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Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini Wax: What Should You Get?

Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini Wax: What Should You Get?

Being hair-free is one way for us women to maintain flawlessly smooth skin. From plucking to shaving, the majority of women resort to similar procedures just to get rid of body hair. As the summer season approaches, the journey of picking the best bikini swimsuit resurfaces once again!

Given the fact that these pieces are going to expose a significant area on your body, you would definitely want to make sure that there’s no hair lurking around. To be specific, women tend to get extra conscious about hair in the bikini line prior to slipping into their favorite beachwear. This is where waxing comes into place.

The hair waxing trend

Waxing used to be ‘something new’ in terms of getting yourself free from hair. It wasn’t as common as shaving and plucking by then. However, as daring bikinis are getting more and more popularized, the dilemma of getting large areas of the body hair-free becomes apparent. Imagine how long it would take you if you’ll just shave or pluck them all! This is where the hair waxing trend became immensely popular, especially among bikini-loving women. Additionally, hair waxing lasts much longer and it also leaves your skin ultra-smooth for it picks out from the roots. Although it can be a bit painful, the results are pretty much worth it. 

So now that you’re settled for your next hair waxing session, you may be wondering what kind of waxing should get you bikini-ready. In the end, if you're already prepared to go all-in with your swimsuit, you might as well make sure your skin (and hair) is ideal as well.H ere are three types that you should know about.

Knowing the differences

  • Bikini Wax – this is basically the removal of hair along the bikini line, just like what its name suggests. The ordinary process is relatively fast and it fully removes any hair along and outside the lines. If you are planning to wear the typical piece that provides full coverage on your bottom part, then bikini waxing should be enough for you.
  • Full Bikini Wax – if you will be wearing a bikini with broader cuts along the line, then this is the type of waxing you should get. Full waxing not only removes hair along your line but also on the larger area on the frontal part of your bikini. This will typically remove most of the hair from your bikini area but depending on your preference, you may also choose to leave some on the middle part since your bottom will cover it anyway.
  • Brazilian Wax – unlike full waxing that leaves a small portion with hair, Brazilian waxing is a process where all of the hair from your entire bikini area are removed. It makes your entire frontal area free from hair as well as the back part on your buttocks. Brazilian waxing does not leave any hair behind so this is perfect for those who like to flaunt daring and revealing bikini bottoms. It also gives a very clean and comfortable overall feeling.

Why is bikini waxing better than shaving?

If you are spending a week or two on the beach or will be in your sexy swimsuit for three consecutive getaways, bikini waxing should be your first choice. Shaving does not fully reach the roots of your hair so shaving the hair along your bikini area is basically just giving it a drastic ‘trim’. Shaving will only cut the hair from the surface of your skin so you can expect hair growth to happen overnight. Furthermore, regular shaving only makes hair stronger and stronger which leads to more problems in the future. This is totally opposite from waxing which tends to  loosen hair a bit. Another ugly downside of shaving is that it actually harms your skin, as you may have noticed from your reddish razor burns and cuts. Shaving regularly may cause skin problems in the long run. 

On the other hand, bikini waxing pulls all your hair down there starting from the roots. This way, the hair will take much time to grow back and when it does grow back, you can expect thinner and softer strands of hair. In addition to this, the wax used for the procedure is usually infused with skin-soothing properties to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Why go for Brazilian waxing?

Just like what we have previously mentioned, Brazilian waxing is all about making you completely free from hair down there. It’s the perfect option for those who prefer micro bikinis because Brazilian waxing won’t let a single hair peek out from these skimpy cuts. Additionally, despite being a tad more costly compared to a regular bikini wax, this one lasts longer. Brazilian wax usually lasts for around 2 to 4 weeks. However, it still greatly depends on the person and how often one does it. But then one thing is for sure: You won’t even worry about overnight hair growth because Brazilian waxing pulls from the roots. This is the best thing about it and is something that can have a positive, long-term impact. It also helps you prevent razor burns. 

What to expect during and after a Brazilian Wax?

At this point, you are probably eyeing on getting a Brazilian wax. It’s the most practical hair waxing procedure after all! Other than that, it also has more significant benefits compared to shaving and regular waxing. But here’s everybody’s number one question: Does it hurt?

The answer is right off the bat, YES. Beauty is pain, after all! It is only natural to feel pain when a large area of hair is being plucked out from your skin. However, even though Brazilian waxing is painful, the process is very quick and simple. The pain you will feel should be tolerable and it is definitely something you should not worry about. Also, if you go to the right place that has high credibility when it comes to waxing, you can assure that the waxing personnel is professionally trained. They would know the do’s and dont’s and they are quite knowledgeable on how to minimize the pain.

Those who also get their Brazilian wax on a regular basis express how the pain diminishes over time when you start getting used to it. Most professional waxing centers use soothing oils after waxing to make sure the area does not hurt too much. Again, it all depends where you're getting the job done. If you have a reliable professional on your side, you are less likely to have issues. 

Final thoughts

We hope this in-depth guide helped you decide which type of bikini waxing is perfect for you. Just always keep in mind to do your research prior to choosing the place to do it in. Look for credible reviews and make sure you’re entrusting your delicate skin to professionals who know what they’re doing. Once you do it, you will be ready for summer, beach, and cocktails! 

Being hair-free is one way for us women to maintain flawlessly smooth skin. From plucking to shaving, the majority of women resort to similar procedures just to get rid of body hair. As the summer season approaches, the journey of picking the best bikini swimsuit resurfaces once again!


  • Gigi

    I started Brazilian waxing about 3 months ago and can not go back to hair down there!!!! YES it was painful the first 2 times but going every 3 to 4 weeks the pain lessens but the benefits are worth it. The feeling of cleanliness is priceless. You do feel sexier knowing there is no covering your private areas (including your behind). No one wants to bend over during those private times and show HAIR or put on a sexy pair of undies or lingerie with hair poking out or covering what you want to show off. Only advise is USE anti-bacterial soap and body brush to keep pores open and clean as well as antibacterial cream after bathing. This is almost 100% effective against ingrown hair.

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