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Want a Swimsuit That Fits Everyone? Try Crochet Bikini!

Want a Swimsuit That Fits Everyone? Try Crochet Bikini!

A crochet bikini will have no issues with fitting just about any woman. That’s because they’re more of material-based, as opposed to structure-based.

However, if you’re looking to get into some other kind of sexy microkini this summer season, it is essential for you to get one that works perfectly for your body type. Here, crochet can definitely help. There is no longer a need to hide while on a beach as you feel inadequately dressed. Instead, take charge of the moment and flaunt your attributes. 

Beachwear can flatter your body, but you still need to find an item that best fits you. This is why women have so much trouble when picking these products as the smallest mistakes can make them look ridiculous. Furthermore, you also have to feel attractive and free while wearing it. That's a long list of requirements!  

When it comes to women, the following shapes require the following bikini choices: 

Women with the hourglass shape

Women with the hourglass or curvy shapes are usually identified by well-defined waists, and most of them have busts and hips that are of the exact same size. Their shoulders are also usually well-rounded, and they have an appearance that is overall well-balanced. Although you might feel this is an advantage when picking a beachwear, it is actually a problem as your best attributes may be hidden. In fact, it is one of the harder shapes to flaunt. You have all these natural attributes and it is still sometimes hard to show them off.

If you’re a woman and you fall into this category, then keep the following in mind:

  • Considering the fact that you’re well-balanced, your skimpy bikini should accentuate your shape well. You’ll probably get the best from a high waist swimsuit as you’ll get from crochet, but the only thing you need to focus on is the part of your body that you want to emphasize.
  • Your waist will also need some accentuation
  • Your tiny swimwear should be color blocked, so as to give your shape a proper highlight.
  • Don’t wear a bikini with boy shorts. They just make curvy women look heavy
  • For a more perfect and elongated figure, get high-cut bottoms.
  • Bottoms with details like ruffles and frills will most probably add weight to your curvy backside. You might want to avoid those.

Women with the pear shape

Women who have the pear shape can be identified by waists that have obvious definitions and hips that are considerably larger than their busts. These shapes usually have graceful necks, slim arms, and slim shoulders. The emphasis is on the bottom part of the body. While some women don't like having this shape, men will definitely appreciate it. If you fall into this category then listen up:

  • Clean-skirted bottoms should be more of your preference. Also, try to avoid micro bikinis that have extra fabrics on the bottom. They’ll draw more attention to the part of your body that you want to keep hidden, and you sure don’t want that
  • Skimpy tops- even for crochet that tends to fit everyone, it might not be the best option for you. They’ll give more emphasis to your bottom part as well
  • Pick a swimsuit that has a top detail that highlights movement. Things like fringes, ruffles, a plunging neckline, or seven some jewelry will work just fine. To be on the safer side, you would just as well get crochet, just as long as its top isn’t skimpy.
  • Triangle bikinis and halter tops will draw more attention to the top; perfect for you
  • Bathing suits that have horizontal strips designs across the waist or chest can give a fuller look to your bust. They also have a way of balancing your bottom. Pick those.

Women with the apple shape

There’s a general rounder physique that comes with the apple body shape. The waist has more of a lack of definition as well. With the rounder hips, you can have a wider butt and hip area and while they might have wider ribs or shoulders, slimmer limbs make these even more attractive.

  • Go with a micro bikini that skims over your mid-section rather than pressing it
  • The body shape will be properly balanced by one-piece swimwear that have side prints or shirring down the waist sides.

Women with the rectangle shape

There’s a minimal difference between measurements for this body type. Due to that, women that have this body structure are usually seen to be bulkier or shorter than they actually are. To wit, they need the following recommendations:

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-piece or a one-piece. Just make sure to look for ruffles and other voluminous details for both the top and the bottom.
  • Your waist can get more of a shape with bottoms that have ties on the sides.
  • Avoid bandeau tops. They make your chest look even wider than it already is.
  • Look for a bottom with high cuts. They will make you look taller, while also giving your bottom area a nice shape
  • A one-piece bikini will look super-feminine on you and will provide the illusion that you have a slimmer waist. If you’ll like to give your waist more of a highlight, these will definitely do fine

If you wanna buy yourself new skimpy micro bikinis for your collection, make sure to check our online shop! There is always something on sale so regardless of your budget, you will find a piece that is ideal for your body. Furthermore, we are willing to give you the right advice when it comes to finding something that will fit your body. Ensure that your next summer is perfect by buying a perfect beachwear! 

A crochet bikini will have no issues with fitting just about any woman. That’s because they’re more of material-based, as opposed to structure-based.

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