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7 Amazing Tips and Exercises for a Perfect Bikini Body

7 Amazing Tips and Exercises for a Perfect Bikini Body

Everybody loves summertime!

Finally, you can relax, remove all your winter clothes and enjoy some quality time on a beach. Sun, nice tan, waves, and Mai Thais are just a few reasons why we love this season. But, there are things that can easily ruin summer for us. One of the biggest issues for most women is being out of shape.

The problem with most ladies is that we are so self-conscious. Oftentimes, this works against us. When we put on a summer bikini, we want to look attractive, to be confident and to have fun without thinking about small nuisances. But, if you’re out of shape, you will likely spend too much time pondering about it, not being able to enjoy the beach time to its fullest.

perfect bikini body

Luckily, there are ways to remedy the situation. Here are some tips that will help you get in a good shape and show that amazing body of yours! Read on!

  1. Aerobic strength training is the key

Most ladies don’t like being too muscular. This is understandable as strong muscles sometimes don’t look so feminine. But, if you’re able to properly pace workout, you can get in a really nice shape getting amazing definition along the way. Keep in mind that as you exercise, you’re able to burn more and fatter turning it into muscles. There is a big difference between being lean and being muscular though. With limited weight training, you will be able to both get muscles and reduce fat. Focus on aerobic weight lifting and increasing the number of repetition instead of increasing weight. Prolonged workouts will lead to more fat being burned without your muscles getting too bulky. Of course, muscular body can look every bit as good as a lean body but most women would opt for the latter one.

  1. Proper diet makes a difference

As you start exercising on a regular basis, your metabolic processes will change immensely. Not only will you be much healthier, but your body will be able to process matters at a much faster pace. Big muscles require a lot of energy for sustainability. Not only will you be really hungry after training but your appetite, in general, will increase. Here is the real catch where most ladies go wrong: instead of dieting, you need to keep eating. Proteins, in particular, are very important for increasing your muscle mass. Bigger muscles will also improve your ability to burn fat making you even leaner. Now, a healthy diet comes into place. Make sure to eat after every training in amounts that feel right for your body otherwise, the acids in your muscles will dissolve them. A highly muscular body is a well-oiled machine that constantly needs to be fed. Just remember to avoid fast foods, candies and everything else that is bad for your organism. Aside from that, you will be able to eat almost anything you want. Once you put on a bikini, you will be grateful for the sacrifice!

  1. Think about food before going to a beach

As you can see, the diet has an important role in making your body leaner and better suited for a swimwear. But, when considering a diet, you should also consider diet before going to a beach. In a normal situation, you will eat a lot after morning training. Unfortunately, this isn’t always flattering for the body. You need to consider diet both on a regular basis and prior to a beach day. As you start working out more and more, there is a good chance you will get enthralled with the whole experience. In fact, exercises and proper diet become a routine for most people. Still, you should never forget why you started it in the first place. While drinking a lot of water is great for your muscles, skin and overall metabolic processes, you don’t want to overdo it prior to going to the beach. This will only make you feel stuffy and your belly might show. Similarly, you should avoid foods that make you gassy. Try to contain your natural urge for a healthy diet during beach days and you will look great in a bikini!

  1. Hydration has to be considered

Besides food, a person has to consider hydration. Here, we are referring to every aspect of hydration. Water is crucial for workouts as it helps improve metabolic processes. It also has a big impact on your skin. In the end, there is no point in getting a learner body if your skin looks coarse. Dieting is much easier if you stay hydrated; it hastens your metabolism allowing you to remove bad matters from the body at a quicker pace. It also has a positive impact on fat burning. With high water intake, you can get better results quicker. Lastly, you have to consider the fact that your skin gets dry if you spend too much time at the gym. Swimming can also be disastrous as you’re exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Dry skin is common and most women will use body milk to restore its natural appearance. Still, you should hydrate from within as well.

  1. Morning workouts are much better than evening workouts

Somehow, a lot of people are used to evening workouts. This is probably due to the fact we have packed schedules and have to stay late at work. But, this is something you should avoid at all costs. Morning exercises are able to jumpstart your body the right way. In a way, you’re shocking your body; it will start burning much more calories compared to the evening training. Furthermore, the process will continue throughout the day. There is another perk to morning training. When you finish exercising, you can eat normally and fill your muscles. That food will be well digested during the day as you will use it for various activities. On the other hand, if you train in the evening and have a nice meal after that, you won’t have enough time to digest the food properly. You will go to bed with a full stomach and part of that food will go back to fat.

  1. Don’t focus on one muscle group

When wearing a bikini, your whole body will be exposed. This includes arms, legs, breasts, back and so on. If you want to look amazing, you will have to address all these different muscle groups. Most people make a mistake by just doing a certain type of exercise. For example, running is really popular. But, although exercises such as running or even swimming are great for building the body, they don’t address each part in the same way. Some of them will have an emphasis on legs, others on arms, etc. Ideally, you should change up your workout routine during the week. You can do some mild weight lifting, running, occasional swimming and so on. This will be great not only for wearing a bikini but for the overall shape of the body.

  1. Buy bikini after the training

Of course, we all have our favorite wardrobe in the closet. But if you’re intent of getting a beach body, you will have to buy a bikini that fits. What do we mean by this? If you’re just starting with your workout routine and still haven’t made any significant progress, you probably shouldn’t buy bikinis ahead of the time. While the muscle gain might not be that significant (it all depends on the training intensity) you might look a bit different in your new swimsuit. This is why it is best if you buy a new outfit once you’ve done training that is after you have made significant progress and achieved a shape that you are intent on maintaining. This is especially true for some types of bikinis such as monokinis where your hips and waist size matters.

If you follow these tips up to a point, you will get in a beach shape in no time!

Keep in mind that these exercises take time; while some people will manage to get good results after 3 months of intense workout and strict diet, some will take 6 months and even more. It all depends on your effort. Nevertheless, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it!

So, what kind of exercises should you try?

As previously mentioned, it is best if your training is balanced. This means lots of different activities with a big emphasis on aerobic training and some weight training. Here is a suggestion for your weekly routine:

  • Running – Needless to say, legs are one of the most noticeable parts of our body. While men might focus on some other areas, it is very important to have nice lean thigh muscles. Besides legs, running is also good for your bottom and may help with other regions as well. If you’re not a big fan of running, you can also ride a bike. It has a similar impact as running (although not exactly the same).
  • Swimming – While running is meant to improve your lower regions, swimming will improve your arms, chest, tummy. It will also impact the legs but not in the same extent as running. Swimming is a good way of counter-balancing running and spreading your muscle mass equally.
  • Natural exercises – This mainly refers to things such as push-ups, sit-ups, squads and everything else that doesn’t require weights. These exercises can be done at any time; they are a bit more intense than previously mentioned aerobic exercises, they make muscles bulkier and more strained but they are a great option when you want to work a particular section of a body. So, if you have limited access to pools, you can run and mix it up with upper body training. Alternatively, you can go swimming and do lower body training at home.
  • Weight exercises – You have to be very cautious with weight exercises. We recommend that you don’t do them more than twice a week. Use smaller weights and try focusing on a bigger number of repetitions. They are great for some extra muscle girth but don’t exaggerate; most women don’t like muscular bikini look.

To sum it up

No matter what, don’t overdo it with exercises. Start light and go from there. Don’t forget warm-ups and stretches as both of them are vital for protecting your muscles long term.

Lastly, try to have fun with your bikini workout! While getting leaner for a bikini is great, you should also enjoy the process. Otherwise, you might feel depressed at the end even if you get the wanted results.

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