Chainmail Bikinis: New Era For People Who Love Fantasy

When we mention chainmail bikinis, your first thought will probably be “Lord of the rings” or Dungeons and Dragons. While this concept might seem strange (wearing chainmail to the beach or anywhere else) there are a lot of women who simply love it.

Needless to say, chainmail bikinis are tailor-made for fantasy fans but if you have an adventurous spirit, we suggest you try it as well. It might not be your traditional bikini but it can definitely be a lot of fun.

chain-mail bikini

Here are some things you need to know about this product.

How and where to use it?

Chainmail bikinis are really specific item and it is really hard to compare them with anything else. Although you can group them with some other extreme bikinis based on the traits (they are oftentimes a see-through product), they have everything to do with fantasy as they have with swimming. That being said, you can also easily categorize them as cosplay products.

Generally speaking, you can wear a chainmail bikini to a beach. However, in most cases, you won’t be permitted to do so as they are really skimpy and your intimate areas can be seen through it. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get a fine for wearing one of these pieces to the beach.

A much better use for chainmail bikinis is at private parties and cosplay gatherings. They are not ideal for the public so you will have to be at a secluded location or among friends. They are especially great for larping or Live action role-playing games. Here, no one will judge you but instead, you are more likely to get compliments. Product is also often worn during comic cons and other fantasy conventions where items like this are totally normal.

Another interesting way to use it is in bed. Given that this is first and foremost a role-playing item, you can use it to spark passion in your partner. Some men and women simply love this stuff so it wouldn’t be awkward if you show up in bedroom wearing just a chainmail bikini. Just make sure your man/woman is into it.

Used Materials

As you can presume, chainmail is made from various metals. It is usually a lighter metal that is durable enough to make a suit but comfortable so that it doesn’t hurt you. There are no rough edges or anything.

Chainmail is made of numerous small chains which are combined into a special item. Because of the metal, the item is susceptible to corrosion so prolonged exposure will make it rust. So, if you intend to wear it to beaches or pool parties, keep in mind that it has a life span.

It doesn’t feel too heavy as you might’ve presumed so you won’t have any trouble wearing it for longer periods of time. However, the metal tends to heat up so it isn’t less than ideal during long summer days. This is why it is much better for fantasy games and closed quarters than anything else.

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