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16 Awesome Swimsuit Brands You Must Try in 2019

16 Awesome Swimsuit Brands You Must Try in 2019

Swimwear industry is really turbulent by itself. Each year there are lots of new amazing types of products that will catch your attention. But there is more to it! The swimsuit fashion is always improving giving us better fabrics, patterns, and designs which sometimes makes it hard to pick just one beach pieces.

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In this article, we will go through some of the hottest brands that you need to try out this summer. Check it out!

  1. Inamorata

Emily Ratajkowski is well regarded within the fashion industry. She has launched a lot of different pieces of clothing, each better than the previous. In 2017, she has founded Inamorata, one of the newest and hottest brands in the world. Initial pieces ranged from 75$ to 160$. So this is obviously not a cheap brand but the quality and the design more than matches this price. If you’re looking for something provocative and daring, this is definitely a brand for you.

  1. Juillet

Juillet is an up-and-coming brand with lots to offer. This company produces various items such as tops, bottoms, one-pieces, and accessories. Within their store, you can get everything you need for the upcoming summer. The brand is often represented as subtle with lots of feminine tones and patterns. However, even though these products are really modern, they are a bit of throwback to the past.

  1. Kona Sol

As you well know, Target is one of the biggest brands in the world and when they get their hands on something, it is usually profitable. The same goes with Kona Sol, an in-house fashion project that is meant to provide affordable but quality swimsuits to all the ladies in the US. Kona Sol is really diversified line with lots of different pieces, styles, and product types. In order to stay true and honest, Target has decided to avoid retouching any of the models that are advertising swimsuits.

  1. Helen Jon X Draper James

As the name says this is a joint project between Helen Jon and Draper James. Helen Jon is the fashion mind behind these swimsuits and she is helped by Reese Witherspoon (who is the owner of Draper James). These pieces are really intriguing with lots of floral patterns. They look traditional yet, it can easily be seen they are really modern. There are also a few items that have printed letters which gives a bit more versatility to the brand.

  1. Eloquii

Eloquii is most known for its plus-size clothing line. They focus on sizes from 14 to 28 with lots of different products to choose from. Their swimsuit line is relatively new. But, there is more than enough products to leave you impressed. The company focuses on lots of different patterns and designs. They are making sure each piece is well suited for plus size ladies without any hitches or discomfort.

  1. Topic of C

The most interesting thing about this brand is the fact that all their items are eco-friendly. Each item that is produced is in accordance with nature. They are creating pieces that will reflect this mindset. The topic of C core values includes community, quality, sustainability, and empowerment. The brad is using sustainable fabrics that will not have any negative impact on the planet. At the same time, through empowerment, the brand is trying to help small female producers all over the world.

  1. Monday Swimwear

The brand was founded by Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman and they refer to themselves as swimwear connoisseurs. While they are very proficient with their designs and patterns, their most important contribution can be seen through a fight for body positivity. They want to serve as the right example for women all over the world helping them gain confidence and feel comfortable in their body. As a result, their products are focused on timeless pieces which are suitable for certain body types instead of focusing on products that are nothing more than a current fashion fab.

  1. Sea Angel

Here is another product line created and executed by the Target Corporation. Sea Angel has lots of interesting models with lots of focus on retro style. It got its name after a small elegant aquatic species which is the best way to describe their items. All of the products are below 50$ which makes it ideal for ladies who want to buy a trendy swimsuit without spending too much on it. On top of it all, the product line also has maternity items which are another benefit.

  1. Sidway

According to the company’s marketing team, Sidway is “swimwear for the modern babe”. You will be happy to hear that the company offers 2-day free shipment for all the items purchased within their online store. Even if you’re planning a holiday in a week or two, you will be able to get the product to your home address. No hassle, no pain! The items are inspired by fashion models of the 90s and brand wants you to feel that luxury and glamour on your own skin.

  1. Becca

Becca is a bit pricier alternative being regarded as one of the more luxurious brands on our list. There are lots of reasons why you should give these products a try. The company uses very intricate yet jovial patterns which sets them apart from their competition. In fact, there is only a handful of brands that are as bold as Becca. Besides patterns and colors, the brand experiments with various product types. They have a wide variety of products so regardless of your preferences, you will most certainly find something that suits your taste.

  1. Same

Same is a Los Angeles brand led by Shea Marie. The company uses only high-quality Italian fabric which is why their items are so amazing when it comes to quality. No matter what you do to them, they will last for a long period of time. The brand is a reflection of the California lifestyle. It is meant to bring sun, waves, and joy to all those who wear it. According to Shea Marie, when she designed these swimsuits, her intent was to provide something that all women can wear and feel comfortable in.

  1. Knix

Joanna Griffiths is the mastermind behind the Knix brand. In 2013, she decided to create an unapologetic underwear brand that would allow women to be themselves without worrying what society thinks of it. The first products were created in order to help women deal with “leaks” and extra weight. The whole project was crowdfunded and today, Knix is led from their corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada. As someone who has lots of experience with plus size, it was no trouble for Joanna to create an impressive swimwear line that would be appropriate for all women regardless of their size.

  1. ACK

ACK has a wide variety of models in their shop. Like most other modern swimsuit companies, they are mainly focused on their online sales so if you want to purchase an item from their store, we recommend that you go to their online shop and find the right product for yourself. Keep in mind that in most cases, ACK delivers the product within a week from being ordered.

  1. Jade Swim

Jade Swim is a neat combination of LA and NY fashion style. The collection was inspired by fashion items seen on New York runways but adopted for colorful Californian summertime. Their products are rather simple but effective. They are meant to be unique and meaningful allowing women to explore their sexuality and inner self. The brand was invented by fashion editor and stylist Brittany Kozerski which is a good reference for all those who love high-end fashion products. Italian fabrics are used to make the products while there is also a lot of emphasis on UV protection and overall durability of swimsuits.

  1. Left on Friday

This brand was created by ex Lululemon design and product executives. Its main focus is on an active lifestyle and workout. Women are encouraged to be satisfied with their body while wearing these pieces but are also pushed towards bettering themselves. The items are made from very soft and silky fabrics that are durable at the same time. Buyer can choose between various options and patterns and no matter what you need, you will find it in Left on Friday stores.

  1. Happy Socks

This brand was initially known for their socks but over time, they have started creating swimsuits. Their line of beach products is very similar to their socks: they are very jovial and meant to evoke the best emotions from buyers. They come in various prints and color schemes and we are certain you’ll love them on the first try. But there is much more to this brand than simple patterns and colors. Fabrics used are high-quality stuff and you will feel really nice wearing them.

Swimwear industry is really turbulent by itself. Each year there are lots of new amazing types of products that will catch your attention. But there is more to it! The swimsuit fashion is always improving giving us better fabrics, patterns, and designs which sometimes makes it hard to pick just one beach pieces.

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