasures.

  1. Camisole

We also have to mention camisoles. They are another variation of a corset but unlike corsets, camisoles are made to be as comfortable as possible. They are very relaxing, with lots of details but they don’t pressure any part of your body. They have a bra part but unlike bustier, there is no pressure on your breasts. It covers your whole section from panties to breasts so it can be really nice for colder days but can also be used when you want to surprise your partner but without being squeezed.

  1. Teddy

Teddy is perhaps the most unorthodox piece of lingerie. While regarded as lingerie, it is much closer to a swimsuit. In fact, it is made from materials that are common for bikinis and other swimsuits such as lycra. Still, it also relies on lace, leather, and satin. Best way to describe is as the fusion of panties and camisole.

  1. Negligee

Although we have to say that all these lingerie types are liberating in their own right, negligee takes it a step further. It covers your whole mid-section from breasts downwards. It is held by two straps and as it goes downwards covering your intimate area. However, it doesn’t necessarily include panties. Obviously, you can use it to make a nice surprise for your partner.

What type of lingerie is best for me?

This is a really hard question to answer. Generally speaking, there are 8 basic types of lingerie that are different in their appearance but can also vary in terms of materials being used. When talking about materials, you have to check each lingerie type separately as they may differ significantly.

Most women buy items based on their patterns and how they look like. However, if you’re buying it for your partner, we suggest that you choose a product based on your body type. Here are some suggestions that will help you do just that:

  • Best lingerie for the triangle body type

Some women love having a triangle body while others hate it. In most cases, it depends on the country. Triangle shape is characterized by big hips and big booty. Some women will like it and will try to keep the focus on the lower areas. Others will try to get a more balanced figure by placing emphasis on upper regions. That being said, perhaps the best option is to go with a bustier.

  • Best lingerie for the inverted triangle body type

Having an inverted triangle body type is less than ideal. It is common for women with broad shoulders and it normal for some female athletes. Halter necks can be a great advantage in this situation. A bralette with a matching lace panty or a thong is another sexy option. Teddy can also come in handy in this case as it will avert attention from certain parts of the body.

  • Best lingerie for the hourglass body type

Not many women have an ideal figure. Still, it is a figure that most women strive for and even when you get it, there are ways to maximize its “potential”. There are lots of different ways you can experiment but what of the main rules is to avoid items that will put too much emphasis on either your shoulders or hips as this will lead to imbalance. Things such as garter belt or camisole can do lots of good for you.

  • Best lingerie for the rectangle body type

Rectangle body type is a term used to describe women with little to no curse. This is a really troublesome body type as you have to work hard to place focus on some of your attributes. The standard corset is probably the best way to goas it will squeeze your mid-area making the rest of your body look bigger by comparison.

  • Best lingerie for the round body type

If there is any extreme disproportion on your body, this means you have a round body type. This body type is very specific as women might have large upper areas with smaller hips. Negligees are a good option here. Teddy can also be a good alternative if you don’t like how a negligee looks like.

That’s that! Now you know all the basic stuff regarding the lingerie!

With these tips, you will be able to buy an ideal product for yourself but also, a one that will be great for your partner.

Lingerie is a term that is sexy by itself. But the item is even sexier. It can spark your love life and it can also be very fun. Lots of women don’t know what the word means. Even if they do, they are not sure what are all the items that can be considered lingerie. Are they the same thing as regular underwear and where is the line between?

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