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16 Erotic Clothing & Outfits That Will Change Your Sex Life Around

16 Erotic Clothing & Outfits That Will Change Your Sex Life Around

Some women often think that sexy items are only for those who are having marital issues. But this cannot be farther from the truth. Anyone can wear these awesome items as there is a no better way to improve your sex life. We all have our own little fantasies and it good to act upon them.

Furthermore, there is no shame in exploring your sexuality. It is something that we should all do from time to time as it will help us have a better, healthier and more fulfilled life.

erotic outfit clothing

Check some of the most popular clothing and outfits that will help you in bed!

  • Stockings

Every girl has several stockings in her wardrobe. In fact, these items have become so common that most women don’t even regard them as sexy anymore. But this is a big mistake! While they are not ideal for wearing in bed as it is really susceptible to damage, that doesn’t mean you should turn your back to it. Stocking is really elastic, transparent and you also have lots of options in terms of design and looks. This means you can find just the right item that will be according to your partner’s wishes and desires.

  • Pantyhose

This item is usually made from nylon. It is similar to stocking in a sense that it covers your legs. However, pantyhose goes a bit farther up covering your nether areas as well. They are renowned for their attractive appearance they give to women. At the same time, they can serve for reducing panty lines. Lastly, you can use pantyhose to cover any pimples or bruises you might have on your legs. Keep in mind that pantyhose is a bit rarer compared to stocking and most women will prefer stockings for sex games. Still, you might find out that pantyhose can be much more comfortable. That way, you can combine comfort with sexiness.

  • Garter belt

The garter belt is one of the best examples of sexy clothing and if you want to treat your man to something special, we suggest you buy one. Keep in mind that garter belts are more expensive than most of the stuff on this list. They also involve much more material and are harder to create. Still, the materials being used are usually of the highest quality so not only will you be able to put on a show but will feel fine doing it. The garter belt is a belt that goes around your waist and is meant to keep stocking in place. It is usually sold in a set with a bra or something similar that goes on your breast. We strongly recommend you try one!

  • Negligee

Negligee is a French word that translates to neglected. However, once you put it on, there is no chance you will ever be neglected again! Negligee is a nightgown that is exclusive for bedroom. It is see-through and very provocative. In that sense, it is both revealing and it also gives a lot of room for imagination. You can wear negligee every night as it makes you feel much warmer. But, we suggest that you wear it only on special occasions as you want to make your man feel special. Like most other products on this list, negligees are made from extreme quality materials that will make you feel nice and comfortable at all times.

  • Thigh-high socks

As the name implies, high socks are socks that go very high. In a way, they are both similar and dissimilar to stockings. They are covering the same area of the body but they cannot compare in terms of appearance and materials used. Thigh-high socks are very sturdy so there is a low chance you will actually rip them. This makes the product much more economic. You won’t have to worry about getting a new pair every week or so. But, thigh-high socks also have their advantages in terms of seductive potential. They are great for cosplay as they can easily be combined with some other pieces of clothing. This would provide an amazing spice for all the couples who are getting bored with their love life.

  • Thigh highs

Thigh highs are a combination of thigh high socks and stockings. The same materials are used as with stockings but in terms of design and length, they are the same as thigh high socks. So, what are the advantages of these socks? Keep in mind that this product is primarily used for sexy games. That being said, it combined the best of both worlds. It is provocative like stocking and at the same time, it isn’t too burdensome. The material is much easier, silkier and if you’re looking for a perfect leg piece, we would recommend this one.

  • Hosiery

Hosiery is another alternative to sexy leg garments. It is worn directly on your leg or feet without anything else. An interesting thing about this product is that it is tightly knitted. In fact, if we check the historical records it seems that hosiery is the oldest item on our list. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used it as a way of covering and warming their lower sections. It wasn’t exclusive to women until recently when it was transformed and people started using it as a sexy piece of clothing.

  • Garters

While the garter belt refers to a bigger clothing item, the garter is just a piece of it. Garters are placed at the top of the stockings and are the focal piece of garter belt (although one of the smallest ones). Garters are very common during weddings, so sooner than later, you will likely wear it even if that’s for a day. Garters are made from lace and have a bit different texture compared to the rest of the stockings. Keep in mind that you don’t need straps to keep it on; still, straps provide some additional security so that it doesn’t fall off. Stockings with garters can be worn separately without having to buy the whole garter belt.

  • Fishnets

Fishnets are probably the most descriptive item on the list. As the name implies, this product creates the appearance of a fishnet. These are stockings which are not “complete” but instead, there is a lot of skin showing through these nets. Fishnets do not cover your whole lets; it is simply a woven fabric made to look like stockings and it is used as such. This is a variation to the common these and there are lots of men who prefer this design to your traditional stockings.

  • Sexy heels

We don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of men who have a foot fetish. Even without that, most of them love seeing a woman in heels. When it comes to bed games, one and the same rule always apply the higher, the better. This is why sexy, high heels are so popular. Have in mind that these heels don’t always have to be so high; some men are ok with them being a little lower. Still, it is a big part of their fantasy so you should consider getting a pair. They might be a bit uncomfortable to walk around but given that you will wear them within a limited space, you shouldn’t be too worried.

  • Fishnet bodysuits

Besides your regular fishnets for legs, there are also fishnets for the body. An interesting thing about these items is that they are increasingly mainstream and you see women wearing them in public. Initially, fishnet bodysuits were made for rave parties and other wild occasions. As it usually goes, not only did they become popular for parties but this item slowly moved to our bedrooms. The same principles apply for fishnet bodysuits as for regular fishnet stockings: these are items that show a lot of skin and the fishnet is more of an accessory than real clothing. They can be combined with other pieces which makes them even more awesome!

  • Wings

When mentioning fishnet bodysuits and all these other festival clothing, it is hard not to talk about wings. Now, we don’t have to explain to you what are wings. They are made from various materials, they can be really different from a product to a product and they take a lot of space. While this item is really clumsy (which is why it is ideal for open-air festivals, it can also be worn in bedrooms to an extent. They are great for foreplay and can really liven up the room. Just make sure that the room is big enough and that you won’t stumble into anything.

  • Lace panties

As you know, there are lots of different panties out there. Some of them are really intriguing and sexy while others are simply made for day-to-day wearing. Lace can turn any ordinary panties into a masterpiece which is why lace panties rank among the most provocative items out there. Regardless of their pattern or style, by simply adding lace to panties, you’re making them look much better. No matter what else you’re wearing, it is very important to have one of these provocative panties. Otherwise, all your previous effort will be for naught!

  • Edible underwear

Edible panties (and underwear in general) are one of the latest trends. Needless to say, these items are less than functional. Their main priority is to be used for sexy games and bed experimentation. Edible panties might not be the tastiest products ever but they are definitely sweet. They are made in various flavors so you can always fund a candy that is suitable to your particular taste. Now, when will you eat these panties is all up to you. We don’t have to tell you that men simply love sexy underwear and to some of them, this idea will be more than appealing.

  • Bondage tape and ropes

Bondage tape and ropes are a bit on the wild side. Although they are not necessarily clothing or outfit, they can be seen as one of the items used for the body during sex. Bondage tape is not for everyone; it is mainly for those who love a bit rougher sex and in particular bondage. It is a product that every master (or slave) should have in their collection. It gives you full control of the other person after which you can play with him (or her) as much as you want. These products may be a bit unorthodox but they are widely accepted by the general population nowadays.

  • Latex bodysuit

The latex bodysuit is the last item on our list. It is very similar to bondage tape in terms of its use. This bodysuit is specially made for couples who are into S&M. Even though this might not be your cup of tea, there are lots of couples who tried it once and they really liked it. Furthermore, not every item was made to be extreme; some of them are rather easygoing and not as restrictive or dark. There are lots of combinations you can choose from so there might be just the piece for you or for your partner.


If you are a conservative person, the very idea of buying a sexy outfit might be appalling to you. But even then, you have to admit that some of these products have amazing value. No matter how good your sex life is, you can always improve it. Worst case scenario, even if your husband doesn’t react to some of these pieces, you will still have new clothing that you can wear to bed. But, we are almost certain that your man will love them!

Some women often think that sexy items are only for those who are having marital issues. But this cannot be farther from the truth. Anyone can wear these awesome items as there is a no better way to improve your sex life. We all have our own little fantasies and it good to act upon them.

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