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Extreme Bikinis: 8 Super Hot Styles You’ll Adore

Extreme Bikinis: 8 Super Hot Styles You’ll Adore

A pair of bikini swimwear has always been every woman’s summer staple. Picking up one that superbly suits your style is almost effortless; considering the vast options that you have out there!

Well, if you are currently in this article, you are probably searching for more ways to step up your game. Extreme bikinis have come into fashion as early as the 70s but fast-forward to today, they have become a swimwear piece that tons of A-listers flaunt on social media. If you are ready to hop onto this extremely sexy trend, then you have to check out these styles that you would absolutely love to try for yourself.

What is extreme bikini?

As to what the term suggests, the designs it comes with will be more of the risky and unconventional type. Expect it to be extremely revealing – with the item itself featuring very small pieces of fabric to cover certain body parts. To slip yourself into one will take a chunk of confidence and a lot of getting used to. However, it’s an empowering piece that lets you explore more adventurous swimwear ideas.

If you were somehow already exposed to micro bikinis and monokinis, getting it up a notch with extreme beachwear would be a lot easier. In this article, we are going to guide you to super trendy styles that you should try this season. Needless to say, if you're too shy or introvert, perhaps these swimsuits are not ideal for you. 

Scrunch Bikini Bottom

Let your booty do its thing with a gorgeous scrunch bikini bottom! This extreme swimwear style features a cheeky Brazilian cut that has a ruched butt design on the back fabric.

This ruched style, also known as ‘scrunch’, is a series of ruffled pleats that add style to the center area of the bottom. This area at the back fabric extends from around 10cm to 12cm at its widest. As for its front design, this usually has a very low cut right below the pelvic area – perfect for those who are huge fans of the classic cheeky Brazilian!

Why try it? The scrunch gives the illusion of a more curved bottom so this extreme micro style is perfect for those who have flatter bottoms. It also complements a ruffled top if you’re looking for that ‘sassy girl’ vibe!

Black Leather Thong Bikini with Super Slim Strings

There’s something really sexy and sophisticated in black leather pieces, don’t you agree? Black leather jackets are pretty badass, black leather dresses are totally hot and black leather bikinis are undoubtedly seductive! Well, black leather pieces are pretty seductive on their own, so can you even imagine how a thong design with spaghetti-slim strings can amplify that classic piece to a whole new level?

This style is extreme in a way that it will mostly bare your butt cheeks. The fabric is significantly diminished so you can expect very little coverage on the front area. These tiny fabrics will only have very slim strings to hold the pieces all together. As for the top, you will get enough support for your breasts but it will definitely show your cleavage and side boob on a very noticeable scale.

Why try it? It’s adventurous but it’s not as insanely revealing. You also get good support from the strings since leather is a very strong material. If you are blessed with plus-size curves, then this is the extreme bikini style you definitely need! However, we still recommend that you don't buy it before trying out; the material can be really tricky and it doesn't fit everyone. 

Sling Cross Monokini

Let everyone’s eyes burn when you flaunt this blazingly risqué piece at a private pool or beach party. This one is a total head turner so if you are tired of the usual micro bikinis, then this sling cross monokini will totally get you ahead of the game. It basically consists of 80% strings and 20% band straps. It's entire back only involves strings that hold the front band strips across the bust area and the pelvic area. Think of it as a halter top that goes down to the torso to form a ‘cross’ design – it’s mind-blowingly sexy beyond words!

Why try it? It is unique in every way and it’s not easy to purchase this either! With that mentioned, you will absolutely stand out from the crowd with lesser worries of having someone wearing a similar piece. It usually comes in an opaque fabric but if you are feeling more adventurous, go for a comfy mesh material.

See-through Fishnet Micro Bikini

Care to give everyone a peek? You will have everybody guessing as their eyes ogle in amazement over your see-through fishnet micro bikini. It’s almost futile to describe this in words because the name is enough to describe itself. It is basically a piece that ‘uncovers’ you in style; with its only tiny triangle fabrics covering you being a see-through fishnet design. Some designs of this kind are also accessorized with beads on the hip strings. You may try it if you want to add a more Boho feel to your sexy look.

Why try it? This is probably the most daring piece in our list of extreme styles and it’s definitely something daredevils should try at least once in their lives! It has its own charm and if you get your hands on a top-quality fishnet micro bikini, you will surely find yourself wearing it over and over again.

Mesh Slingshot Bikini

If you are already familiar with the slingshot, then this one is practically the same thing. The only difference is that this extreme bikini design is made of mesh; giving your entire swimwear a see-through look. This features a very low cut front and a very small triangle mesh fabric at the back. It also comes with an easy-to-tie halter fabric which you can personally customize into different styles like criss-cross or asymmetric. This style will mostly reveal your entire body so it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Why try it? This piece is perfect for all body types. Whether you have a small frame or a big frame, its mesh material makes it very flexible. It’s swimwear that doesn’t worry you about the right size! It might also be a good solution for women who are prone to changing their weight often or those who are intent on losing weight. 

Mini Strapless Band Top Bikini

The idea of the mini strapless band beachwear is pretty much similar to the sling cross monokini. The only difference is that this one includes two pieces, a strapless bandage tube top, and a G-string bottom. The top only goes right across the middle of the breasts covering the nipples, which uncovers both the cleavage and underboobs.

Why try it? Strapless tube tops will always be a timeless fashion piece. This extreme bikini design is very easy to mix and match with other bottoms as well as regular outfits. In addition, it also gives you a solid fit due to its stretchy material and bandage design. It’ll be perfect for women that have bigger cups and don't mind showing their attributes. 

Extreme Cut Neon Bottom

Let’s just talk about bikini bottoms this time. We have heard of thongs and G-strings and we can already categorize them as ’extreme’. However, if you want something more stylish (but still gorgeously revealing), then you have to check out neon-colored items bottoms with extreme cuts. This comes in different varieties. One of the most common cut designs involves asymmetrical strings that go across the lower pelvic area while donning a mini T-back.

Why try it? It reveals more of your beauty down there and what better way to draw attention to it than to have bright neon strings artistically grazing over your skin? It’s perfect if you want to wear a conservative top and pull off a daring move for your bikini bottom.

Crocheted Underboob Bikini

We have seen stars like Hailey Baldwin, Margot Robbie, and Alessandra Ambrosio flaunt crocheted pieces in front of the paparazzi and we can’t help but dream about it! Well, you can take it to a whole new level by trying crocheted extreme pieces. This one specifically reveals a significant portion of your underboobs while having slim strings to hold the bikini at the middle (revealing the cleavage). This one comes in many beautiful color combinations that will surely fit your personal preference!

Why try it? This one is more wearable compared to the rest of the products on our list. It’s skimpy but still gives enough coverage for you to freely visit your favorite public beach.

Why should you add a pair of extreme micro bikini to your beach must-haves

“That’s just too much for an ordinary girl like me!” – that is probably a statement that initially pops into your head when you see super micro designs. Well, it is true that extreme bikinis are not everyone’s cup of tea. It is excessively daring and most of their kinds are not suitable for many public beaches.

However, if you are a true beach-lover who constantly looks for more exciting adventures, getting at least one ultra micro swimsuit for yourself should liberate you. You will need loads of confidence to be able to freely flaunt the extreme swimwear of your choice!

True enough, these products can teach you how to fully embrace your body shape. Wearing a piece that promotes body positivity is an empowering feeling for all women, after all!

A pair of bikini swimwear has always been every woman’s summer staple. Picking up one that superbly suits your style is almost effortless; considering the vast options that you have out there!

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