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Sling bikinis are really specific and yet, very appealing. In fact, if we compare various one-piece swimsuits, we can easily say that slings are the sexiest subtype.

As you can presume, this bikini has the shape of a sling. It goes from nether area upwards splitting into two parts that resemble suspenders. These suspenders meet around your nape, merge into one and proceed downwards from the back.

sling bikini

The main things to keep in mind

A lot can be said about sling bikinis. Some find them to be goofy, for some people they are too explicit. Anyway, the truth is somewhere between.

No matter what, it is true that sling bikinis provide very little coverage. In fact, even though they use more fabric than your traditional bikinis, they tend to be much more revealing. This is mostly due to the fact that intimate areas are more open.

These bikinis are especially great for women who love to flaunt their figure. Due to its design, you can easily see the hips and sides while the belly is partially covered. This might even help conceal belly fat. On the other hand, while sling bikini is going over the breasts, it doesn’t fully cover them exposing their sides.

We should also mention mankini; a sling bikini which was inspired by Borat. Unlike the female version of the product, this item is more for goofing around. Nevertheless, it reached its peak popularity several years ago. Since then, it has been experiencing a slow and steady decline.

Pros and cons

First of all, this item is for those who are proud of their body. Besides your regular sling bikinis, you have extreme versions of the product such as micro sling bikini (something you can find in our store). These are not adequate for public beaches but you can easily wear them on nudist beaches and during private parties.

Sling bikinis provide a lot of freedom. They are refreshing, bold and intriguing. In terms of design, they are much more complex than your regular bikinis providing manufacturers various ways to approach the design.

Obviously, due to its inherent flaws, this is not an ideal outfit for swimming. Still, you can wear it at nearby beach bars. Some of the models are really elegant and much more adequate than standard swimsuits. When combined with skirts and other pieces of clothing, sling bikini can even be worn at parties and clubs. However, they are still not ideal for fancy restaurants.

Where to buy them?

There is no need to go to big department stores in order to buy sling bikinis as lots of cool items can be found online. For example, our online shop is specializing in micro bikinis and other types of extreme clothing. Here you can find all sorts of alluring items that will make you feel like a real princess.

If you have any questions regarding our policies or products, make sure to contact customer support; we will make sure to help you out!

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