High-waisted Bikini: Why You Should Buy Them

When we talk about throwback bikinis, it is hard not to mention high-waisted bikini. This piece reminds of the 50s and 60s when ladies were forced to dress up a bit more conservatively. Although most of us prefer going with modern designs and patterns, there are still a lot of women who love this pinup style.

As the name implies, this swimwear thoroughly covers your waist going well above it. Your hips will be a bit exposed together with the belly but that is pretty much that. The design is pretty specific but not unappealing. It can be worn regardless of age and weight and it looks well on all the ladies.

high-waisted bikini

Who should wear high-waisted bikinis?

Like most other fashion pieces, high-waisted is pretty specific and it will not sit well with anyone.

While it is a swimsuit and as such, its main priority is to allow you to feel comfortable while on the beach, it is also meant to cover some flaws. Given that it has a high-waist; it is ideal for women with bigger hips there are some other usages.

The bikini can cover a lot of flaws. For example, it goes over your tummy which partially helps you hide it. High-waisted has an interesting appearance and it sometimes feels like a one-piece. It all depends on a particular model. Furthermore, this product can be good for hiding your bottom or making bigger/slimmer.

These bikinis are highly dependable in color. Certain darker nuances can help cover a lot of deficiencies such as smaller breasts and such. Ideally, you should experiment with several models before deciding which one to take.

In terms of straps, it can either be strapless or with straps; it all depends. If you want to focus on getting a perfect tan, we recommend that you go with strapless as you can easily remove the top while on your belly and completely tan your back.

Lastly, we need to mention that this swimsuit is pretty amazing as there will never be wardrobe malfunctions; you won’t have to fix it while at the beach whether we’re talking about bottom or top.

What are the drawbacks?

While its specific design can work in your favor, it can also be troublesome.

First of all, it can be a bit burdensome to some ladies. If you have amazing curves, you would much rather rock a standard bikini or even one-piece. Due to its design, this swimsuit can be a bit deceiving which isn’t always a benefit.

It is also much harder to get a tan while wearing it. While there is some leeway when it comes to removing the top, the bottom will present issues no matter what. Lastly, some of the models may be hard to pair with different tops or bottoms.

Final words

If you’re looking for some specific designs, you might want to consider visiting our online shop. We have some magnificent pieces and you will likely find a product for the upcoming summer.

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