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14 Amazing Beach Outfits You Can Try This Summer

14 Amazing Beach Outfits You Can Try This Summer

Some women prefer simple things when they go to the beach. They will get some basic combinations and go outside without worrying about their appearance.

But even when we go with plain outfits, we do like to mix things up. We like to look our best even when we’re feeling relaxed and casual. This is especially true for single ladies who have a good opportunity to find a boyfriend while on the beach.

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And although bikinis play a big role, we also shouldn’t neglect beach outfit which we wear prior to swimming and tanning. Here are some trendy combinations that you should try this summer!

  1. Simple beach outfit

As already mentioned, there is nothing wrong going with some basic combinations. In fact, if you want to try something simpler, summer is the best time to do it. Unlike winter clothes where you try to introduce as many colors as possible to outset the gloomy weather, you can focus your summer beach outfit around plain white short. You can combine it with a simpler, single-color shirt. You don’t have to buy cheap clothes but they should definitely look a bit plain. The main reasoning behind this is that you will likely go to several places during the day and do all sorts of stuff. Don’t burden yourself with intricate clothing options and instead, go with something that is as simple as it gets.

  1. Wear a cozy dress

As soon as the summer comes along, most women will put on a nice dress. This makes sense as there is nothing cozier and more sensual than this type of clothes. The dress is especially great for beaches. While going to the beach, you will have no cover. This means you will get sweaty several times over. Previously mentioned shorts are usually made from rougher material. While the shorts might be great for activities as they give you more freedom, the dress is much easier to wear and doesn’t make you so hot. Unlike other types of clothing, dresses are usually without pockets and other wrinkles which means it is less likely that sand will get into small crannies.

  1. Beach elegance

You might think it is hard to look elegant while on the beach but this isn’t true. There are lots of nice dressed and outfit combinations that will make you look like a million bucks. Beach maxi dress is one of the best examples. Sandals with or without a small heel can fulfill this look. If you add accessories to this combination, you will have awesome results. Never forget that the classy look can be completed by adding some cheap jewelry. Another nice touch would be combining a single color dress or shirt with a multi-color dress or shirt. Make some contracts!

  1. Blue and green

Oftentimes it is not about the clothing itself but instead about the colors used to make these clothes. Nothing epitomizes this statement than when you wear blue and green combinations to the beach. Needless to say, both baby blue and sensitive green are colors of nature. They make us feel at home and relaxed. This is especially true when we wear them to a beach. It is the best combination that will allow you to fit right in. Just by wearing clothes of these colors, you will feel more ready for summertime fun!

  1. Hippie outfit

Hippie culture has vanished for the most part and a small number of girls opt for similar combinations. However, if you wanna get loose and flowery, we suggest you go with something like this! You can use a skirt or a full dress for it. Flowery motifs are always nice but instead of that, you can also go with combinations that are full of colors and motions. Beads and similar wooden jewelry will come in handy of course and instead of your regular beach bag, you can go with something woven or made from natural materials. This is the best way to get back to nature and enjoy the sun and waves.

  1. Cover-up dresses

Cover-up dresses are basically an excuse for you not to walk around in a bikini. Like all other dresses, these transparent outfits are simply made for summer. They are thin, simple and allow your skin to breathe. They can also be great for sunbathing as the majority of sun rays will get to your skin. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem for girls who have lighter pigment as it can easily cause sunburns during the tricky hours. Our suggestion is to always put sunscreen when wearing one of these outfits. There is no need to take any unnecessary risks. In terms of color and design, we suggest that you go with white or yellow color with plain design. For this to look as intended, it is very important that the dress is see-through. Otherwise, it negates its purpose.

  1. Stripes

One of the most classic beach ideas is stripes. Blue stripes on one t-shirt are especially common and are a bit of a throwback. They remind us of sailors, water and calm sea. Even though these types of clothes have seen a lot of ups and downs, they are as popular as ever. Whether you decide to go with a dress or a t-shirt, you can create some really cool combinations. These shirts are casual, you can afterward go to nearby bars wearing them and they are really nice for your skin as they are commonly made from common. The only downside? They are not as liberating as some other beach attires.

  1. Transition outfit

So, what is a transition outfit? Simple! It is an outfit which you can wear to the beach and later on continue to a part of a bar. This type of clothing is pretty easy and simple and yet, it covers enough of your body so that it isn’t considered rude or impolite. Transition outfits may include things such as jeans shorts and fancy tops. However, the focus is usually on thinner material as you don’t want to get too hot in the sun. You can wear sandals on your feet but you can also try something a bit bulkier. Of course, you will always have a bikini beneath all of that but the main focal point is in the visuals: you have to look official and not underdressed.

  1. Bikini plus

In this particular case, you will only focus on the bikini. It is one of the skimpier combinations on this list but it is perfect for the summertime. Besides the bikini, you will wear a coverup that is usually very thin and transparent. Make sure to wear a nice hat so you don’t look underdressed. Of course, the whole point of this combination is for you to walk around as unburdened as possible. The coverup is there just to make you feel covered (no pun intended) as you have to make sure there is little on you and that you don’t sweat while on the beach.

  1. Combo bikini

Of course, one of the most popular combinations is the combination of shorts and bikini top. There are some women who also like to experiment by wearing just a bikini bottom and a t-shirt on top but this is very rare. When you wear a combo, you will have your lower area covered properly while having a lot of room to breathe upstairs. Make sure to get enough sunscreen on you so you don’t get burned. This combination is especially great if you like to go to the beach in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, it may cause some problems for ladies with a fairer tan. This is especially true if you have to walk a long distance to the beach.

  1. Mismatched bikini

Here is a summer combo that most women love to wear: mismatched bikini! With this combination, you get the best out of both worlds. You can use your favorite top and combine it with your favorite bottom. There is nothing cutter or better. And of course, this outfit combination doesn’t necessarily have to do with patterns, or fashion or whatever. The main point of doing this is combining your favorite items and feeling good while on the beach. There are no rules when wearing a mismatched bikini so make sure to go wild!

  1. Around the waist details

One of the trendiest things this summer is tying clothes around your waist. Here, we are talking about tops, jackets or anything else that you might put on your shoulders. It is a cool style that would especially prove to be beneficial in the evening when it gets a bit colder. All you have to do is remove your jacket and put it on. This combo is great visually but it can also be functional allowing you to control the temperature.

  1. Bikini with a hat

Here is a bit skimpier style. All you need is a nice bikini and a wide hat. This is basically a naked bikini style but you make it a bit more covered and wholesome by adding a hat. The hat is also pretty nice during peak hours as it gives you some additional cover. Also, the whole outfit is a combination of freedom (bikini) and class (hat). So, you get the best of both worlds!

  1. Micro bikini for private beaches

Lastly, we have to mention our own micro bikini. This is one of the latest and wildest trends that you will also love. Basically, all you need to do is find a private beach or some secluded place where you can wear a micro bikini. Then, go there with your partner and have a blast! This isn’t the same way trendy as some other tips (as you won’t be able to wear it in public) but if there are people on that private beach, you will definitely get a lot of attention. Micro bikinis can be really lewd and provocative but they also stand out for their bold design. If you want to do things differently, if you want to feel free, make sure to try one of our micro bikinis this summer!


Like every summer, there are lots of different, new trends you can try out while on the beach.

Each one of these styles is as simple as it is effective. Beach outfits don’t take too much preparation and you will be able to create an awesome combo on the fly. As long as you follow our awesome tips, you will be able to create a trendy style that will make you feel more confident, relaxed and that will allow you to enjoy the summer to its fullest!

Some women prefer simple things when they go to the beach. They will get some basic combinations and go outside without worrying about their appearance.

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