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Crochet Monokini: 4 Cases in Which to Avoid Them

Crochet Monokini: 4 Cases in Which to Avoid Them

So you might be thinking that a crochet monokini is awesome. To be honest, they actually are. However, the truth is that just like every other sexy bikini option out there, these monokinis aren’t the best for every situation.

A lot of people see this swimwear being worn on social media and decide to purchase them without giving a thought as regards what they’re actually buying and what they’re buying it for. Allure might just be the most important advantage that these monokinis have. As a matter of fact, when it comes to variations of bikinis, crochet monokinis are actually among the most beautiful and trendy. However, in some practical situations, these monokinis might not be the best to serve you. In the end, when it comes to swimwear, you would love to have much more than just an outfit that is trendy, right? 

To wit, here are a few scenarios where you might not get the best out of crochet monokinis:

If you’re looking to have a swim

This beachwear doesn’t do badly as regards getting a proper fit on most women, but if your plan to have a nice little dip in the water, then it might be better for you to get another skimpy bikini choice. Due to their material and fabric type, crochet monokinis tend to lose their secure fitting when submerged in water. A lot of tiny micro bikini manufacturers will actually let you know that this is not the right one to go for a swim with, but at least you know now, in the event that nobody remembers to point that out to you.

If you are going to the beach and you choose a crochet monokini, then it is best you stay ashore, pick up some rays, lounge a bit and just enjoy the sound of the waves as they crash here and there. They are very trendy, stylish and will attract the attention of everyone around. 

For swimming, though? It’s no Bueno. You might be able to dip yourself in water but that's practically that. 

If you want to spend the whole day at the beach

If you know anything about yarn (the material used when making this unit), then you probably know that it tends to change its size as it gets dry. However, if you’re a novice and you’ve never worn yarn before, then, know it now: the material shrinks as it loses moisture content. This can be really troublesome if you do decide to take a dip or even worse, swim in this outfit. 

Basically, this means that some parts of your body that your crochet monokini covered when you wore the monokini might not get as much coverage as you spend more time drying out in the sun as the day goes on. In the best case, you should simply go to your room once you're done swimming. 

However, this isn’t to say that you can’t buy one. It also doesn’t mean that there’s no solution. When you’re purchasing a crochet bikini, you can easily get one with a size a tad larger than you. This way, your body will still be sufficiently covered as you lounge in the sun.

Or, you could get one that’s your size and get under the shade while at the beach.

Problem solved.

If you want to get all active at the beach

Look, there’s a reason why the conventional products that you see around just don’t have holes in them. Crochet bikinis do, so that’s got to tell you something. The fact that they have holes means that they’re not really made for the intensive beach stuff; swimming, beach sports, chasing your partner up and down the coastline, none of that.

Whenever you put on a crochet monokini, then it might be better for you to just stay on a spot around the beach and relax. If you’re really looking to go to the beach and getting riled up in a wide array of activities, these monokinis might not be the best choice.

If you’re looking for a single bikini choice that will last long

Due to a lot of factors, such as the fact that the fabric shrinks with every wash and that sand can easily get bunched inside the tiny threads that make up the yarn material, it is possible that you won’t do much with this monokini, especially if you’re a person who loves to go to the beach for swimming and other beach-like activities. Most of the sand materials that get caught up in the yarn tend to get tough to remove, and you might not enjoy wearing the crochet monokini much after that.

Ergo, the material’s short lifespan is attributed to its affinity for sand and the shrinking factor. It is recommended that if you’re going to get the crochet monokini, you get it with something else. Otherwise, you’ll be shopping for a new sexy bikini again pretty soon.

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So you might be thinking that a crochet monokini is awesome. To be honest, they actually are. 

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