G-string Bikini: How They Impact Modern Bikinis

It’s interesting that most people cannot tell the difference between a G-string and a thong.

While thong refers to a specific type of panties which are worn by women, G-string refers only to a small part of these panties (string to be precise) and it can be worn by both women and men. Basically, G-string belongs to a thong subcategory and in terms of material, it is much smaller.

g-string bikini

When this is applied on bikinis, you can easily tell that G-string bikinis are actually bikinis that have this specific trait.

What is considered a G-string?

In a nutshell, everything with a G-string can be called a G-string bikini. However, there are lots of variations to this. For example, you can have a triangle G-string bikini. Given that G-string is just a small part of a bikini, there is a much higher chance that a product will be called by a different name.

This is actually good news for a person as it allows you to look for a specific type of a product and after that, focus on particular items with a G-string.

Why are G-string bikinis so great?

It is really simple: you either like G-string or you don’t. There are no two ways about it.

These products are really specific, they are sexy and if you have a nice booty, they will be a perfect choice for you. While these bikinis are mostly focused on women, it is no longer uncommon for men to wear them.

G-string is really provocative and helps women with a nice curve. Besides that, it is much better for getting tan as a bigger part of your booty will be exposed to the sunlight. We also have to consider the fact that unlike your regular panties, G-string will not get fall into specific places as it is already there. This means you won’t have to fix your panties all the time while in public.

What are the drawbacks?

Even though these bikinis are common nowadays and generally accepted, people may still frown upon you as you walk down the promenade. You won’t be able to go around them but instead, you will always need a scarf or something else to cover yourself up.

The same way these bikinis help women with nice curves, they do a major disservice to those without them. But that shouldn’t stop you as in the end, we all choose how we will feel wearing a piece of clothing.

Last thing to note

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