Skirtini: What Makes Them So Attractive?

Most women have at least heard of skirtini. While this product line may not be as popular as your regular bikini, it definitely provides something different. This amazing piece of clothing is really unique, provides an interesting look at a woman but is also very functional.

Sometimes, people will tell you that skirtinis are meant for older women. This is pretty mean as these items are in a league of their own and shouldn’t be neglected either as swimsuits or a new fashion fab. 


Here is everything you need to know about them!

What is a skirtini?

As you can presume by its name, skirtini is a variation of bikini. However, instead of a regular bottom that is used for bikinis, it relies on a skirt.

The best thing yet is the fact there are numerous options to choose from. In general, skirtini relies on much more fabric compared to your regular bikini. Besides the skirt, top will also have much more material and will look a bit bulkier. Some of the variants will have covered belly so it might look more like a dress.

Pros and cons

First, we have to consider the style.

Skirtini is pretty unique as it combines a bikini and skirt. During dry summer time, you can use it to swim, spend a day on the beach and then proceed straight to a bar for a nightcap without having to go back to your room for a change. This is where the swimsuit shines; it allows you to perform various activities during your vacation without having to worry about technical stuff.

It is also a very flexible type of outfit that you might even wear to a restaurant (as long as you have a t-shirt in your beach bag). Yet, they can be good enough for swimming. However, if you want to swim for a longer period of time, this isn’t an ideal piece.

Also, you won’t have to worry when it comes to sweating. Skirtinis are made from the same material as regular bikinis so they are ideal for summertime. Nevertheless, they might be a bit more problematic in that sense compared to standard bikinis as, in the end, you’re wearing more fabric on your body.

In terms of the drawbacks, it is necessary to mention the fact you cannot actually sunbathe while in skirtini. Some of the models will cover most of your body so you will get a spotty tan. Bikinis take a major advantage in this category.

When it comes to style, it is really hard to debate; some women love this product, some hate them. To some people, it is too old-fashioned and it isn’t really fit for younger generations while others see it as a timeless swimsuit.

To wrap it all up

Skirtinis are a breath of fresh air. Although our store focuses on skimpier swimsuits and you might not find a skirtini in it, you might as well browse it for some other ideas.

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