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4 Micro Bikini Mistakes You Should Never Make

4 Micro Bikini Mistakes You Should Never Make

It’s important that you get your choice of sexy microkinis right for the summer, but you also need to understand a few usage principles.

Here are four “Dont’s”, as far as microkinis are concerned:

Micro Bikini Mistake #1: You seem to be too overly focused on covering up

Have you ever steered clear of cheeky bottoms or cutouts just because you’re trying to cover up a roll or some cellulite?

Please don’t!

Understand this; the perception of the “perfect body” is nothing but a myth, and your body is beautiful just the way it is. We all have our own flaws and there is no point in covering them; instead, go ahead and flaunt them! However, if you’re still feeling a little bit hung up on it, keep in mind that there are certain times when you can get a slimmer look if you wear an item that is even skimpier than your size. This is our little secret that never fails. 

A lot of women are known to avoid cutouts because of the cellulite that they have in truth, who really cares? 

A lot of people are of the opinion that bigger ladies will stay away from string microkinis due to the fact that they are skimpier. However, the microkini pros actually believe that they are better because they can be adjusted. For instance, a string micro bikini will be able to help prevent a suit from digging too deep into your hips if you have really thick thighs. This itself is a big advantage when you go to a beach and a reason why this type of product will look much better than traditional swimwear. 

Micro Bikini Mistake #2: You believe that one-piece microkinis look bad

There are women that actually are of this belief, and it is baffling, to say the least.

All it takes is a single look at Selena Gomez while she comes out of the ocean in a black maillot for you to now and believes that one-piece micro bikinis can be incredibly sexy. But there is much more to them; they are also very trendy at the same time and no matter what you might think, they can be used as a fashion statement. 

The truth about one-piece microkinis is that while they can be really sexy, not everyone is able to wear them. These are the bikinis that deal a lot with the size because everything has to be wrapped up under it and nothing can come off. If you get something that is too big, you tend to have everything flopping around in there. Of course, this isn't something you would like. 

At the same time, getting a one-piece microkini that is too small will kind of make you feel too congested (and that is without considering the fact that you might feel a bit choked and really uncomfortable). As long as you are able to get the right size for your one-piece, you will be able to see that they actually look really stunning.

So if you will like to bring a little mix into your assortment of microkinis, or you’ll just like a little bit of something to help you step outside of your comfort zone, you can give a one-piece a try this summer. Trust me when I say that you'll be grateful once you do. 

Just remember the gimmick; it is all in being able to get the right size.

Micro Bikini Mistake #3: You’re wearing a microkini that is too uncomfortable

Are you wearing a microkini that seems to be cutting or digging into you?

Or even worse, do you get so little support around your chest from your microkini that you’re experiencing a lot of pain around your shoulders?

All of these are signs that point to the fact that the micro bikini you have on is not the right one for you. According to the design director of Solid & Striped, the single biggest mistake that a woman can make when she’s out shopping or a micro bikini is to buy one that is not the right silhouette for her type of body. It is important that you are actually able to step in the water and enjoy a little swim in your microkini.

However, it is also essential for you to ensure that while you swim, your swimwear is able to stay in place and not just slip off your body (that will be terrible). Whenever you feel a microkini is slightly uncomfortable, it might be time to have it changed.

Micro Bikini Mistake #4: You forget to wash your microkini after using it

It is common knowledge that it is unhealthy for you to sit in a wet microkini or long. However, leaving your microkini around for hours after you’ve hit the beach in it is actually not good as well. After it’s been swimming in salt water and that much Chlorine, it is important that you get it washed as soon as you can. 

Are you looking for a new swimsuit for the upcoming summer? Perhaps you want to try some new trend and let yourself loose? If so, you've come to the right place. There is always some sale or special offer on our site. Make sure to visit us regularly as we restock and change items all the time. There will definitely be something that will suit your needs! 

It’s important that you get your choice of microkinis right for the summer, but you also need to understand a few usage principles. Here are four “Dont’s”, as far as microkinis are concerned.

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