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Are you thinking of something more comfortable and casual to flaunt to the beach? If you are not quite fond of showing a lot of skin in your swimwear, a tankini makes a perfect option for you. It’s both a comfy and trendy two-piece bikini style that’s absolutely effortless to pull off!

‘Tankini’ is a term derived from the words ‘tank top’ and ‘bikini’ as this particular swimwear is a combination of both styles. It consists of a top and a bottom (oftentimes, shorts). Comfort-wise, as tankinis are two-piece swimming garments, you do not have to remove your entire swimsuit when you need to go to the restroom – one of the common reasons why women who love the modesty of one-piece swimsuits are now switching to tankinis.

Usually made from spandex and cotton, they are specifically designed to allow more active movement. It lets the wearer move freely without worries of unintentionally exposing too much skin. In fact, it’s a swimming piece that was actually inspired by the sportswear swimmers wore back in the 1920s.

Tankini tops can be of different styles and length – some cover the entire stomach area while some are cropped, exposing the navel. Regardless of its coverage, women’s tankini styles are meant to hug the natural shape of the body. As long as you go for the right fit, the perfect swimming suit set will allow you to flaunt your sexy silhouette without exposing too much skin.

Style Options

The beauty of tankini bathing suits is not just about the superior comfort it provides, but also about its great selection of styles. While skimpy micro bikinis are not really on your beach list this season, you can still flaunt your sexy beach body by going for particular tankinis to highlight your favorite body features. If you need a bit of a push-up for your breasts, there’s underwire tankini to keep your curves emphasized. Another option is to go for those with plunging cuts if you would like to show some cleavage but would want to keep your stomach area covered. For those with broad shoulders and would like to draw more attention to the clavicle and the built of the upper body, you may opt for a bandeau tankini.

So you have been browsing for all these cute beachwear online for hours but still can’t find the one? Most of the ones you’ll find will have a more ‘athletic’ vibe to it; it’s the key inspiration to tankinis, after all! For this reason, you may be wondering if there’s an option that would let you channel a more feminine feel to your choice of bikini. Well, the love for tankinis has given birth to another style also known as ‘Camkini’.

The style of Camkini borders within a comfy beachwear to very girly lingerie. It’s basically a spandex camisole top (sometimes embellished with laces) with tiny spaghetti straps over a bikini bottom. Just like the traditional tankini, this one also covers the abdomen but keeps things sexy with its tight fit and sexy neckline.

See? You still have a ton of choices despite the fact that skimpy bikinis are currently out of your comfort zone! Have you already decided which tankini sets are you going to add to your beach getaway luggage?

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