Mini Bikinis: Why Women Like Them So Much?

Mini bikini is an alternate name for the extreme or micro bikini.

These items have become more popular in the last few years but they are still rarely sought after. The main reason for this is their explicit nature and the fact they show more than they reveal. Mini bikinis will barely cover your intimate areas leaving little to the imagination. Whether this is good or bad, it is really hard to tell.

mini bikinis

While these items are really provocative, strict legislation prevents us from wearing them wherever we want. Women are usually forced to wear them on private beaches and properties as most public beaches don’t allow them. However, that shouldn’t deter you from buying the product as mini bikinis are the best expression of freedom!

How do they look like?

There are lots of different mini bikini variations out there.

Most of them will at least cover the intimate area. But, given there will be minimum fabric, side of your breasts may be noticeable or even areas around your labia. Some more explicit ones will show nipples as well as full lower regions.

Due to their nature, a small amount of material will be used. They often rely on straps to connect top with the bottom. You also have combinations where bikini and top are separate. In terms of forms, micro bikinis usually rely on triangle shape to cover these areas.

If you want to learn more about them or if you’re curious, you can simply visit our online store. We have a lot of different pieces and you can easily find a provocative product for your private pool.

Major positives

Although mini bikinis are amazing as they are, we have to mention certain benefits they bring.

First and foremost, they are very liberating. There is no other outfit or bikini that provide so much freedom. This is especially important for women with curves as these items are unburdening and will never affect your body in a negative way.

They can also be very teasing. For example, if you have a pool in your backyard, it would be an ideal swimsuit for a midnight swim with your husband or boyfriend.

Like all other swimsuits, they come in various shapes and colors and you can easily find what you need. They are also often used in the sex industry which might be intriguing to some. Lastly, unlike certain types of bikinis, they are much better for sunbathing.

Potential issues

While their design provides some amazing upsides it also leads to some major drawbacks.

As previously mentioned, you cannot wear these items wherever you want. Even if you go to a private beach, you will have to dress afterwards. You can’t visit surrounding bars and stores after a swim as no one will let you in.

Mini bikinis are definitely impressive. One of the best things is that they are relatively cheap compared to some other swimsuits so even you get bored of a certain model after a while, there is no harm.

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