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As you browse through a vast selection of swimwear for the beach season, you may have found high-waisted bikini pieces reminiscent of icons like Rita Hayworth, Bettie Page or Ava Gardner. These swimsuits oozing with a classic retro vibe is still definitely a style that women can still flaunt up until today. This vintage style bathing suit has evolved immensely over time and now sports designs that come in several cutout patterns – from playful bandeaus to alluring frills! Whatever its style is, the goal remains the same and it is to specifically give emphasis to your natural womanly curves while still providing full to medium coverage for your body.

High-waisted bikinis help address a number of different body concerns which is why it is deemed universally flattering for women. It features more fabric that channels a snug fit to give the body additional support; may it be for the bust area, the abdomen or the rear. This two-piece swimsuit is basically comprised of a top (that comes in many different styles) and a bottom that goes all the way up to the waist, only baring the midriff. While most bikini bottoms go up just right beneath the rib cage, there are newer renditions that offer a much lower cut. Some high-waisted bikini pieces bare the belly button as well.

Style Options

One of the most common styles you will find under this category is the bustier high-waisted bikini. It features a top that typically resembles a corset or a bustier as this particular style perfectly balances the coverage of the high-waist bikini bottom. If you have smaller cups or just simply looking for an additional push-up for your breasts, this style should fit you seamlessly. If you’re flat-chested and would like to draw more volume for your upper body, you may also go for ruffled ones. Another beauty of bikinis that offer a high waist bottom is that it’s also perfect for those who have post-operation scars to cover. For instance, mothers who underwent a cesarean section. Not only does this boost confidence by covering up flaws on the abdomen area, but it also enhances the curves of the body to improve its shape.

This swimsuit style also has variations that come with sleeves. It makes a great choice if you’re looking for more coverage for your upper body. On the other hand, if coverage is not really an issue, there are high-waisted bikini sets that come in plunging necklines revealing cleavage or bikini briefs that only provide front coverage (the sides are merely supported by bow strings or straps). The possibilities are endless! If you think high-waisted bikinis are only for those who prefer modest coverage, well modern versions show that you can totally rock a daring look at the beach with this one too! Now, go include some of this in your travel luggage and get ready to take the plunge without worries!

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