Tankini: 4 Reasons to Try Them Out This Summer

So it’s time for you to take that long-awaited vacation. However, to enjoy the beach, you will need a new beachwear. The only issue here is that sexy micro bikinis might not be the best for your confidence right now; the B to C cup non-wired options that are being sold everywhere feel kind of weird and a traditional one-piece seems to be boring you by the day. Well, this might be the cue you need to finally get a tankini.

By amalgamating the youthful aesthetic appeal that is inherent in a tiny micro bikini with the comfort and security that you tend to get from a one-piece, a tankini is a great option for women who will like something on the neutral side.

To wit, here are a few reasons why you might want to get the tankini for your beach escapades this summertime:

Proper bust support

One of the major reasons why more and more women seem to be falling in love with the tankini is the fact that it provides ample support to the bust region, while also being able to properly skim over the stomach area. Although this will depend largely on the cut that the tankini has, these awesome beach outfits can be a lot more accommodating than a one-piece bikini. You can think of a tankini as a tank top that comes with a bra attached to the inside part of it.

It is usually recommended that women who have large breasts opt for tankinis in their cup sizes that come with underwired concealed bras. At the same time, women with A to E cups can go with non-wired tankinis with some soft internal support panels.

Inasmuch as it is true that you’ll have to pay more for a bra-sized tankini, you also have to admit that a thin piece of fabric covering an HH cup bust isn’t the right combination… especially when the both of them are put into water.

A variety of lengths

Another awesome upside that tankinis have is that they come in a wide variety of lengths. The standard length is usually between 39 and 42 cm in length (when you measure the side seam from the underarm). This means that if you are tall or you have a long body, all you have to do is look for a tankini that is about 44cm or longer on the sidearm. If you’re sunbathing, you can easily roll it up, and then roll it back down when you’re walking along the beach.

Feel free to team them with shorts, briefs, or even the swim skirt

When you’re shopping for a tankini, you are free to choose from a variety of different bottoms. As opposed to just relying on skimpy bikini bottoms, tankinis provide you with the freedom to try shorts, the skimpy tie-side briefs, classic briefs, and even shorts, all of which depend on which you personally prefer the most.

If you are a woman that will like more coverage, you can now wear cute skirted bottoms that have briefs as well. The coverage that it provides is only enhanced by the feminine flair that comes with it too. 

Women who have heavier thighs and who will like to be more conscious about leg chafing when the weather is hot will most probably opt for Lycra shorts while putting on the tankini top.

Thanks to the freedom that tankinis provide you to try different shorts on, you are able to get even more customizability and value for your money. You might have to mix a new tankini with existing bottoms, but you’ll definitely get the right combination eventually.

They are the best option if you can’t find the perfect one-piece

When it comes to one-pieces, one of the most regular complaints is that they tend to look awkward on taller women. Also, shorter women tend to find their bust in the wrong areas with one-piece suits. These complaints can easily be eradicated by getting a one-piece that has adjustable straps. Also, if you’ve got a long body or you have some extra weight, you can just as well buy a size larger.

However, on the flip side, women- regardless of their height- will definitely find a tankini more comfortable. Tall women can easily choose a longer unit and combine it with high waist briefs or shorts. For women on the shorter side, a tankini that’s between 38 and 40 cm long should get the job done.

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