Trikini: Are They A Good Choice For You?

While the term trikini sounds really modern, this type of product has been around for a long period of time. It was initially introduced in 1967 and didn’t take off immediately. After several years of hiatus, it reappeared and established itself as a legit fashion choice.

As the years went by, the item experienced a lot of changes. However, in its essence, it stayed the same. Basically, trikini refers to a swimming suit that consists of 3 different pieces.


What is trikini and how does it look like?

Initially, trikini was defined as "a handkerchief and two small saucers." It was meant to be a skimpier variant of bikini where even less fabric is used. As it was created during the 1960s, it caused an immediate uproar. However, as it never took off, the project was put on the shelf for the time being.

There are lots of different iteration of this product due to the fact that most fashion designers saw it in a different manner. For some, it was a tank top that could be paired with a two piece. For some, it is an item that represents a combination of 3 different pieces and everything goes in a fashion sense. Some of the variations such as strapless bikini or no string bikini quickly became notorious due to their revealing nature.

What is the benefit of trikini?

First, trikinis were created by combining 3 pieces that were loosely connected with strings. While such pieces still exist, nowadays trikini usually refers to one-piece where everything is part of one product but still, there is a clear distinction between parts (for example, there will be little fabric connecting lower areas with upper ones.

Trikinis are really specific and interesting. Depending on which iteration you’re wearing, you can be perceived as either fashionista or exhibitionist. There are also different alternatives to choose from so no matter what type of body you have, you can find something to complement your curves.

When it comes to trikinis that are connected, the hip area is usually revealed a lot. This can create an illusion that your hips are much smaller than they are as most beholders will focus on trikini that is going along your midsection.

Due to this versatility, there are various options in terms of patterns and designs. So in that sense, they can be a really cool product.

Where can I buy a trikini?

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