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An Introduction to the Bandeau Bikini

An Introduction to the Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis are an awesome new type of swimsuit. We bet you've heard about them but do you know what they're all about? If not, keep reading!

In this article, we teach a little about them:

So what is a bandeau bikini?

There is a high probability that you’ve seen such bikini before, even if you might not actually remember the name. The word bandeau is on that actually refers strictly to the top of the bikini. While the tops of most bathing suits tend to have some kind of shoulder strap, the conventional bandeau was made without one.

Basically, imagine having a tin tube top. Get a cord and tie it around the front from the top to the bottom so as to gather it at the center.

That right there is a functional bandeau bikini. However, it is also common for some designs to use a center ring or a keyhole to get the very same effect

Should you get one piece or two?

The most common style that you can find a bandeau bikini is the two-piece style. However, there are also a few one-piece styles that have tops. When you have a bandeau set with a one-piece style you will most probably find either an inner elastic band or an adjustable drawstring that will help to hold the top in place.

The two-piece sexy swimwear seems to provide a sense of comfort and confidence over the one piece version, so you might want to take note of that. The top of a two piece bandeau set will most likely stay in place, while you might see a one-piece pulling from the bikini’s lower half. If you are not careful with the way you move, this can definitely lead to some embarrassment.

The top variations

For women who might not be so confident in the fact that a conventional bandeau bikini will stay put, there are a few variations that should provide most beachgoers with the level of trust and confidence that they will need to pull off the swimsuit look in grand style.

To wit, there are some bandeau tops that could definitely do with a few straps, even though this will probably defeat the original goal of creating a skimpy bikini that would be great to tan without the emergence of ugly tan lines underneath the straps. This will result in some center straps that will end up forming a giant V in the mid-section of your chest and which will also tie behind your neck.

There are some styles that make use of a U shape drawstring at the center. While some also have spaghetti straps put just outside the line of the bust.

Each of these styles is sexy in its own right, so feel free to pick whichever one piques your fancy the most. In fact, you might even go for several products; they are really trendy and are a great option for women who want to be a bit more conservative with their beach clothing. 

Should you wear one or not?

As has been said before, bandeau tops are just awesome. However, that doesn’t go to say that they look great on every woman.

Who should wear them?

The minimalist design that these bikinis have seems to be best suited for women who have boyish shapes and smaller busts. This way, it will be better to actually need even lesser support from the bandeau, especially considering the fact that the conventional top doesn’t offer much by way of support.

This design can also be worn by women who have reasonably thin figures, but these women are advised to choose a tiny bandeau bikini with straps in order to provide a little more security against the development of any slippage or a total roll down as a less than an ideal moment. Women who will like more support should consider the outer shoulder strap design as opposed to those with center straps. They tend to keep a neat bust line, instead of letting the whole thing sag. No matter the bikini design, sagging is not allowed.

Who shouldn't wear them?

Since the tops of sexy bandeau bikinis can only provide a little amount of support they aren’t the best for women with huge figures. The best of this swimwear top is when it is just snug at the bust line, not when it looks like it’s just barely keeping things in. The outfit should never look strained. Otherwise, it will lose its aesthetic appeal. 

Unlike some other beach outfits on the market, this product has a completely different vibe to it. The bandeau is such a European item and is brimming with style and flavor. A great thing about it is that it fits both younger and older women. It is really chic and if you want to try something different from standard options, then this is definitely a product for you. 

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Bandeau bikinis are awesome new bikini innovations. We bet you've heard about them but do you know what type of bikinis they are? If not, keep reading! In this article, we teach a little about them:

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