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Curvy Bikini: The Ideal Swimwear For Curvy Girls

Curvy Bikini: The Ideal Swimwear For Curvy Girls

If you’re looking for something amazing, we don’t have to tell you that bikinis should be at the top of your list. They are a symbol of everything we love: summer, beach, and guys. But not all bikinis are made the same; they can vary in their size, patterns, colors, style and so on.

One of the bikinis subtypes that experienced a huge explosion in the last 10 years is a curvy bikini. Now, don’t get it wrong. Curvy bikini doesn’t refer to curvy material or something like that. It refers to an item that was specially made for bigger girls.

curvy bikini

So, what makes it so special and how is it different from all the other bikinis?

Like with any other type of an outfit, it is crucial to know how to utilize your curvy bikini. Small mistakes can totally change your visual appearance, so make sure to avoid these potential issues from the get-go. 

Keep in mind that there is no reason why a curvy girl shouldn’t wear a bikini. In the end, make sure to wear the things that make you feel happy and confident.

Differences between curvy bikinis and other bikinis

First and foremost, there are not many differences between curvy and all other items. If we had to point out something, that is the fact there is much more material involved with curvy bikinis (as you could presume).

They are also a bit different in terms of appearance and patterns. Curvy bikinis usually have similar patterns as all other bikinis. However, there is not much experimenting with some other pieces. Instead, the patterns are much simpler. Due to their nature and size, bigger motifs would be really noticeable which isn’t ideal. While you can hide things on a smaller surface, bigger bikinis don’t give you the same option.

What types of curvy bikinis are out there?

Basically, you can buy any type of bikinis. Curvy bikinis are also referred to plus size bikinis so you can expect to have the same assortment of products. Even if you’re looking for some less common styles such as extreme bikinis, there shouldn’t be any trouble finding just the right item for you.

Keep in mind that curvy bikinis are not easily found like some other sizes of clothing. In some countries, you might have a hard time purchasing some of the larger sizes. In the western world, they are much more common while you might have issues finding them in some eastern countries. Then again, it all depends from country to country and from culture to culture.

Perhaps the best way of purchasing curvy bikinis is through online stores. This is much simpler and If you know your precise number, there shouldn’t be any issues finding just the right thing.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing online

There are a lot of shops that will not give you premium goods. Furthermore, even though it is 2019, there are still lots of scams. You might buy a product without receiving any guarantees and then when you get a faulty or inappropriate item, you will not be able to return it.

In order to make a smart purchase, it is best to find a provider that is reputable, has good grades and knows his stuff. Find an online shop where you will be prioritized and no matter what happens, you can rest assured that you will get your item without any risk.

5 Curvy bikini mistakes you MUST avoid at all cost

The biggest obstacle here is the fact that curvy bikinis are not always focused on plus size girls. Instead, companies often showcase them on girls that have ideal proportions.

With these small tips, you will be able to wear a curvy bikini like a pro. These are some of the small details that can help you out when shopping:

  1. When trying to find the right swimsuit bottoms, it is important to think about the size and width of the sides. A lot of curvy girls have wide hips and bottoms with really thin sides, which will sit under your hips and highlights any extra fat that you might be holding in that area. If they are tight and elastic, you will squeeze around that flimsy string. Instead, try a pair of thick sided bottoms. The extra coverage that bottoms give will really flatter your hips instead of squeezing out around them. If you like the low-rise bikini look bottoms, you can find them in various department stores. Most curvy women feel really confident when wearing them as they flatter hips and still properly show curves.
  1. When it comes to bikini tops, you will probably find a lot of triangle bikinis that all have the same basic structure. These can be a real nightmare for curvy girls because they don't offer much coverage, and they definitely aren't made with double D's in mind. The top will slide all over, and there's a 99% chance of underboob as soon as you lift a pinky. Swimsuit tops that have cuffs and extra fabric under the cups are a great solution to this problem. Not only do you eliminate the underboob, but you'll be much more secure. You can jump all over in a normal top and enjoy various summer activities. The bugger cups make you feel properly covered, and even though the fabric only adds an extra few inches of coverage, it makes a big difference.
  1. Flattering pairs of low-rise bikini bottoms do exist, but they can be hard to come by. That's because most low-rise bottoms really aren't designed for women with wide hips. By nature, they sit under your hips and don't work as well with the shape of a curvy figure. By all means, if you love low-rise bottoms, absolutely go for it. But if you've never been able to feel confident in such clothing, go ahead and try some high-waisted bikini bottoms. High-rise swimsuit bottoms are fantastic for a curvy figure. They fit around your hips and head up the smallest part of your waist, so they really accentuate that hourglass figure. Since high-waisted bottoms sometimes feel like a lot of fabric, it is much better to go for bottoms that have cutouts or detailing along the sides to draw more attention to hips and break up the fabric.
  1. Support is such an essential part of a bikini top for curvy girls, and flimsy string bikinis just aren't going to cut it. Think about it for a second; tiny strings are holding up a lot of weight on a curvy figure. In order to get some more support from a top, you have to tie it so tight that it's digging into the skin. Definitely not comfortable! Instead, go for bikini tops with thicker straps or ties. Thicker straps are going to distribute the weight of your chest along with a wider band so it'll be much more comfortable, and it will give you more support. But, you can also just keep a lookout for tops that still have that halter tie style but a thicker, more sturdy string.
  1. The last tip is also the most important one. Don’t let fear and insecurity keep you from enjoying the summer! Don’t stay in your beach cover-up all day just because you’re not comfortable in a swimsuit. It is totally ok not to be ready. However, you can still find conservative swimsuits that will provide more coverage and still rock your curves. Experiment with curvy bikinis that work for your figure instead of covering it up so you can hit the beach confidently. There are so many options for you to try! One-pieces, tankinis, swim dresses, so don’t hold yourself back!

There we go!

With these tips for curvy bikinis, you will be able to find just the thing that you need!

No matter what, take your time, check every option, and make a purchase that fits your figure. Of course, you can also check our online store for some ideas. We have lots of incredible, extreme bikinis, and we are certain there will be something suitable for your taste!

If you’re looking for something amazing, we don’t have to tell you that bikinis should be at the top of your list. They are a symbol of everything we love: summer, beach, and guys. But not all bikinis are made the same; they can vary in their size, patterns, colors, style and so on.

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