Retro Bikinis: A Blast From The Past

Fashion trends always come back no matter what. And this is the greatest thing: even when something is no longer cool, you can rest assured that one day, it will come back even better and more popular.

Retro bikinis started popping up all over the world. Women are simply crazy about them as this is a new style that has vanished for such a long time.

retro bikinis

But what is regarded as a regular retro bikini? What are the differences compared to a standard bikini? Stick around to learn more!

The most common trait of retro bikinis

Although there are a lot of different variations of retro bikinis one thing always stands out. They have extra fabric compared to traditional pieces. If we had to define them, they are very similar to high-waist bikini. This makes sense as things were much more conservative back in the day.

Retro bikinis are less revealing and according to the fashion of that time. If we are talking about small elements, the ribbon is a common part of the top but it can also go without. Sometimes, they go with ruffles but this doesn’t properly encapsulate the spirit of the time.

Main features

If we presume that high-waist bikini is the basis, you can easily say that these swimsuits are not as functional as of today’s bikinis. For example, they might be troublesome if you want to swim or get a tan.

Still, they also have a lot of advantages.

Retro bikinis can be really nice for covering some flaws. For example, they can be used to hide your tummy. Depending on the color, they can also be used to cover for any discrepancies between hips and waist creating an illusion of certain body type.

But more than anything, they are really fun. You see, unlike most modern designs, retro bikinis rely on some old patterns that can rarely be found on swimsuits or even regular clothes. This allows you to try certain styles that are otherwise unavailable. Furthermore, those ribbons are really cute!

We also have to mention the fact that retro bikinis usually come with two different pieces when it comes to design or patterns. They are well matched as it is so we suggest that you don’t try other combinations unless you have a really keen eye. This is another thing that makes them unique: while regular bikinis usually go with one color or simple pattern without taking risks, retro bikinis don’t have an issue of going overboard and trying something exciting.


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