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If you love the classic beauty of one-piece swimsuits but you still have this urge to get a bit bare on the beach, then ‘monokinis’ have got you covered. This type of bathing suit gives you the timelessness of one-piece swimwear and the sexy cutouts of a bikini.

Monokinis are originally designed as topless swimsuits. It is only comprised of a high-cut fitting bottom and thin halter straps baring the breasts. This first wave of swimsuits is an original design by Rudi Gernreich back in the mid-1960s. This daring design surfaced in an era when freedom of sexuality was highly looked down upon in society. The monokini was initially a fashion piece to serve as a protest against this social dilemma back in the 60s. However, it became the core design for many swimwear designers and therefore evolved into various styles that many women actually find wearable on the beach. It became the perfect beachwear that gives women the best of both worlds when it comes to their bathing suit choices – the snug fit of a one-piece swimsuit and the boldness of a skimpy bikini!

While similar ones still exist on the market today, modern versions providing more coverage similar to a traditional bikini have become more popular among women. The modern design of monokinis has become more versatile in a way that it features a vast variety of designs to suit very specific preferences.

Style Options

Monokinis vary not only in design and in colors but also in particular body cutouts. Depending on what part of the body you would like to highlight, this bathing costume gives you the freedom to sport a specific design to provide the coverage (or lack thereof) you desire. It usually features large cutouts on the back, sides or front; all while covering the breasts and the pelvic area.

Still thinking of what monokini design should you go for? Once again, one factor to importantly consider is your body shape and features. If you’d like to show off your curves without exposing your abdomen, you can go for a halter monokini that has a bottle-shaped fabric cutout connecting the top to the bottom. On the other hand, an asymmetrical swimming costume is perfect for those who love moderate coverage exposing the shoulders and the entire abdomen area, but with less cleavage. As there is a wide range of designs for monokinis, you may also opt for cutouts graced with straps, beads or ribbons instead of going full bare on the cut.

There are also top styles that resemble a bralette or a push-up bra just in case you are looking for more bust support and shape. If you think the swimsuit variations only revolve around the style of the upper cutouts, well fret not because monokinis offer different cuts for the bottoms, too! Some have Brazilian coverage at the rear, thongs or even thin connecting straps on the entire sides of the bottom. You can totally be your own version of ‘sexy’ by going for the right design to suit your personal taste and coverage preference. Still overwhelmed with your choices? Reach out to us and we’ll help you find a suitable monokini style for you!

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