Monokini: A Mix of Fashion and Functionality

Monokinis have a pretty interesting history.

Like most swimsuits, they were both fashion and functional item. Almost every swimsuit in history has brought about some intrigue and controversy partially because the swimsuits have become smaller as the years went by. But none other was as impactful as monokinis.


A bit of history

It was created by Rudi Gernreich in 1964 and it instantly created an uproar. The swimsuit had your regular bottom with two straps going forward. So, what was the controversy? It didn’t have the cups. Monokini was the world’s first topless swimsuit. The design was quickly accepted by other artists and designers as a sign of sexual revolution. However, the general public wasn’t as pleased. Only 2 of these swimsuits were every worn in public and one of the women wearing it, got arrested on the spot.

Monkini wasn’t intended to be used commercially; it was more of an artistic piece. However, its sudden popularity gave way to commercial production and use.

Why would you buy a monokini?

Regular monokinis that are sold nowadays are very similar to one-pieces. In fact, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference.

In the spirit of its predecessors, modern monokinis are meant to be much more provocative and have a more vibrant, alluring design. Majority of them have traditional tops; in rare cases, you will have extreme bikinis where breasts are naked. Monokinis are much more provocative in the upper areas revealing more skin compared to one-pieces.

There is a high variation in terms of design, style, colors and so on. This is pretty great as it gives you a lot of opportunities to find just the right piece. You can find whatever you need online, through shops such as ours as you won’t even have to leave your home!

So the question is, should you buy one?

Definitely yes! Monokinis are quite unique and will give you another amazing piece for your summer collection. People often say that monokinis are for younger women who want to show their assets. We strongly disagree; they are for everyone! Regardless of your age, you should buy on. They can be really nice for women who have scar tissue on their belly and want to cover the area yet remaining sexy. Some models can be nice for women who have a tummy especially if when in darker colors.

Are there any drawbacks?

There aren’t many, to be honest.

You might argue that some of the models are a bit revealing but again, it all depends on what you’re buying. Monokinis fit well with almost anybody which makes it for a perfect swimming experience. They also have a lot of fabric which would always make you at least a bit covered.

But if you’re looking to go with style and fashion, there is only a handful of bikini types that can match monokinis. They are quite exquisite and would turn any woman into a real start.

If you want to buy one, make sure to browse our extreme bikini store!

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