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5 Hot Costumes To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Hot Costumes To Spice Up Your Sex Life

No matter how much you love your partner, sometimes you need an extra boost in the bedroom. Sex life tends to get boring if you’re in a marriage or a long relationship so its best if you freshen things up from time to time. You can do just that with these incredibly sexy costumes.

sexy maid costume

Costumes were around for a long time, allowing us to role-play, pretend and generally, have fun. If you love fantasizing, you will definitely love some of these popular outfits. No matter how you feel about them, it is definitely true they keep things interesting.

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  1. Sexy Nurse

When we mention role-playing, most men will think of nurses. Regardless of your background or how you perceive yourself, every now and then, you will feel unprotected and weak. This is true for both men and women. In the end, we are all defenseless in certain situations and no matter how strong we are, we all need assistance in times of crisis.

Nurses remind us of someone who can give us that respite, relief and heal our wounds. No matter what your husband or boyfriend may say, he needs help occasionally. Men tend to shoulder a big emotional burden; a burden they cannot share even with their closest ones. They need a release valve that can come in a form of role-playing and in particular, nurse outfits. 

In that sense, the nurse outfit is not only provocative, sexy, but it helps men feel protected and “nursed”. They are just big softies at the end of the day! These products come in different variants; most of them are revolving around provocative nurse hats and white outfits. Sometimes, the red color will be used to signify passion. Nevertheless, they are usually very revealing with lots of focus on bra and panties area.

  1. Playboy Bunny Costume

Playboy bunny costumes have completely different symbolism compared to nurse outfits.

While there is some naiveté with nurse outfits, playboy bunnies help men feel powerful. No matter what they do or say, most men regard Hugh Hefner as an icon. He was a person who managed to revolutionize the world thus becoming one of the biggest playboys in the history of the world (no pun intended!). No matter how women may perceive his legacy, it is a power-trip that matters. So as long as it works, it is permitted. 

Men also fantasize about that power and the ability to sleep with any woman they want. Playboy bunny costume allows them to become Hugh Hefner for a day. But instead of chasing other women, you will be there to fulfill that fantasy. Suddenly, you will transform into this sex symbol making you more luscious than ever. On the other hand, your man will feel at the top of the world as he knows that you love him, want him and are prepared to do anything to meet his wishes.

The attire is usually a onesie with big fluffy ears. There are also some elegant elements such as the bow. At the same time, it is both revealing and leaves some space for imagination. In most cases, it will have fluffy bunny-like elements. 

  1. Catwoman Costume

Although superheroes were always popular, they became a global phenomenon in the last few decades. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve probably fantasized about having sex with a person who has incredible powers. Now, you have the chance to do just that!

One of the most popular hero costumes of all times is Catwoman. 

Known for her connection to Batman, Catwoman embodies everything that a woman should be: elegant, agile, nimble, but also strong and cunning. Even though most men like to be dominant (or to at least behave that way) they also would like to have a capable and resourceful partner. Some of them also like the thrill and the danger which adds to adrenaline rush during sex. This is where the Catwoman costume comes into play as your future best friend.

When you purchase this outfit, you will suddenly transform into a dangerous, seductive feline. Most of these outfits are made of leather which adds to the overall appearance and sexiness. Because of that, Catwoman is also one of the more popular uniforms among leather lovers. When you put it on, your every curve will look smooth and perfect. Also, this costume usually comes in black color which adds to the mystique and danger.

  1. Maid Outfit

Maid outfit is a very provocative piece of clothing that you should try at least once during your life. It might seem a bit hokey to you but it definitely provides results in bed. 

The focal point of this apparel is the skirt. It is very flamboyant and reveals most of the legs. It almost always goes with an apron. Some of the outfits will have covered shoulders while some of them will completely revealing. Ribbons are also a common part of the outfit and they can be placed on top of a headband, around shoulders or neck. The corset is another sexy element that reveals breasts making you that much more desirable. It always comes in a black and white color combination. It also comes with other accessories.

Maid outfit drew inspiration from 19th-century French maidservant dresses. Over time, this type of clothing was used for in burlesque dramas, soubrettes and bedroom farces. In a way, it became woven in the culture so it was only a matter of time until companies started producing role-playing outfits. The point of the whole roleplay is for a woman to be a servant and fulfill her man's every desire. But we shouldn't neglect the fact that this is a very provocative outfit; even if there weren't for a mental aspect, it would still work just fine.

If you’re looking for something that is both fun and sexy, you should definitely consider the maid outfit. Men simply love them as they are provocative, revealing but also very stylish. Furthermore, they are ideal items for all those who love servant-master roleplaying fetish and are not afraid to give themselves in.

  1. Jessica Rabbit Costume

There are a lot of young people who don’t even know who Jessica Rabbit is. But for all those who watched “Who Framed Roget Rabbit?” remember this character well. It is an oldie but goldie! 

Although the character has somewhat fizzled over time, what we have left is her amazing red dress. The cartoon character Jessica wore a long red dress that revealed one of her legs. The costume had revealed shoulders with long, separate sleeves. Although it was a cartoon character, it quickly became a sex symbol. Over time, the dress remained and it still symbolizes passion and sexiness.

Unlike most other outfits on the list, there isn’t some deep symbolism to Jessica Rabbit costume. It is simply a sexy dress that fits most women. Like most other costumes on the list, it uses a red color of passion to bring the best out of you. One interesting detail is that this item relies on high-heels which provides another fetish. Still, we bet that your partner will appreciate it nevertheless.

Last thoughts

People who never tried sexy costumes don’t know what they’re missing.

These amazing pieces are so inviting, so sexy and yet, they bring something new and fun to your bedroom. If you’re bored with your daily routine and want to do something a little bit different, why don’t you purchase one of these awesome products online?

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