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12 Super Sexy One-piece Swimsuits Based on Your Body Type

12 Super Sexy One-piece Swimsuits Based on Your Body Type

Most women will pick a swimming suit based on its design or perhaps based on the type of a swimsuit. We usually have a vague idea of what we want to buy even though our decision sometimes may change if we see something cute.

Unfortunately, we rarely consider our body type when making this decision. Yes, we will try it out to see whether it fits and how it looks. But, this impression is usually based on an impulse. It is not a calculated shopping decision where we buy a product that is ideal for us. But instead, we tend to deceive ourselves buying something that pleases our eye.

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This is far from ideal. In the end, given how revealing the swimsuits are, you should buy an item that would put emphasis on your natural attributes and downplay flaws. Confidence is very important for most women and it affects how we feel wearing an item. The last thing you want to do is by a swimsuit and after wearing it several times, reveal that it’s unflattering for your curves.

This is why we’ve made this guide. Here are some of the ideal sexy one-piece swimsuits for your body type.

  1. Ladies with a larger booty

Men usually focus on two things: breasts and booty. So, if you have some issues with either part, you should try to focus attention in a different direction. High cuts can be really troublesome as they reveal too much. On the other hand, the fabric may get sucked so you will have to adjust your swimsuit numerous times during the day. Not only will this look bad but it will make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure to go with products that have lots of fabric and cover your whole bottom. Avoid any design that has too much stuff on it; you don’t want to attract attention to your lower areas.

  1. Ladies with a flat booty

Flat bottom can represent its own set of challenges. Unlike the previous entry on our list, you have to make sure this whole area looks much bigger than actually is. One of the best tricks is choosing a piece that cuts your bottom in half; that way, your booty would look much juicier and as if there is a lot going on downstairs. Ideally, you can try to avert attention from this area. However, you might also try to go with bright colors that would change focus to colors and patterns instead of your flat “tire”.

  1. Ladies with small breasts

Oftentimes, ladies who have flat booty will also have smaller breasts. This can be a double danger as you will have to find a way to cover for both deficiencies. One of the worst things you can do in this case is going with a top that has little to no fabric. Padding is usually the best way to go about things but it also has its issues. You can try with something similar to the bandeau bikini. This type of swimsuit has lots of material and while it squeezes the whole section, it can create a good illusion. But, keep in mind that this is a two-piece! Going with darker colors can help as well. You can also try tops that have ruffles and other small details for distraction.

  1. Ladies with big breasts

In most cases, big breasts will be a positive attribute. However, they can be quite problematic in terms of their functionality. Whenever you go outside, make sure you’re wearing a piece that makes you feel comfortable above everything else. Rely on underwire and appropriate cup size so you don’t encounter any malfunctions along the way. Depending on your size, it might be important to get straps strong enough to support you. Luckily, at least you will be able to experiment a lot in terms of a product type (so as long it's big enough).

  1. Ladies with short legs

If you have shorter legs, you have to find a way to make them look longer. High cut can be a perfect solution as it will make them look much bigger than they actually are. There are also some alternatives such as extreme bikinis who will go well above your hips. But, most women are unwilling to go with such items.

  1. Tall ladies

Being tall can be an issue for girls. Not only can it be intimidating for some men but there are ladies who sometimes may feel uncomfortable due to it. We don’t have to tell you that you should avoid high heels when going to a beach. In terms of the outfit, it might be a bit harder finding the right piece in the right length. If you can, try finding items that make you a bit wider but not looking chubby.

  1. Ladies with fat on their back

Most of us have some fat, or at least extra skin, on our back. While this is completely normal, it is something that can make us look fat and unappealing. It is especially troublesome as you go to a beach and straps start digging into your body. The best way to avoid this is by finding products who have big straps. Or alternatively, you can find items that have straps a bit higher. The worst thing you can do is buying a swimsuit with tinny straps that will break your back fat into 2 halves.

  1. Ladies with a tummy

Tummy fat is very similar to back fat: you have to be very skinny in order not to have any. In fact, as you grow older, you can rest assured that these areas will become more and more problematic. Luckily for you, one piece swimsuits are among the best swimsuits for covering this flaw. You can always go for darker, single colors as they are the best type of concealers. You should also find one-piece with a deep cut. Most women who have a bigger tummy also have bigger breasts so we’re certain you have no issue flaunting this area!

  1. Ladies with big hips but smaller legs

This particular body shape can be a bit problematic as it creates an asymmetry. Don’t worry too much though; there is always a way of maneuvering around it! First thing you need to do is consider your hips. Find a way to make them symmetric to your shoulders. So, pick a once piece that will make them look a bit longer than wider. Unfortunately, you cannot use the same tricks with a high cut in this case as it will reveal your hips.

  1. Ladies with a strong body

Ladies with a strong, athletic body are usually specific. Most of them are athletes as it is so they want to flaunt their curves and muscles as much as possible. That being said, one-pieces might not be ideal for your body type but instead, you should go for two-pieces that will showcase as much as possible. Also, finding the right swimsuit will mostly be affected by your muscle groups and what you want to emphasize and what you want to hide. In the end, there are lots of different athletic appearances!

  1. Ladies with broad shoulders

Here, you have to put emphasis on downplaying shoulders and the best way to do it is by going with a swimsuit that has stripes on its sides. That way, you will look more like an hourglass than a reverse pyramid. Your hips should look as big as possible. Some asymmetry can also be beneficial especially in the upper regions.

  1. Ladies with bigger thighs

In this case, you will have to cover your thighs as much as possible. Ideally, you should go for something that is akin to the skirt as they will completely conceal your big thighs. Besides that, you can try to focus on upper areas thus averting attention from your legs. Going for an hourglass figure appearance can also work as it puts focus on the mid area.

Last thoughts

No matter what kind of a body you have, there will always be sexy one-piece swimsuits that will complement it. Keep in mind that the industry is always progressing and something new can always be found on the open market. For example, our online shop has so many options and you can find the right swimsuit today, without having to leave this site!

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