What is Fringe Bikini and How to Wear It?

Bikini industry is growing with each year. While these pieces are primarily meant to be functional, women usually buy them for their design. Oftentimes, they will even forego products that make them look good simply so they can buy items that they like.

This is one of the reasons why fringe bikinis are becoming so popular.

Fringes on clothes have been around since for a long time. They were especially popular during the 60s and 70s and like most other fashion items, they have experienced a resurgence as of late. One of the latest innovations are fringes on bikinis and swimsuits.

fringe bikini

So, what makes these products so great? Why should I care? Read on to learn more about it!

The main issue with bikinis and swimsuits

You wouldn’t believe the percentage of young people that hooks up during their vacation. Sun, beaches, water; all of these factors help us relax. Unfortunately, while we try to look our best, there are certain things that can quickly demolish our self-confidence. One of these things is our appearance.

There is no place to hide when you’re wearing a bikini or skimpy clothes. Even though you will always try to buy products that fit your body type, certain flaws might stand out like a sore thumb. The worst case scenario is if you find it out mid-vacation. You can’t go back and it might be too late to get a new bikini. This is why planning is so important and also, it is the main reason why fringe bikinis are so awesome.

The crucial benefit of fringe bikinis

Of course, when buying a fringe bikini, most women are focused on their design. Some of us simply love fringe items and will buy them no matter what. But there is a big benefit to fringe bikinis in particular.

They cover a lot!

Even though you might not realize this at first, fringes can easily cover a certain part of the body that we feel insecure with. The best example is the belly area. Besides that, some models cover thighs and areas of the booty which makes them both protective and provocative.

Again, it all depends on the model as there are lots of different variations to the theme.

Another thing you should consider is the variety of models. Even if fringes don’t cover your flaws, a wide variety of pieces allow you to always find something that will suit your body type. In general, “fringe bikini” or “fringe swimsuit” refers to all sorts of different products which were improved by adding fringes. This can include various types of outfits such as bandeau bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, extreme bikinis and so on.

All traits of the basic piece will remain while you will also get fringes on top of it.

Suitable for going out

Unlike the majority of bikinis and swimsuits in general, fringe bikinis are usually much more acceptable outside of the beach. The main reason for this is the excess of material which will cover almost all parts of your body. So, as soon as you finish with the beach, there shouldn’t be any issue going to a club or a restaurant. Of course, that doesn’t mean they will accept you anywhere but it dramatically increases your odds.

In other words, this will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to walk back home and change. This is especially useful for ladies who are visiting islands and renting a car. If you’re going from place to place, change of clothes is the last thing you’re concerned with. At the same time, you need that freedom to move around and do what you want.

Potential drawback

On paper, fringe bikinis look ideal. However, like everything else in life, there are certain issues to them.

For example, they are much more restrictive than your regular bikinis. Lots of women put freedom (and especially freedom of movement) above everything else. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a fringe bikini will impair you in any way but, if you’re not used to this style, you might have some trouble getting used to it.

They are especially troublesome for women who love to swim. Fringes can be quite annoying and prevent you from enjoying yourself to the max. They might also interfere with some other beach and water activities so in that regard, they might not be ideal for ladies who love to do all sorts of stuff during the day.

Last thoughts

No matter what, we believe that you should at least try these amazing swimsuits. They have some amazing traits but also drawbacks. Regardless, they are still quite rare which means you will have a unique look when on a beach. They can also be very stylish!

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