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24 Best Bikini Destinations In The World

24 Best Bikini Destinations In The World

Although it's currently winter in the western hemisphere, there are lots of places you can escape to. There are lots of amazing bikini destinations where you can strip into your basics and simply enjoy the sun and the water.

In this article, we will check some of the best bikini destinations in the world. In other words, some of the best beaches and summer vacation areas.


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  1. Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

 Some of the most impressive beaches in the world are located in the Caribbean Sea. What makes this region great for US citizens is the close proximity. If you want to get into your bikini, this is one of the best places to go to.

Blue Beach is known as one of the most exquisite beaches in this country. With its beautiful white sand and turquoise water, it is simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, like most tropical destinations, it is hard to get to. You either have to drive there, or you can park in several available parking spots within National Wildlife Refuge. This area was previously off-limits, but now, everyone can enjoy its beauty. It is especially great for people who love to snorkel!

  1. Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island, Fiji

Fiji is known for several things, one of them being Seagrass Bay. While the island doesn't offer much in terms of entertainment, it definitely makes up in its beaches.

Getting to this beach is relatively hard as it is a private beach. It is rather small (7.5 square miles), and it takes approximately 50 minutes from Nadi. You have to take a flight on top of it. However, this is a normal procedure for most isolated tropical beaches.

A lush tropical forest surrounds seagrass Bay. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can explore it either by riding a horse or by taking a guided tour. While the beach is amazing in itself, the forest also holds its secrets. It has some of the rarest animals in the world. Of course, there are lots of fishes and other aquatic species to look at. A great thing about Seagrass Bay is that it's relatively isolated, so you will have your piece.

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI

Hawaii is rich in history and culture. In fact, a lot of US movies featuring amazing tropical beaches were shot in this location. It is also very popular for its big wave surfing, and there are lots of competitions held each year. Regardless of winter or summer, there will be surfing enthusiasts on this island.

That doesn't make it less appealing for people who simply want to sunbathe or swim. The water is also very calm at times, which makes it ideal for snorkeling and other, more relaxing water activities. But, there is more to this beach. As its name suggestions, Sunset Beach is especially great for its sunsets. Make sure not to miss them during your vacation!

  1. Siasconset Beach, Nantucket, MA

When we mention Nantucket, you probably won't think of beaches. However, there is one amazing place that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime! Siasconset Beach is one of the biggest attractions in this area. It is situated on the eastern part of the island, and ideally, you should reach it by bike. There is a Milestone Road that leads you right to your destination. During the summer, there is also a shuttle bus for those who prefer getting there quickly.

Besides the beach, there are lots of different tourist attractions in the area. For example, you can check out Sankaty Head Light. But, be careful when planning your trip as it is not always open.

While the beach is pretty awesome, the climate is not ideal. It is normal for a strong wind to blow even during the summer. So, while bikinis are an option, it might be a bit cold on that particular day. Make sure to check the weather report in advance!

  1. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Barbados is known for its magnificent beaches and summer resorts. Its Bathsheba Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the island, and it is the best representation of Barbados' wild nature.

The beach is pretty nice, but it is also really rugged. Because of that and strong current, this area is ideal for photographers and surfers alike. Whenever strong waves hit the nearby rocks, photographers have a unique opportunity to create amazing images. Nevertheless, you can also undress and get in your bikini. It isn't ideal for swimming although there are small strips where you can take a dip.

  1. Banana Beach, Koh Hey (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand

For years and years, Thailand and Phuket, in particular, have been known as one of the top destinations in the world. Whether its summer or winter, you will have a lot of fun on this popular tourist spot.

Although Thailand is known for its wild nightlife, it all started with something: its amazing beaches and nature. Banana Beach is one of the main reasons why so many people visit this region. The amazing green color is unlike anything you've ever seen. Turquoise clear water makes a perfect contrast. Thailand authorities are doing their best to keep the area as clean as possible despite the high numbers of tourists. There are a national part and preservation area nearby which you can reach by boat.

The interesting thing about Banana beach is that it got its name after banana boat rides. They are always popular, but you can also go for kayaking, snorkeling, and other fun activities. If you wish some peace and quiet, you will be thrilled to hear that this particular area is somewhat isolated.

  1. Psarou Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Greece has always been known as one of the top European summer destinations. It is a country with numerous islands, each one of which is worth a visit. Given such a high diversity, it is only to be expected that some of the best beaches in the world will be located in this region.

Talking about popularity, Mykonos is recognized as one of the most exclusive summer destinations in Europe. Not only does it have lots of great resorts, but its beaches are also up to par. Psarou is not the largest beach on the island, but it is definitely the most beautiful one. It is situated at the top of a horseshoe bay, which adds to its charm. There are lots of restaurants at the beach, allowing you to enjoy yourself during day and night. Unfortunately, given that it's overcrowded, you will likely have to make a reservation in advance.

If you prefer having fun in the water, you will be glad to hear there are lots of activities you can partake in. It is great for swimming, making it one of our top bikini destinations in the world.

  1. Honopu Beach, Kauai, HI

 US citizens don't have to take long trips to reach some of the best beaches in the world. A lot of them are situated in North America, such as the case with Honopu Beach.

This is another Hawaiian beach that deserves our attention. Otherwise known as Cathedral Beach, it is one of the main attractions in Kauai. Still, like most beaches on this list, it is hard to access. This is probably good because fewer people will be able to reach it. In fact, you can only get to it by water. Daring tourists are willing to swim to it from an offshore boat. You can also get to it from Kalalau Beach, but once again, you will have to swim to it.

The whole area is a paradise. Like most similar places, it has untouched nature. Its cliffs are covered in thick vegetation, adding to its appeal. Another thing that says a lot about its beauty is the fact that numerous Hollywood movies were shot in this location.

  1. Gouverneur, St. Barts

There is an interesting story regarding this beach. Like most other islands in the region, St. Barts was controlled by the French. Among others, they had Gouverneurs who controlled the island in the of the empire. They had all the privileges, including access to one of the best beaches in the world. And while most of the local population didn't visit this beach often (due to its inaccessibility), the French governors made constant trips there.

Nowadays, this land is owned by Roman Abramovich. It is still hard to access, but nowadays, you have at least a parking lot. If you want to descent to the beach, you will have to take a small dirt road through the trees. Some tourists come here for picnic and dipping, making it the most romantic spot on the island. But, don't expect it to be crowded (which is a good thing actually). There are lots of signs of untouched nature. For example, don't be surprised if you stumble across a herd of wild goats.

  1. Temae Plage Publique, Moorea, French Polynesia

Here is another place that was controlled by then, incredibly strong French empire.

Temae Plage Publique is continuously voted as the best beach in French Polynesia and for a good reason. The water is simply beautiful and crystal clear. Because of that, you can easily see the Temae coral reef between you. There are lots of intriguing sea species here, making it an ideal place for snorkeling. You can also see a long of stingrays in the area, which makes for a unique travel experience.

The good thing about this beach is that its public so you won't have to worry about it. Nevertheless, it is rarely crowded. You have a great view across the Sea of the Moon to the island of Tahiti so, make sure to come with your partner. Accessing the beach can be pretty hard, and don't be surprised if you encounter several wild species on the way there.

  1. English Harbour Beach, Antigua

Antigua is another place that is often mentioned in tourist magazines. A real tropical paradise, it offers various interesting sights and activities to its visitors. One of them is English Harbour Beach.

As you can presume from its name, this spot was previously used as a harbor for the British army. Because of that, it offers much more than sand and water. In fact, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2016, which is an additional reason why you should check it out. There is even a warehouse complex that was made in the Georgian style. It was used by none other than Horatio Nelson.

There are also a few activities that you can try out. For example, the area is very popular for sailing. You can also take a quick tip or try out your newest bikini!

  1. Elafonísi, Crete, Greece

Another great place in Greece that you should definitely visit is Elafonisi on the island of Crete. When talking about Greek historic sites, there is nothing better to see than the Crete. There are lots of Ancient Greek columns scattered all over the place, showing you the rich history of the area. Of course, you should also make sure to swing by Elafonisi.

It is situated on the south-west coast of the Crete and represents one of the best sandy beaches in the country. Due to its position, it doesn't get as many tourists as some other European tourist attractions. However, it is definitely worth it. In fact, many experts regard is as one of the best spots in the Mediterranean.

During the peak season, there will be a lot of visitors. There are lots of wildflowers in the area, which makes it really romantic and vivid. Some of these plants are very rare or indigenous to the island. Furthermore, certain flowers bloom only during the winter, which makes it an interesting spot to visit even during the off-season.

  1. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is often mentioned as one of the best bikini destinations in the world. And why not? With its magnificent beaches, it simply invites people who want to relax, enjoy the sun and the water. This is especially true for its magnificent Matira Beach.

Recognized as one of the best beaches in the Tahiti, it has the best sand you'll ever see. The whole beach looks covered in stardust, and the water is of beautiful green nuance. Like all tropical beaches, there is a lot of vegetation around. It is a public beach so everyone can enjoy it. You don't have to book a hotel or anything; just make sure you find the proper transportation!

  1. Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach is really long. Going for two miles, it is a really great place to check out. Besides the fact you can take long walks, you can also enjoy various water activities. Sunbathing is also a popular option, so make sure to bring your best bikini! There are lots of tourists, and if you're single, this would be a great opportunity to meet your future partner.

When talking about activities, you can go swimming, go parasailing, or simply sneak on small fishes as you go snorkeling. There are also several spots where you can get a drink or a meal. They are also great if you want to have dinner with your significant other.

During the night, this whole area transforms. There are casinos and nightclubs which you can check out. While it looks like a quiet, serene beach, there are lots of things going on!

  1. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are simply amazing, and everyone should visit them at least once in their lifetime. In terms of amazing beaches situated on this island, you can't go wrong with Seven Mile Beach. It is situated on the western side of the island, and you will be thrilled to hear that its 5.5 miles long (even though it's called 7 Mile Beach). So, no matter what you want to do, there is more than enough space. That also means that this public beach will never be crowded even during the peak season.

There are a lot of restaurants and accommodation nearby so you won't have to walk a lot in order to reach. Cemetery Reef is known for its wildlife, and there are lots of interesting rock formations, making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Volleyball and other activities are also popular so you can have a really exciting vacation!

  1. Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives

To some people, Maldives is a faraway destination. Whether you live in the US or Europe, it takes a lot of time to reach this island country. However, its beaches provide an experience that cannot be replicated.

Reethi Rah is just one of several beaches that you should check out while visiting. In fact, there are approximately 1,200 on the island, making it really easy to find a good spot for swimming and sunbathing. Reethi Rah has just one resort, which is why it is almost never crowded. The beach is long and relaxing, making it ideal for couples who want to escape from everything. Of course, you can always partake in water activities.

  1. Honokalani Beach, Wai'anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

This is the third Hawaiian beach on our list. The reason? We simply cannot get enough of them!

What makes this place really unique is the fact it is really black. The sand is dark due to volcanic influence, but it still feels very nice when you lie down on it. The water is rough with lots of waves. Nevertheless, there is more than enough space to take a dip. Unlike some other beaches on the list, this one is relatively small and doesn't offer a lot in terms of activities. In fact, there are several spots from which you can shoot the whole beach!

Nevertheless, if you ever go to Hawaii, we recommend that you visit it because its sand provides a unique experience.

  1. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Aptly named Horseshoe Bay, it represents perhaps the most popular beach on the island. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this place is the fact it has its own cove. It has the perfect pink sand that you'll ever see! The water and the sand create a perfect contrast ideal for taking pictures. Of course, you can always just lay down in your bikini and relax.

Although there are not many activities on the beach itself, we recommend that you check out the nearby equestrian center. Here, you can go for a horseback ride and explore the surrounding area.

  1. Hilton Head Island, SC

If you're looking for the best island and beach in the US, look no further! Hilton Head was recently named as the best in this category. Located 40 miles from Savanah, its 12-mile-long beach is a sight to behold. It is ideal for walks and other activities.

Of course, there are other things to do here besides sunbathing or swimming. For example, there are restaurants, playgrounds, areas for the grill, etc. It provides a natural experience for all those who are overwhelmed with their job and need a break.

  1. Parrot Cay, Turks, and Caicos

When talking about the most popular travel destinations, most people will not think of Turks and Caicos. Regarded as a British territory, it is located north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Even though close to the US, there aren't many American tourists on the island. That doesn't mean it's bad or anything. In the end, there are lots of Hollywood stars who have a home here.

Parrot Cay is the best thing you can see on the island. It is a private island that can be reached by boat. It is quite luxurious. So, in order to enjoy the beach, you will have to book a hotel in the nearby resort. However, given that there aren't many facilities, you will be able to enjoy a relatively quiet vacation.

  1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Due to its enormous size, people don't know which place to visit when in the Philippines. Furthermore, Thailand and Vietnam are more popular destinations, which means that some of the beaches on this island tend to be overlooked.

Such as the case with El Nido. Keep in mind that this is not one beach but instead a section of around 50 beaches. Each one of them is amazing and well kept. The sand is crystal white, and most areas have amazing water where you can swim and enjoy water activities. In fact, the water is so clear that other places on the list might feel a bit underwhelming.

  1. Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

There are many amazing places in the Caribbean, so for a beach to enter the top 5, it means that its something special. Trunk Bay is located on St. John in the north part of the Virgin Islands National Park. The water here is quite amazing, and several companies offer snorkeling. Of course, you can do it yourself!

The whole area is filled with green, which gives for an awesome impression. The island was formerly used for sugar cane, which you can still see.

  1. Kiawah Island, SC

This island is not easy to access. Most of it is closed to the general public, which is why you might not see its amazing beaches. Luckily for those who have homes there, Charleston International Airport is relatively close.

Its two beaches are pretty great, stretching for 10 miles. While it sounds deserted, it is everything but. There is a lifeguard on duty, and you can always get some necessities in nearby stores and bars.

    1. Maundays Bay, Anguilla

Given the extent of this list, it is really hard to choose one beach. However, we simply had to pick Maundays Bay located on Anguilla.

The beach is a natural wonder, to say the least. It has amazing sand and water, making it ideal for all those who simply want to lie down and relax. To make it even better, there aren't many waves. So, while it is not ideal for surfing and some other water activities, it is good for swimming and families. There aren't many visitors (which is strange), so you won't have to think about that.

Although it's currently winter in the western hemisphere, there are lots of places you can escape to. There are lots of amazing bikini destinations where you can strip into your basics and simply enjoy the sun and the water.

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