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Brazilian Bikini Wax: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Brazilian Bikini Wax: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Bikini waxing has been quite a common beauty procedure among women all across the globe. While many see this as a way to achieve a flawless beach-ready body, some also opt to undergo waxing for hygienic reasons. No matter the reason, your partner will definitely appreciate it!

So you share the same ‘hairy’ sentiments and you want to be all clean and free down there – what exactly do you need to know next? What are the small tricks that will make the process much easier? Before you storm into the waxing salon, you have to do proper research to really understand what you are about to get.

brazilian bikini wax

It is true that Brazilian waxing is a pretty straightforward procedure that takes less than an hour to complete. In fact, proficient ladies can do it even quicker. However, there are many factors to consider to ensure that you get the best results that you expect. In this article, we will walk you through the only guide you’ll ever need prior to getting yourself a Brazilian Wax.

The Basics you need to know about Brazilian Waxing

First and foremost, what is a Brazilian bikini wax? To simply put it, it’s basically removing all (yes, all!) of the pubic hair on your pelvic area – from the vagina lips to your entire behind using hot wax. Also known as ‘Hollywood Wax’, this waxing procedure leaves everything down at your private area free of hair. In many cases when the wax wasn’t able to remove some of the pubic hair, the aesthetician plucks all the remaining ones to make sure you are all clear and bare down there. It is also much better than shaving as the results will last longer.

Oh, we know! The thought of it alone can be quite terrifying! However, with proper preparation and knowledge, this beauty procedure can ultimately be your regular go-to treatment both for its physical and hygienic benefits. If you're prepared to go through a little bit of pain, you will have baby-smooth skin. 

How it's different compared to other bikini waxing styles

Bikini waxing isn’t solely limited to the Brazilian type. The truth is, you do have a choice on how much hair you’d like to be removed down there. There are a number of different bikini waxing styles that salons offer depending on how much hair you would want to be removed from down there. This is great as it allows you to get just the right waxing that you need. Some even involve specific shapes, designs or even dyes! Well, let’s reserve those quirky options and dive into the most common ones that you will most likely find on the waxing salon’s service menu.

  • European Waxing – is a type of waxing also known as the ‘Full Bikini Wax’. This is when the pubic hair is removed from the entire pelvic area except for the small area on the front part of the vulva. It is really hygienic and clean.
  • French Waxing – it is also known as ‘The Landing Strip’ because it is a type of bikini waxing that leaves a thin strip of hair on the middle part of the vagina. This also leaves the hairs from your backside alone so it’s something you may want to consider if you’d like to wear a skimpy bikini but not leave your private area too bare.
  • American Waxing – only removes and trims hair from the sides that are more likely to be exposed in a swimsuit. It’s also known as basic bikini waxing or ‘Triangle’ for it only removes hair from the areas that are exposed, following the shape of a conventional triangle bikini. Unlike Brazilian, European and French waxing wherein you fully remove everything for the process, American waxing is usually done with your bikini on.

It really pays to know the difference between these types of waxing because it all boils down to personal preference, after all. In most cases, it will be an aesthetic decision as much as a hygienic one. Moreover, if you are really looking into something that will allow you to flaunt more revealing pieces like micro bikinis, Brazilian waxing still makes a very ideal choice. 

Is it safe for your health?

The female’s private part is indeed a very delicate area. It is comprised of soft tissues and nerves that make it extra sensitive. With this being mentioned, the idea of pouring hot wax on it and stripping all the hairs from this very sensitive part may raise questions on safety. 

The quick answer to this question is YES, but it may not be for everybody. It’s safe – as long as you take proper precautions and let a highly-trained professional aesthetician do it. In fact, unless you have some experience with it, we suggest you always go to a salon for this treatment. Some people may be okay with it while others may have specific conditions lowering their skin’s tolerance on the pressure of stripping. Not taking your skin type and medical condition in consideration may lead to irritation or inflammation. This is why one must conduct extensive personal research first prior to making the decision on whether you should get it or not.

If you have hypersensitive skin, there are milder hair removal options for you – may it be strip ice laser removal or an all-natural type of gentle hot wax. Either way, you must consult a professional beforehand to make sure you are getting the right procedure to suit your skin. Some ladies will discover that simple shaving is a much better option for them. But, when talking about long-term solutions, nothing beats waxing.

Prepping for the Brazilian Wax procedure

Now that you have already decided to get your very first Brazilian wax, you will need to keep some of these prepping guidelines in mind to make sure you get the best results you are expecting. Some would say that prepping prior to getting the procedure isn’t entirely necessary. But then, not doing so will not only affect the results but may also have an effect on your own comfort during the procedure. To make sure everything goes well, hoping for the best won’t suffice! Here are five of the very important preparation factors you need to do prior to getting your Brazilian wax.

  1. Let your hair grow first. The hot wax would need longer hairs to hold onto before stripping them all off. Do not shave or trim your pubic hair for around two to three weeks as they need to be at least a quarter-inch in length for them to be properly waxed off.
  2. Never schedule a waxing session a few days before your period. This is why it is really important to keep track of that time of the month. Your skin on your vaginal area tends to be more sensitive two to three days before your period. With this said, the chances of increased pain, irritation and inflammation are much higher when you undergo bikini waxing right around this time.
  3. If you can spare some more time, exfoliate. There’s no need for exfoliating scrubs for this as the goal is to simply slough dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating also helps to free trapped hair to make sure the waxing reaches them as well. To carry this out, a gentle scrubbing motion using a dry cloth or buffing mitt should so the trick.
  4. Keep it clean. This is definitely an obvious rule but just in case you are having second thoughts of getting a shower, we felt the need to write it. Some waxing salons have a shower room wherein you can give your lady parts a quick wash before the session. Some also provide feminine wipes for this purpose. However, there are still salons out there that prefer going straight to the point so you really need to cleanse at home first to be very sure.
  5. You have to prepare your mind to expect some pain during the procedure. Like what we have mentioned earlier in this article, the female genitalia is very delicate and sensitive. Removing all its hair starting from the roots would naturally hurt. The level of pain depends on your personal tolerance levels and hair type. Some may find the pain completely bearable as if it’s nothing, while some with thicker and coarser hair may shed some tears! Either way, just keep in mind that the pain is all normal and it’s something you will eventually get used to if you decide to go for a regular waxing schedule.

Remember that your aesthetician is a professional

Exposing the entirety of your private part down to a total stranger can be dreadfully awkward. Most women will never get used to it no matter how often they visit their local salon. It’s normal to feel that way but just remember that these aestheticians are trained professionals. They see all sorts of that on a regular basis so it is nothing you should worry about. In addition to this, you should also feel free to talk to her about your personal preferences so she can adjust accordingly. If you have questions regarding the procedure, ask. If you feel any sort of discomfort, ask. Again, they are professionals who know what they are doing so if there’s anything you need to know about the waxing procedure, your aesthetician is the one to ask. So, don't be shy! In the end, you're the one paying for the service. 

This is also where the importance of proper research comes in. As bikini waxing becomes high in demand, some salons may claim that they can carry the procedure out despite the lack of training. Before getting your Brazilian wax to a certain salon, do a quick background check on it. Look for credible reviews to make sure that the waxing salon you are looking into is a place where you can put your whole trust to – from their staff to the tools and products they use. Remember, we are not just talking about a mere haircut here! It is a treatment that is meant to make you beautiful, attractive and to give you the right beach confidence. 

The pain is something you can definitely manage

As what was previously mentioned, pain is to be expected during and after getting your wax. But fret not, because this won’t be something unbearable. As a matter of fact, there are several ways for you to manage the pain. There are also salons that provide numbing creams 30 minutes prior to the procedure – all you need to do is ask for it. Then again, just note that not all waxing salons offer numbing creams so if you think this is a very big deal, ask first before booking a schedule. You can also go for some ice therapy at home after waxing as this can help soothe the freshly-waxed area and minimize the pain.

Medical creams to ease the pain

One of the most common creams known for soothing inflammation is hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone cream is used to treat many kinds of skin conditions as it has properties that significantly reduce swelling, redness, and itching. It is normal for the skin on your entire bikini area to encounter those three since the procedure involved some tugging and pressure. Apply an appropriate amount of the cream on the area to calm it down. It’s also ideal to ask you aesthetician on the proper amount and timing of application to make sure your skin gets soothed and healed as fast as possible.

Going for a more natural approach in soothing the skin

In addition to medicated topical creams such as hydrocortisone, there are also a number of natural options to allow the skin to fully heal. There are tons of different ingredients vastly available from our Mother Nature that feature exceptional healing and soothing properties beneficial to our body in general. In terms of skin rejuvenation and repair, we have listed some of the best natural remedies that you can use right after a bikini waxing session.

  • Warm oatmeal bath – oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties perfect on treating sensitive skin. It immediately tones down redness and its extract is also an effective moisturizer. As the skin around your delicate area becomes thinner after waxing, oatmeal helps build a protective moisture barrier to prevent the skin from experiencing further damage. Prepare yourself a warm oatmeal bath as the warmth from the water will also open your pores and therefore allow better nutrient absorption from the oatmeal.
  • Aloe Vera soothing gel – we all know how Aloe Vera is everybody’s skincare go-to, right? It features an abundant amount of nutrients that instantly provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. Aloe Vera also has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe aggravated skin so applying this right after bikini waxing is very ideal. If you have Aloe Vera plants in your backyard, then all you have to do is cut in half and take the gel inside for you to use. Otherwise, there are many organic beauty stores that sell pure Aloe Vera gel in small tub containers which are all ready to use. Another useful tip is to put the gel into the fridge for at least an hour before applying it. Applying it cold on the affected area will also help minimize irritation and pain in an instant. Think of it as an optimized Aloe-infused ice treatment!
  • Peppermint essential oil blend – if you are a fan of blending essential oils and you have peppermint lying around, this can be of immense help to soothe your freshly-waxed bikini area. Peppermint has natural healing properties that are usually used to address skin irritation, redness, and inflammation. It also has this cooling minty effect that immediately provides a calming sensation to keep the itchiness and aggravation at bay. There are two ways for you to apply this. The first one involves mixing two to three drops of the essential oil with Aloe Vera cream or coconut oil. This mixture can be used as a topical ointment especially if your skin is experiencing a more intense type of irritation. The second way is to use a handy diffuser mist. If you’re an essential oil enthusiast, you may probably have this type of device. Just add three drops of oil in 5ml mineral water (or rose water, if available) to your device and spray away!
  • Sugar scrub – now this may raise some eyebrows as many of you might think – “Scrubbing just right after bikini waxing... really?!” Well, using a sugar scrub exfoliator for your post-wax skin holds incredible benefits more than you think. Sugar features rich antioxidants that effective soothe and hydrate the skin. In addition to this, its texture also helps gently remove dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hair. The intense stripping motion from the waxing may have disrupted some patches of the skin on the surface and this may clog some of the hair. Dermatologists recommend that exfoliating your bikini area using a sugar scrub can address this issue.

Now that we’re talking about natural options...

Is it possible to do bikini waxing at home?

Brazilian waxing, or any type of bikini waxing for that matter, isn’t always the most affordable beauty procedure to get. In the US, traditional bikini waxes start at around $35 to $40. With this mentioned, the question “how to bikini wax at home” becomes a usual thought for many. The idea of bikini waxing follows a very simple principle – pour hot wax, stick and strip. While it is not entirely a complicated process, this can be extremely difficult to do all by yourself. Not only that, doing so without the right knowledge and proper training can harbor potential dangers to your skin.

To give yourself a bikini wax is possible, but not advisable. This is an intricate process that deals with a very delicate part of your body so it requires a specific set of skills and trained knowledge. Bikini waxing is really something you should always consider investing in and penny-pinching on this procedure can be quite regretful. You wouldn’t want to take the risk.

Let your skin heal before going to the beach

You are flawless and hair-free and we know you’re excited to hit the beach the very next day to flaunt it. Well, that’s quite a serious mistake to commit! The skin on your entire intimate area where the Brazilian waxing took place is still raw and therefore extremely sensitive. To expose it under the harsh UV rays of the sun and saltwater (or chlorine, if you’re heading to the pool) would definitely cause more irritation.

Give it some time to breathe and heal before doing anything that may give it more stress. Additionally, it is important to give it the proper aftercare to speed up the healing process. Scroll above again a little bit more to see what creams and natural remedies you can do to soothe your skin after waxing.

How long does a bikini wax last?

After your first Brazilian wax session, you can enjoy being hair-free for as long as 3 to 6 weeks. This varies from each individual depending on the thickness of the hair and the body’s re-growth rate. The effect may be shorter if it’s your first time, that’s why proper maintenance is the key to this. Book waxing sessions on a regular basis to significantly minimize the growth rate and coarseness of your hair growth. Over the span of time, the hair on your intimate area will grow thinner with regular bikini waxing. In just three to four regular waxing sessions, you will notice that the result of being hair-free becomes much longer than the first time.

Be confident in that skimpy bikini of your choice!

After two to three days, your skin is now fully healed and rejuvenated. It’s high time that you flaunt that flawless body of yours! As Brazilian waxing removes all the hair from your intimate area, you are free to flaunt any type of bikini you wish. From traditional two-piece swimsuits, high-cut micro bikinis to extremely daring swimwear thongs – you name it! The secret is to just be confident with your own body and go for a piece that makes you happy and comfortable.

Bikini waxing has been quite a common beauty procedure among women all across the globe. While many see this as a way to achieve a flawless beach-ready body, some also opt to undergo waxing for hygienic reasons.

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