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12 Ultra Sexy Swimsuits That Show You In Best Light

12 Ultra Sexy Swimsuits That Show You In Best Light

We should never underestimate the power of the right swimsuit.

They can make us feel confident, attractive, desirable but they can also make us feel fat and insecure. This is precisely why choosing the right product is of utmost importance! Never settle for small things but instead go with swimwear that will present your shape in the right way.

It can be really hard to find the right item for your body type. Luckily, there are lots of different patterns and swimsuits on the market and regardless of your appearance, you can look amazing as long as you manage to find the right one.

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We will review 12 different types of beachwear while giving suggestions and tips that will help you during the process. Read on!

  1. One piece swimsuit

One piece swimsuits are among the most traditional and oldest types of bathing suits. Nevertheless, they are still often worn on the beaches and are especially important for athletes. While one piece design can be attractive in its own regard, it is especially popular among women who want to cover their skin (if they have a scar, burn or some other issue) or for ladies who are less secure. They are ideal for curvy body types and can be good for ladies who have a bit bigger belly. If you are a plus size person, you might want to consider going with a simpler outfit, without too many colors or patterns. Black and blue are especially recommended while you should avoid horizontal stripes.

  1. Traditional bikini

The bikini was the natural progress of one piece swimsuits. It is a more liberal version that gives women more freedom at the beach. It comes in two pieces making it really easy and comfortable. Bikinis don’t cover your belly which means you will be a bit more relaxed. These items have become so popular over time that they’ve completely replaced one-pieces at one point. Today, you have numerous variations of the product, each with something new and exciting.

  1. Skirtini

Skirtini is one of the bikini variations. It isn’t as popular as some other items, but it is definitely worth your time. As if this bikini isn’t provocative enough, skirtini gives you another, interesting look. It is great for both beach and pools and some women even regard it as too flashy. The product is ideal for all the ladies who have a pear-shaped body. It works well with big booty and thighs. When you wear it, this area looks much smaller.

  1. Tankini

Here is another option you need to consider. As the name implies, tanking is a combination of a bikini with a tank top. It is really interesting and refreshing providing the best of both worlds. It is one of the best items when it comes to covering the mid-section. That being said, it can be a great option for bigger women. Tanking can also fit well on women who have an apple-shaped body. Besides covering the belly, it is also great for making your waist look narrower. However, you still have to be precautious with prints and avoid horizontal stripes. Straps can be also useful, especially thicker ones, as they draw attention to the upper regions of your body.

  1. Swim dress

The “Dress” part of this product’s name tells you the whole story. This swimsuit is really elegant and makes you stand out while on the beach. While not necessarily the most functional, it is still amazing to wear. In fact, it can be an ideal item if you’re walking down the beach or simply sitting at a beach bar. Besides elegance, it can really be provocative and intriguing. Here, the dress is used to cover certain areas of the body such as thighs and booty. It is especially great for showcasing your upper body attributes.

  1. Leg suit

Leg suit is a swimsuit that sticks close to your legs. It is great for any pool activity and especially exercising. While it isn’t necessarily a fashion piece, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in such a fashion. It is usually made from spandex and elastane as you could’ve presumed. You can experiment a lot in terms of patterns. When it comes to ideal body shape, the leg suit can compliment women with hourglass body. It can also be great for women who have nice legs as it puts emphasis on this part of the body.

  1. Sling swimsuit

Slingsuit or sling bikini is another variation of bikini. It is based on a thong and a sling. The type of product might not be for everyone; it can almost be categorized as an extreme bikini which is often disallowed on public beaches. But while it is pretty revealing, it can also be great for women who love to show their attributes. There isn’t much left to the imagination when it comes to this swimsuit. It is amazing for women without curves as it gives a good visual illusion.

  1. Ruffle

Swimsuit industry is always progressing and companies are continuously trying to invent something new and exciting. This is especially true when it comes to ruffling swimwear. Being one of the newer product types of this kind, the ruffle is great both in terms of fashion and the ability to attract attention. It pushes breasts upwards and gives them extra volume. This is why it can be a great solution for all those who have smaller breasts and want to put emphasis on the upper body. However, even if you’re endowed, it can still help out. The customer has certain alternatives when it comes to this item being able to choose between one-piece and two-piece.

  1. Bandeau bikini

If you’re looking for something really stylish, bandeau would be the right choice for you. Although it isn’t provocative like the previous two entries, it is one of those pieces that you can wear on the beach and off the beach. While there is an option of mixing upper and lower pieces, it is best when worn in the same color and pattern. The bandeau is ideal for all the ladies who have an hourglass shape or want to conceal their breasts. It is especially great for all those who are a bit timid or conservative and want to show as less skin as possible.

  1. Top to bottom

Top to bottom has certain similarities to bandeau. It is also very good for shy women as it has lots of material. However, unlike the previous item, top to bottom comes in different variations some of which are much more liberating and revealing. It places emphasis on the lower body and is ideal for women who have bigger breasts. This product is a bit trickier compared to all other items on the list. You are also able to combine different patterns for top and bottom but we suggest caution; certain combinations can really backfire!

  1. Three-piece

Three-piece is one of the more innovative solutions. One-piece and two-piece have been common for a long time but now we have another option with this zesty set. Three-piece refers to 3 different items that are part of the set. This includes bra, panties and one additional piece. There are lots of things which you can use as the third part such as scarfs, shirts, skirts and so on. It is one of those products that you never know what you’re gonna get when you step into a mall. It is really hard who should wear this swimsuit set; there are so many alternatives and it usually comes down to a specific product being sold. Anyway, you will have to make a judgment whether or not this is the right thing for your body shape.

  1. Burkini

Burkini is quite a specific product. It is primarily made for Muslim women but it has slowly become a popular fashion item. Its main purpose is to allow Muslim women to have fun at the beach while covering skin. It is similar to scuba diving suit in appearance. It is quite specific and looks different on different women. The patterns and colors are very important as they might provide a significantly different appearance to the wearer.

Here are the main swimsuit products you can find on the open market. You can find lots of these pieces in our shop but not all of them. In the end, we focus on extreme bikinis! No matter what, we suggest you check our shop as you might find something special that will fit your particular body type.

Hope you enjoy it!

We should never underestimate the power of the right swimsuit. They can make us feel confident, attractive, desirable but they can also make us feel fat and insecure. This is precisely why choosing the right product is of utmost importance! Never settle for small things but instead go with swimwear that will present your shape in the right way.

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