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12 Insecurities That Shouldn’t Bother You While in a Micro Bikini

12 Insecurities That Shouldn’t Bother You While in a Micro Bikini

Going to the beach in a micro bikini is definitely a risk, and it is completely understandable if you feel some kind of way (especially if you haven’t really done this in a long time or this is even your first time strutting your stuff at the beach). 

Most ladies lack the confidence to exhibit their body in public. Even if they bought a microkini and are certain they can pull it off, they might get cold feet prior to going out. To wit, here are a few insecurities that you don’t need to bother yourself about while at the beach:

  1. Am I showing too much of my breasts?

To be honest, this shouldn’t even be a real question. When the sweet summertime rolls by and it’s time to let loose, there is no such thing as “too much tatas”. Nobody ever told you to put those things away, so feel free to own it. This is especially true when going to a beach as no one will judge you there. Wearing a tad bit smaller swimwear doesn't really make that much of a difference. 

  1. Am I wearing a see-through microkini?

If this is the case, then you’ve basically succeeded in turning a basic beach into a nude each without having to remove any part of your microkini. When it comes to anything that is see-through- whether it is an incredibly clean fish tank, a celebrity’s outfit to the Grammys, or your windows after some waxing- it is much better for people to ogle your girls from afar than come nearer to get a more personal look. Anyway, you shouldn't give it too much thought. 

  1. What if I have flat rolls when I sit down?

You most probably do, but the same can be said for pretty much every other female who will like to have kids at some point in their lives regardless of how thick or thin you might be, these folds will occur naturally. You can’t blame nature for taking its course, so don't think about it too much. In fact, some men even find them to be attractive as they feel and look natural. Sometimes, small imperfections can be perfect!

  1. Am I being photographed by someone? What if they upload it?

If you have to ask this question, then you motive for being at the beach really needs to be put into question. Next time you see a person taking shots of you, make sure to ask them to use the right filters. No matter what, you should take it more as a compliment than anything else. 

  1. Oh, my God, I missed a spot (or many spots)

Remember the phrase “Long hair, don’t care”?

Well, the same should apply to your unshaven legs and bikini line. To be honest, most of the time, the only person noticing them is you. Everyone else is preoccupied with having fun and letting their hair down (it’s the beach, for Christ sake), enjoying the sun and trying to get some tan. So should you.

  1. Is my butt hanging loosely from the tiny micro bikini?

Unless you’re so conscious of that to the point where you spray your butt with some adhesive glue, there is no way that you can successfully prevent your skimpy micro bikini from riding up every now and then. Just accept the fact, adjust whenever it gets too far, and don’t make so much of a fuss about it. In that sense, this type of an outfit is not that much different from your regular bikini so wearing it won't make that much of a difference anyway.

  1. How is my non-existent thigh gap doing?

It’s fine, just as though it never existed in the first place. Relax. 

  1. What if families are around? Wouldn’t this be too inappropriate?

Yes, families are most probably around.

So what? They knew they would be seeing a lot of half-naked people at the beach so they already expected that. Strut your stuff and feel good, my dear. As long as you're not nude on a public beach, there is no reason to fret. These pieces are usually allowed on public beaches so no worries there. 

  1. I don’t have legs that look like hot dogs

Actually, this might be a good thing.

  1. Is it possible for my top to fall off?

The only way that this will happen is if you- yes, you- decide to not tie it tight enough. If you did, you will be able to feel it as it hugs your cleavage, so don’t bother about it. While wardrobe malfunctions do occur from time to time, they are not that common. Worst-case scenario, if someone sees you having trouble, it might cause him or her to smile and take this accident in a positive way. 

  1. Is everyone at the beach looking at me?

The only reason everyone is looking at you is that you’re looking drop-dead gorgeous. Get any form of negativity out of your head and learn to love your body for what it is. Your presence commands the attention of everyone else, and that is exactly why they are so fixated on you. Sexy micro bikinis are there just to put emphasis on your perfect body. 

  1. I’m feeling really pale

Well, this is what happens when you’ve not been in the sun for quite a while. Don’t worry, don’t fret. Just put on some sunblock and you’ll be fine. Actually, feeling sunburned is the only feeling worse than a pasty feeling. 

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