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Thong Bikini: 9 Times You Should Never Wear It

Thong Bikini: 9 Times You Should Never Wear It

Thong bikinis are sexy; there’s no question about that. They make you feel attractive, free and light. 

However, there are certain scenarios where they might not be the most ideal choice.

Below are a few that you need to take note of:

You're striking against cotton underwear

A lot of artificial fabrics (such as nylon) are prone to trapping moisture. Cotton will make it easy for air to circulate around your vagina, and this will help your skin to breathe and also maintain a proper acidity that will prevent the development of vaginal infections. If you must put on a silky fabric, then a skimpy thong bikini that can help avoid any icky outcomes is the best for you.

You will be wearing your workout clothes all day

A lot of women actually go to the beach to work out and while this is definitely not a bad thing, it kind of affects what you wear to a considerable degree.

For instance, air circulation can be affected by tight clothes like spandex. However, wearing damp and tight clothes is even much worse. It can develop the growth of bacteria that will interfere with the healthy balance of the vagina. To keep things fresh after exercise, you might need to get a fresh pair of thongs just in case.

You're wearing a short skirt

Sexy thong bikinis might not be best for you if you’re wearing a skirt that hikes up when you sit down. In this case, you might need to get a tiny bikini brief. If you go with a bare butt in a public place, you run the risk of sweeping up some viruses or bacteria with your butt. Definitely not a good idea. The area is very sensitive as it is so you don't want to invite any diseases. 

You can easily get yeast or bacterial vaginal infections

If you just happen to love your thong bikini collection and you have never had cause to complain, then your immune system might be incredibly strong. However, if you regularly get yeast infections, then it might be the fault of your thong swimwear. You might want to swap them off for a different kind of sexy micro bikini. No matter how much you're attached to an outfit, you need to consider your health prior to anything else! 

You're pregnant and very prone to getting an infection

Pregnancy tends to compromise the immune system. This can make you even more susceptible to vaginal infections and even pose some risks to your baby. Plus, when you’re walking around carrying 30 extra pounds, do you really need to get a yeast infection to make things worse? Just swap the thong bikini for something else. Anyway, most women don't feel that sexy during pregnancy and would much rather go for something that is comfortable. Even though you might love your thong, its better to be precautious. 

You're prone to skipping that daily shower

You can easily reduce the risk of vaginal infections by washing daily with gentle soaps. If you don’t wash up at least once a day, a thong bikini is not recommended for you. This is especially true if you're going to a new exotic destination and are not quite certain whether the water is totally safe and clean. Sometimes, even if the water looks pristine, there is a chance it is not ideal. So, when going to those faraway vacation spots, perhaps its better to wear something else.  

You're of the habit of hardly ever changing your tampons. 

While there is less of a probability that your thong will make your tampon string rub against your rectum and drag it towards your vagina, it will be careless to rule out the possibility of that happening. This could happen if you change your tampon less frequently. To avoid the risk of infection, make use of the lightest tampon for your flow and have it changed as soon as it feels no more than two-thirds full. It doesn’t matter what underwear you have on as well.

You use personal deodorants or you’re douching

It is recommended that you don’t use these products wholeheartedly because they can interfere with the normal acidity and balance of vaginal bacteria (which, for the record, is capable of cleaning itself). However, if you still make use of a product that makes you clean, you should know that it is capable of compromising your immunity as well. In order to minimize the risk you have of getting infected, fuller-cut underwear will be able to provide more protection from some environmental hazards.

You’re prone to leaking

Research has shown that 2 out of every 5 women under the age of 60 deal with bladder leaks, whether it’s from holding urine for too long or engaging in sports. A single drop of acidic urine hanging out to the crotch of thongs can serve to irritate some sensitive skin areas and cause a rash. If you deal with leakage, you can let your doctor know and try to remedy the situation. No matter what, this type of swimsuit is not an ideal option. 

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Thong bikinis are sexy; there’s no question about that. However, there are certain scenarios where they might not be the most ideal choice. Below are a few that you need to take note of.

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