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How to Buy a Bikini for Your Breast Type?

How to Buy a Bikini for Your Breast Type?

Like it or not, we are all victims of consumerism. Oftentimes we will buy products that we don’t need or even worse, that don’t fit out measurements. Bikinis are among the biggest culprits within this category.

Women love nice patterns and sexy designs but rarely consider how will that bikini look on their body. In fact, they are willing to sacrifice comfort for additional style points. This is a big no-no when it comes to bikinis as they are primarily meant to be functional.

bikini for breast type

One of the main factors to consider is how your breasts will look like in a particular bikini and whether a product is a good fit for them. As you well know, breast size can be really troublesome whether we are talking about smaller or bigger ones. Here is a short guide that will help you buy an item that will be perfect for your breasts. Read on!

Main things to consider if you have big breasts

Underwire is one of the best fits for women who have a big chest. First of all, you need to buy products according to your cup size. Don’t simply go with your hunch. Bikini is very similar to a bra as you have to buy according to your specific size. When we talk about underwire swimsuits, they allow your breasts to stay in place. Otherwise, they might look saggy which is the last thing you need when you go to a beach. Furthermore, this product is great as it gives them shape which is very important for bigger breasts. This way, they will have nice, oval shape providing a look similar to dress cleavage.

You should also consider the straps. Supporting a big chest is always a tall task. Comfort is one of the biggest issues as there will always be one itchy part. In most cases, straps will be the ones causing the problem. Best way to deal with this is by opting for straps that cross in the back. That way, there won’t be any pressure on your back which is a common issue for women with big breasts. On top of that, there will be less coverage in front. Although most women won’t wear a bikini for a long time during a day, normal straps prevent you from spending a whole day on a beach.

Modern bikinis have customizable parts. What do we mean by that? For example, some of them will have pads and neckties that can be removed at will. Customer can remove or add support at whim and customize the outfit based on personal needs and specific comfort level. You can also utilize these bikinis to create your own style! Side support can also be good as it will provide additional coverage on sides.

Main things to consider if you have small breasts

Small breasts are much easier to strategize for as they don’t have to encompass for so many issues. Still, certain products can make your chest look really unflattering and thus, should be avoided. French bikini is a type of bikini you should definitely consider. It provides a simple line and will also show your neck. Strangely enough, small breasts really look good in bikinis that have little fabric. Bikinis with triangle tops are a good example. The less material you’re using, the biggest your boobs will look by comparison. Keep in mind that people are used to a certain amount of material and by relying on less, you are creating a visual trick.

Women with smaller breasts usually don’t feel confident especially when they are exposed. This is why they love solutions that make their chest look bigger than it actually is. Most of them will use tops with pads but this is a big mistake. In theory, pads should provide more cushion making your breasts look bigger. But pads don’t work so well for bikinis as they do for regular bras. In other words, they are very noticeable. Best way to go about things? Get a bikini with some intricate patterns. The main focus should be on averting attention.

Smaller breasts can also profit from underwire tops. Similar to big breasts, the underwire is used to provide additional support to small breasts. It pushes them upwards so they look a bit perkier. Again, you shouldn’t try big cups. Instead, go with soft, small cups that conform to your body. That way, you will get some extra volume without looking fake.

If you have this option, you might also go with an extreme bikini. They are even smaller compared to triangle bikinis and most public beaches don’t allow this type of swimwear. However, they combine two things that work for small breasts: triangle top and miniature bottom. Like triangle top, the miniature bottom is great for women with a smaller stature and creates an optical illusion as well as symmetry.

Main things to consider if you have medium breasts

Medium breasts are perhaps the easiest to buy for. Among various options at your disposal, you should definitely consider a molded-cup halter. It adjusts to any size. Make sure to find an item that has adjustable straps as that will allow you to raise breasts on just the right height. It is much better if you find a product with fixed cups. Again, you need to focus on the comfort that these cups provide. In terms of the style, it is good to find a product that will put emphasis on your cleavage so that you look even bigger.

You will also have to consider the side coverage. Your breasts have to look well packed. There has to be a look of continuity going from the bottom of your breasts to the sides. The underwire should stretch from the bottom and continue sideways so that the chest has a rounder appearance. Otherwise, it will look as if your breasts are spilling on the side. Side coverage is crucial for women who have lots of space in between. The extra material can also add to the overall volume.

Like with all bikinis, you need to focus on versatility. This pertains to all parts of a bikini and especially when you shop online. Bikini is a product that leaves little to improvisation. While medium-sized boobs are great, they do come in various shapes making it hard to plan. Specific bikinis such as bandeau bikini can especially be troublesome due to their style. On the other hand, it is much better to go with smaller pieces that allow modification.

Support is the key for both medium and big breasts regardless of your daily beach activities. As previously mentioned, it is much better to get a piece that supports both sides and the bottom. Still, try to find a product that will focus your breasts in the center and push them towards it. Here, you might want to experiment a bit and try different styles until you find just the right thing that suits your body shape.

Due to high variance, women with a medium-sized chest should usually ask for assistance. Most stores have clerks that will give you good advice and can help you throughout the process. Alternately, you can bring your husband or boyfriend. They are usually good judges when it comes to breasts and how they look in a bikini. In the end, you are most likely to wear a piece in front of them so might as well buy something they’ll like!


No matter what, try to find a product that suits you well. While style points are really important, you also have to consider comfort. In the end, summertime is all about fun, beach, water and good vibes. There is no point in buying a product that looks good but makes you feel uncomfortable. That being said, don’t sacrifice your wellbeing just to be stylish! That is not the point of summer.

Like it or not, we are all victims of consumerism. Oftentimes we will buy products that we don’t need or even worse, that don’t fit out measurements. Bikinis are among the biggest culprits within this category. Women love nice patterns and sexy designs but rarely consider how will that bikini look on their body.

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