String Bikinis: Why Are They So Hot?

Nowadays, there are so many different bikinis on the market. Something that started as a fab, turned into a multimillion-dollar business.

Companies are doing their best to stay innovative and fresh inventing various designs and patterns. So much so that some owners are willing to try items that barely have anything to do with bikinis but will still label than as a bikini in order to attract the necessary attention.

Basically, more than 90% of all women in the Western world wear some kind of a bikini. While the choice is great and you can find some really fantastic items out there, we always come back to one of the initial items that started all of this: string bikini.

string bikini

So, why is string bikini so popular; what makes it unique? Read this article to learn more!

What is a string bikini?

The string bikini is popular because it is more revealing compared to its peers yet, it doesn’t reveal that much to make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, no matter how scanty it is, it cannot compare to some extreme variants such as micro bikinis (which you can find in our shop).

As you can presume based on the name, string bikini is created by relying on a set of string. Each string is connected to a piece of fabric creating a unique swimwear. You will have 2 triangles around your intimate area. They are connected by lateral strings. Similar goes for your upper regions where you also have two main triangles for breasts but not, you have much more strings that keep all that together. When it comes to the string, they can either be tied or continuous. There are lots of variations to this model and your bikini bottom can either be traditional or it can have a thong.

History of string bikini?

According to an old story, string bikini was invented by a Brazilian model Rose de Primallio. During a photo shoot, she needed a bikini but was struggling due to a malfunction. She tried different things ultimately decided to just take strings and connect fabric together. When they saw her, they instantly realized how unique this look is. Furthermore, it is something that can easily be replicated and even would cost less. So, there was instant interest in manufacturing.

It took some time until the item was recognized. It was first presented during the opening of Le Petite Centre, a shopping mall New Orleans French Quarter in 1974. Officially, the man behind the product was Glent Tortorich, a well-regarded PR agent. As you can presume, the promotional activity revolved around Brazil, tropical beaches and amazing summer fun. In fact, this is the best explanation of the product; it is something that can bring the festival atmosphere to your life. The whole event was covered by the local TV station. The story was then taken by United Press International and Associated Press and it spread like a wildfire.

What do I have to know about the product?

The string bikini is worn around the hips. The strings are meant to go a bit up, above your waist.

It can be tricky to wear especially given how skimpy string bikini is. Any type of wardrobe malfunction can totally exposure your body which is the last thing you need while out and about in the public. In fact, when talking about strings, you can expect minor issues from time to time. Still, the chance that something will fall off is pretty unrealistic.

The great thing about string bikini is how liberating it is. There isn’t much fabric which will make you feel even lighter, even more exposed. Some women will not like this but others will love it. Again, it all depends on your personal preferences.

It is also great in terms of tanning. There won’t be stripes or anything else on your back as the strings are pretty narrow. In fact, you can easily remove them while lying down on your belly and tan your whole back.

We don’t have to tell you how great string bikinis are; you probably have a few yourself. Anyway, if you are one of the rare women who haven’t tried this item, we wholeheartedly suggest you do so!

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