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9 Tanning Tips That Will Help You This Summer

9 Tanning Tips That Will Help You This Summer

The summer is fast approaching and if you care about your appearance, you will start working on your tan! Getting that golden brown will be crucial for your confidence but will also make you feel better in your skin.

Unfortunately, most people get overzealous when it comes to tanning. Whether we’re talking about tanning beds or spending a day at a beach, most people will try to go with quick solution thus endangering the tanning process. Instead of getting a perfect color, you will get sunburns.


If you want to make this summer the best summer possible, check out these tanning tips that will help you get the right tan without endangering your skin!

  1. Start by avoiding sunbeds

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that tanning is a natural process. You can always opt for sunbeds but we strongly suggest against it. Besides the fact that these beds increase your chance of getting cancer, they don’t provide any vitamin D which is crucial for your skin’s health. There are no shortcuts in life and there are certainly no shortcuts when it comes to tanning!

  1. Timing is crucial

Most people understand the fact that you shouldn’t expose your skin to sunlight during the period of 10 to 4. Holes in the ozone layer are extremely dangerous, they can lead to cancer and sunburns. So, if you wish to get some amazing color, try to time your tanning properly. Dark red might seem appealing but it isn’t the color you’re striving for. Furthermore, too much sunlight can cause permanent damage to the skin, it can dry it out and make it look older than it actually is. Last thing worth mentioning is melanin production. During the day, our body can produce a limited amount of this pigment. Melanin is crucial for tanning and without it, you cannot get the required color. Once you use it up, the sun will start damaging your skin. So, the best way to go about your business is by limiting the total daily exposure.

  1. Protection is the key

You can never get enough sunscreen. It is one of the main ingredients of tanning but people often take it for granted. Make sure to apply it regularly every 2 hours. Keep in mind that sunscreen should be applied once again after leaving the water. There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to sunscreen factors. For example, a factor of 30 is usually better for your skin than factor 50 as factor 50 tends to get chalky after a while. It will provide a false sense of security making you think that you don’t need to reapply it. However, no matter what product you’re using, you need to be diligent and reapply sunscreen constantly.

  1. The shade is your friend

It is very important to utilize shade in the right way. In fact, you might even consider staying in shade during your day at a beach. Always remember that trees don’t provide full protection and part of the sun rays will still reach your skin. You will get a tan without even realize but you will also have some sort of a cover to rely on. Deep shade is also important as it allows you to take a break from UV rays. As previously mentioned, you can stay in the sun only for that much. Excessive tanning will produce adverse effect damaging your skin in the process.

  1. Exfoliation helps a lot

Your skin is constantly peeling making it hard to retain a proper tan all over the body. An uneven tan can look awful forcing you to avoid tanning altogether. By exfoliating your skin, you’re making sure all the dead cells are removed and there is no build up. Make sure to scrub slowly as you don’t want to remove the areas of skin which are already properly tanned. In terms of scrub, you should rely on natural options such as honey and olive oil. They will not only facilitate the process but will nurture your skin with some important substances.

  1. Hydration is the key

If you want to get optimal results, it is very important to moisturize your skin. If you don’t have enough water in the body, the drying process will be much quicker, it will lead to the course and dry skin totally removing all the benefits of tanning. Besides moisturizing lotions and products, you should also make sure to drink a lot of water. When you’re at the beach, make sure to bring at least one big bottle of water while also avoiding all the products that dry your skin out (such as alcohol or coffee).

  1. Don’t be static

In order to have that perfect golden color, you have to change positions a lot. Spend some time laying on your back and then, move to your belly. Take short walks on the beach and try to expose your whole body to sunrays equally. Needless to say, whenever you can you should remove your bra so you don’t have tanning lines. An interesting thing to note is that your eyes have glands that stimulate tanning. However, you will have to protect them as they can easily get damaged by the sun. While most people think that sunglasses are the ideal solution, we would much rather prefer if you use a sunhat or simply close your eyes while tanning.

  1. Food matters

Another thing that can have a positive impact on tanning is food. As you might have presumed, certain groceries can stimulate tanning while others provide protection against the sun. For example, certain red and orange fruits like tomatoes can increase sun protection by more than 30%. On the other hand, green tea helps you during tanning, eating chocolate is a good way to prevent burns while coffee can help protect you against cancer. By combining all these ingredients properly, you will have a positive experience while on a beach.

  1. Take showers

In order to round up your productive day at a beach, you will have to take a shower. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using cold or hot water; showering is a good way to remove all the products from your skin making it look more attractive. Proper moisturizing and subsequent removal of maters will help you get a more even color. After showering, you might also use products that will further decrease your chances of getting red or dry skin.

With these amazing tips, you will get a perfect beach tan. Just make sure to do everything in moderation, rely on reputable products and use the water whenever you can!

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