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All You Need To Know About Lingerie

All You Need To Know About Lingerie

When you look at all these fashion magazines, it easy to notice lingerie as one of the focal points. This makes sense as all women like to feel sexy and desirable so what better way to accomplish this than by wearing something that is fashionable and alluring. 

Lingerie has been used as a fashion statement for quite a while. But, it is much more important for couples due to its provocative nature helping them bring a spark to their love life. If you're a long relationship and nothing seems to help, you might as well try out some new lingerie that will bring up the best in your partner. The products are made from various materials such as silk, chiffon, Lycra, satin, lace and so on. 


As you can notice, these materials are really smooth and feel nice on touch which is why both men and women love them so much. Most of these fabrics are made from natural ingredients such as silk or cotton but also polyester and nylon are used. Besides its attractive nature, the item is great for sleeping.

History of lingerie

The word lingerie comes from the French language. It basically means undergarments but it has a specific purpose. You see, it is primarily used to describe light, smooth products used by women. It is a perfect combination of style and material that all women can appreciate. Furthermore, lingerie feels really nice when worn giving you more freedom than some other fashion pieces.

The French people used word linge which signifies linen. It is an old word that still lives today through this item. The same phrase is used by English people for underwear so there is that connection. It was used for the first time in 1922 for underwear and bras. Keep in mind that lingerie also changed a lot over time; something that was primarily a female item is now also being produced for men. Of course, the same rules apply for both sexes when it comes to appeal and comfort. In fact, more and more women prefer when their men go for items such as this.

Although this term was used in the early 20th century, the concept has existed for much longer. In fact, visually attractive underwear was first introduced during the 19th century. Before that, underwear was mostly a functional item. We owe this product to Lady Duff-Gordon. Her main goal was not necessarily creating an alluring product but instead helping women get out of corsets that were really uncomfortable. This was an item synonymous with oppression and because of that, it had to go. Prior to the introduction of lingerie, there were 2 main reasons for wearing underwear. Things such as corsets were used to alter the person’s figure. Besides that, underwear was also used for hygienic purposes. As already mentioned, the first pieces were really big and clunky which is why the general population accepted lingerie so quickly.

Even before lingerie became widespread, companies and entrepreneurs were working on the reduction of corsets. Ultimately, this item was replaced by the brassiere during the 20th century. We have Mary Phelps Jacob to thank for this invention. Another big step forward occurred during the First World War. As more and more women started working in factories instead of men, they weren’t able to wear traditional female clothing. Instead, they started wearing products that allowed them more freedom and flexibility.

Another important change came in 1935. During this year, brassieres were significantly improved by adding cups to them. This small change affected the appearance of breasts within making them look much larger. The trend continued with the underwire bras. At this moment in time, a small waist was still fashionable. Because of that, girdles were introduced. The fashion of that time made female breast and hips look big while waist size was downplayed. 

The great thing about these products is the fact that companies were now able to charge more money for items that involved less material and an easier production process. Furthermore, due to its nature, you could experiment much more with it and thus charge it more. It was a really fashionable item that allowed the designers full creativity. 

The 1960s

Fashion experienced another evolution during the 1960s. Europe and the US became even more liberal in terms of how a woman is perceived. For the first time in history, they were able to choose any type of outfit and appearance. However, a certain body trend still existed: small hips and breast paired with an overall thin appearance were the norms. Everything changed in 1965 when it became acceptable for women to look any way they want. Curves were no longer a norm. Instead, the female rights were at the forefront and companies started paying more attention to what women actually want.

As the slim trend continued, underwear adapted to the change. The products became increasingly smaller in order to fit this new popular appearance. Lingerie became even more glamorous and due to a global impact, it started getting more innovative and diversified.

Popular brands

Over time lingerie became so popular and important for the fashion industry that companies were forced, whether they like it or not, to add them to their assortment. Still, specialized brands such as Victoria’s Secret managed to build themselves up by selling these items. Needless to say, the companies that quickly adopted this trend and in particular specialized in it, got a dominant position on the market. In fact, some of them are still present and making hefty revenues.

There are two main aspects to lingerie: material being used and the comfort they provide. Companies always tried to adapt to this fact and with the advancement of technology, new fabrics were introduced that would change the face of the industry forever. For example, laser-cut bras became an overnight sensation. But it is no longer enough for a material to be comfortable; it also needs to look extravagant. Lingerie has become a fashion statement and even a status symbol. As a result, we see more and more items geared towards rich customers.

Today, the global market is worth around $43 billion. This is a steep increased compared to just 10 years ago. There are lots of brands vying for a piece of this cake. While certain companies are dominant on their home continent, there are also popular global brands recognizable all over the world. Like with all other industries, the lingerie market has become increasingly online-based. Today, you can get your favorite brand delivered to your home address no matter where you live.

Lingerie industry stands for much more than simply wardrobe nowadays. The companies are trying to sell products while helping women feel good in their body. This can be seen through various marketing campaigns where comfort is slowly placed ahead of luxury and appearance. It is a type of empowerment movement where females play a major role in shaping the face of the product.

Types of lingerie

The greatest thing about lingerie is that it allows companies to experiment a lot. Due to its long existence, various industrial innovations as well as a change in fashion, there are various types of the product you can purchase:

  • Babydoll – Type of a nightgown. It is much shorter than your standard products and usually goes with panties. They are not a perfect fit; almost any woman can wear the item regardless of their waist size
  • Basque – Special type of a bodice or coat
  • Bloomers – This type of product is rather short usually ending around or above the knee area. Bloomers are baggy and are no longer regarded as a popular item on the market
  • Bodystocking – Person is able to wear this item over the torso. It is a unique unitard
  • Bodice – Bodice is a product that goes from waist to neck area. It is usually cut in front and relies on various laces. Some products use steel for additional breast support
  • Brassiere – This is a second term for a bra. As you probably know, the bra provides support for breasts
  • Bustier – With this item, you’re able to shape your breast and waist. It adapts to any type of a body
  • Camisole – Another item that is dominantly used for the upper areas, it relies on light materials for support
  • Chemise – This is one-piece underwear akin to babydoll products. With the product, the emphasis is on the waist
  • Corset – A very seductive product, it is worn around torso. In essence, it is a type of bodice
  • Corselet – It represents a combination of girdle and brassiere
  • Thong – Extremely popular type of underwear, it relies on a small string for connecting lateral and behind area while it has more material upfront.
  • Girdle – This product is used as a foundation. It goes from the waist to the upper thigh and is very similar to shorts.
  • Negligee – Negligee is a gown that goes to floor length. Sometimes, it will extend down to knees
  • Nightgown – it is a general term of nightwear and it includes all the previously mentioned products of this type
  • Nightshirt – Same as the nightgown but is instead a shirt. It is usually much more comfortable and softer allowing a person to sleep tight
  • Petticoat – Today, you can’t find many petticoats. They were popular from the 16th to the 20th century and were used as an underskirt. Nowadays, they are more of a fetish item or worn by certain subcultures
  • Pettipants – Similar to petticoats, this is a product worn by dancers, actors or anyone else who wants to recreate historical events. They are not popular among the general population
  • Tap pants – A special type of shorts that relies on materials such as satin or silk
  • Teddy – Type of a dress that is very similar to a one-piece swimsuit. It doesn’t have sleeves or straps
  • Undergarment – A term that is used to describe underwear

While there are lots of lingerie products out there, companies try all the time to reinvent themselves or put a spin on traditional items. The greatest thing about these fashion products is that it allows people to be creative without having to deal with stereotypes.

Everything is allowed!

When you look at all these fashion magazines, it easy to notice lingerie as one of the focal points. This makes sense as all women like to feel sexy and desirable so what better way to accomplish this than by wearing something that is fashionable and alluring.

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