Triangle Bikinis: One Of The Most Provocative Swimsuits

Triangle bikinis are perhaps one of the most common bikini designs.

While there are some variations in terms of how bottoms and tops may look like, triangles are the most common shape, especially for tops. If you’re looking for extreme bikinis, in particular, you might notice that models usually rely on triangle shape as the basis. Just check our online shop to see how they look.

triangle bikini

Triangle bikinis were often a source of controversy but nowadays, people are much more receptive of them. These swimsuits have numerous advantages over regular bikinis so let’s review some of their main traits.

What makes triangle bikinis so cool?

Triangle bikinis are lighthearted and fun. If you have amazing curves, there is no better way to show them. Your breasts, legs, booty, will all be shown to the fullest extent. If you want to go a bit overboard, you can buy an extreme bikini which reveals even more skin and is great for private parties as well as certain public beaches.

They usually rely on three triangles: one for your pubic area and two for breasts. The bottom can be either a thong or your regular panties.

Keep in mind that extreme triangle bikinis are not allowed everywhere; on some beaches, they are illegal so make sure to get acquainted with the rules before rocking one. They usually show part of your boobs and when talking about extreme bikinis, it is not uncommon if they are almost showing your lower regions.

Still, this is the best expression of freedom we have. They are especially great for the summertime as they allow you to get a perfect tan. Triangle bikini has lesser fabric making them easier to dry. In fact, you will likely get dry while at the beach. Lastly, no matter what kind of activity you want to do, they will be ideal. Whether we’re talking about swimming, beach volleyball or water sports, they will not affect your day!

What are the potential drawbacks?

Let’s start this section by saying that triangle bikinis are among the least functional bikinis. Yes, they are small and you won’t even feel them but malfunctions are really common. You might have to pull your bikini numerous times during the day as it went where it shouldn’t have.

It is also not ideal outside of the beach. Even if you want to go to a nearby beach bar, the triangle bikini may lead to some unwanted looks. This is especially true when we are talking about extreme bikinis who are taking things up a notch.

And lastly, while triangle bikinis are great for showing off your curves, women with bigger breasts or booty may encounter lots of issues along the way.

In conclusion

Sooner than later, almost every woman will try a triangle bikini. When it comes to extreme triangle bikinis, they are not for everybody but adventurous women will surely appreciate them. If you want to treat yourself with a triangle bikini, you can find some cool models in our store.

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