High Cut Bikinis: Why Are They So Sexy?

At one point, high cut bikinis were one of the most popular items in the world.

Their popularity went hand-in-hand with “Baywatch” popularity when all these attractive ladies wore incredible high cut one-pieces. Over time, demand for high cut bikinis has declined a bit but still, they are more than common on beaches all over the world.

So, why is this particular item so specific? What makes it stand out? We will reveal in this article so make sure to stick around!

high cut bikini

Benefits of the high cut

What is high cut? It is a bikini which has straps that are position above the waist. Unlike regular bikinis that have straps at the same level as a bikini bottom, with a high cut, your straps go significantly higher.

Some women think that these bikinis are all about design and appearance. This cannot be farther from the truth. The high cut is meant to emphasize your thigh area and “love handles”. The product is especially great for women with wide thighs and narrow waist as it puts emphasis on your hourglass figure. Unlike regular bikinis who “cut” your thighs, this product completely shows them allowing you to showcase this area.

It also looks nice on its own. The high cut is really unique and innovative. Unlike some other bikinis types where you have to look for differences, you can quickly tell that something is a high cut.

As already mentioned, this bikini is ideal for women with emphasized hips. On the other hand, it will not work for those who are flat. If your hips and waist are the same, it is much better to completely avoid this product as it can put emphasis on some bad traits.

In terms of tops, you can choose between different options. “High cut” part refers only to the straps so there are lots of combinations that go with this item. For example, your bikini can have a thong, it can have straps on top, it can be a bandeau, extreme and so on.

Where to buy them?

A lot of women still like to try their clothes in stores. It is a great experience and we won’t blame you for doing so as well. However, you should also consider online shopping.

Nowadays, there are lots of great bikinis stores where you can get just the right number, color, and pattern. You don’t even have to get out of your home! If there are any issues with the product, or if you have trouble pulling it off, there is always an option of returning the item to the store.

For example, our online shop has lots of high cut bikinis. Still, they are also usually extreme bikinis meaning they will show more skin than your regular items. We have amazing store policies and even if you have issues with your product, we will be more than willing to help you out. In case you have any questions prior to buying a high cut, make sure to contact us directly!

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