High Neck Bikini: Definition, Pros and Cons

When we talk about bikinis, we usually have a certain image engraved in our mind: small, skimpy swimsuits that are meant to show our curves and give us minimum coverage with maximum freedom.

While this definition is as close as it gets, the bikini industry has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, there are lots of different items that are regarded as bikinis and most of them, will look amazing on you.

One of the products that are rarely mentioned is the high neck bikini.

high neck bikini

So, why would you care about them? What makes them so special?

What is a high neck bikini?

As the name implies, high neck bikini is a bikini that provides extra coverage that goes up to your neck. Instead of your regular top, you will have a bra that goes all the way up. Of course, like most other swimsuits, it is connected at the nape.

High neck bikinis are a real antithesis of bikinis; while their lower areas are the same, its upper parts are really intriguing. Now, we cannot say whether or not they’re good. In the end, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Still, this fashion trend is really popular and provides something different and unique.

What makes this bikini stand out?

You can easily notice high neck bikini due to its specific appearance.

It can be great for certain body types and especially for women with larger hips. It helps improve the upper area making it look much larger than it actually is. With it, your shoulders will look a tad bit bigger creating a visual illusion of hourglass body figure.

This type of bikini can also serve women with smaller breasts especially if you opt for a darker color. It creates an optical illusion and it is really hard to distinguish breasts from the rest of the torso. However, these pieces can also be functional. They provide much more support and thus, they are great for summer activities at the beach.

What are the drawbacks?

Generally speaking, the main drawbacks of this product lie in its appearance.

For some women, this design will be totally unacceptable. Again, it all depends on taste. Standard bikinis provide much more symmetry as the bottom part is similar to the top in terms of fabric being used. With high neck bikinis, it might look as if the upper area is too covered.

When it comes to patterns and color choices, it all depends from product to product. If you want to combine a high neck bikini top with a random bottom, it will be very hard as the top will be too dominant compared to the smaller bottom. This is especially true if the top has an intricate pattern on it.

Anyway, if you’re interested in some premium bikinis, make sure to check our shop. We focus on micro bikinis but we are sure you will find an item that will suit your needs and wants!

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