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The Newest Micro Bikini Trend 2019

The Newest Micro Bikini Trend 2019

We all know that micro bikinis can be a bit over the top. That’s precisely why we love them so much!

In an attempt to create something new and fresh, designers are constantly pushing the envelope. The fashion industry can get a bit crazy especially when it comes to this product so you can see a lot of different variants of your favorite item.

One of the latest 2019 trends are micro bikinis with invisible straps. Keep in mind that these invisible straps can be placed on any bikini model but it seems they create a completely different impression when used on micro bikinis.

micro bikini trend

So, what’s the big deal with these straps and why are they so shocking when placed on micro bikinis? Read this article to learn more!

Provocative nature of micro bikinis

As someone who was in this business for a while, we can easily tell you that micro bikinis have a lot to do with shock value.

While they are definitely liberating, they are also meant to create an uproar. They are the epitome of fashion: blunt, borderline vulgar and unrelenting. People might not get this but fashion is a type of an art form; you have to be a fellow artist to fully appreciate the sentiment it brings.

With that, we come to transparent strap micro bikinis.

It is a micro bikini like any other. You can combine various elements as long as they are small and skimpy. But in this case, instead of having straps of an appropriate color, they will be transparent. This creates an amazing visual trick where you’re able to see only the triangles on the bottom and the top.

Although you might think this is not a big deal, you will suddenly notice how transparent straps make the body even more visible. Bikinis are now basically hiding just these small parts around intimate areas while completely showing everything else. This is a variation of micro bikini that is even more extreme.

Does this have a big impact on overall appearance?

Well, not really.

Micro bikinis are extremely swimwear any way you put; transparent straps will not make that much of a difference for sure. Still, they do take things to another level. For example, if your bikini is already just a small blur which covers intimate areas, this will take it a step further.

It all depends on the overall amount of fabric that the bikini initially has. If you put transparent straps on a regular bikini, it will not be that noticeable.

Anyway, this doesn’t change the product in the slightest. You will still have trouble getting to public beaches. One thing that does help is with sunbathing. Given that these straps are transparent, you will no longer have to worry about small areas of the body not being exposed. Now, you will get an excellent bronze color which you can, later on, show off to your colleagues at work!

Where can I get them?

Like any other trendy micro bikini item, you can get this product in our own bikini store. It will look great on you, trust us!

As you know by now, our site specializes in extreme products so we are certain there will be a model just for you. Make sure to browse carefully as we have lots of different items in our store. The last thing you want to do is miss your future favorite bikini!

If you have any question, make sure to contact our customer support. We are always willing to help with all your issues just make sure to tell what you need!

We all know that micro bikinis can be a bit over the top. That’s precisely why we love them so much! In an attempt to create something new and fresh, designers are constantly pushing the envelope. 

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